7 Essential Things to Enjoy a Great Family Vacation in RV

RVs may be a way some people escape the hassles of owning a home or conveniently live out of their vehicle, the reality is that most people use RVs as a comfortable way to travel. RVs allow you to drive to a campsite and park, ready to enjoy the wilderness without the hassle of setting up camp.

Or you can travel to various cities, taking your kids and belongings with you. You don’t have to worry about finding an affordable hotel room or burdening family and friends when you visit.

However, you need to take the essentials with you if you want to guarantee a great family vacation in rv.

Here are 7 Things to Make a Great Family Vacation

01. Filled Spare Fuel Cans

Extra fuel cans are meaningless if you don’t have fuel in them. And let’s be honest – no one wants to walk several miles on the side of the road to the nearest gas station to fill them up. When you’re driving in an RV, you need to carry at least several gallons of stabilized fuel in secure gas cans.

 This ensures that you won’t run out of fuel on the longest leg of your journey or find yourself stranded because you ran the engine too long to power the RV’s air conditioner.

02. Gentle RV Friendly Toilet Paper

This is an essential for any RV, but it is especially true for new RV owners. You can’t use conventional toilet paper in an RV; it will gum up the works.

You need to take RV friendly toilet paper. Your family will appreciate it being high quality toilet paper that is soft and gentle where it matters most.

03. Solar Panels

You need to have at least one portable solar panel with you when you travel in the RV. You should also carry the necessary cables so that it can recharge a cell phone or GPS device. This allows you to call for help when stuck by the side of the road though the engine is not working.

A better choice is having a solar panel and inverter powerful enough to recharge house batteries and electronics like a laptop computer. This ensures that your water pump and map software stored on the computer always work.

04. Reusable Water Bottles

You can save a lot of weight by relying on reusable water bottles you fill up on every opportunity. Pack an extra half dozen water bottles, and store them in the refrigerator or other storage locations. This volume of water gives you a way to stay hydrated even when the water tank is low.

It can help keep the fridge cool, since the chilled water will keep the refrigerator cold once it is already cold. You’ll be able to take water with you when you go for a walk, allowing you to stay hydrated if it turns into a hike.

And the water bottles provide a source of water for washing off your shoes or cleaning a wound without having to put these items near the RV sink or bathroom.

05. LED Flashlights

You need to have several LED flashlights and lights. You won’t be tempted to use up your phone battery using it as a poor quality flashlight. You’ll have something made to be carried in a way that maximizes visibility when you walk to the nearest camp showers or check out that worrying sound in the middle of the night.

You can take it to the next level by having an LED push light you can put on a counter or wall of the RV. Then you can push the button and gain localized bright light without having to turn on a generator or use up the house batteries.

06. Shelf Stable Snacks

Nothing ruins your mood like being hungry. Save yourself from disaster by stocking up on shelf stable snacks. Shelf stable snacks don’t need to be refrigerated, they won’t need to be cooked to be edible, and they can last for months.

Trail mix is one of the most common shelf stable snacks campers take, but this category includes tuna kits, crackers, dried fruit and cans of soup. Snacks like these can be consumed when you return to the RV, sating everyone until you can cook a meal or get to the nearest restaurant.

You can also grab them as snacks when on the trail or serve them in case you burned dinner.

07. Good Sleeping Bags

If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you can’t get in a good mood the next day. You should pack several good sleeping backs when staying in an RV. They can serve as blankets when things are unexpectedly chilly, sparing you from using up limited fuel to heat the RV. They can be laid down on the thin mattress to make it softer. 

Also, They can be thrown across the windows to keep the light out, making it easier to sleep. And you can use them as sleeping bags if you decide to sleep outside, the spare layers either acting as extra blankets or additional padding.  

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Don’t waste your time, money or space taking things you don’t need when traveling in an RV, but if you miss the essentials, you’ll regret it.

Take these essentials with you when traveling or camping in an RV so that you will be ready for almost anything.

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