9 Easy Ways For Working Out While Traveling in an RV

Tips For Working Out While Traveling in an RV

Make Nature Your Gym

Working out while traveling in an RV may seem impossible at times, especially if you’re accustomed to having a gym filled with equipment at your disposal. However, by choosing to participate in these outdoor workouts, you have the opportunity to stay fit while also experiencing the breathtaking sights surrounding you. So don’t get discouraged, there are several activities you can engage in that will prove to be so entertaining that it won’t even feel like a workout.


No matter the location, you are certain to have access to different roads or trails suitable for running and hiking. Running is a great full-body workout that engages all your muscles and can be an excellent stress reliever Choosing a flat terrain for your run is generally preferred, so unless you are an experienced runner looking for a challenge, it’s better to start your run on a road rather than a trail. It’s important to have a good pair of running shoes to maintain proper form to avoid injuring yourself.  If you are looking to move at a slower pace and experience some nature in the area, then a hike is a great choice. Many campsites have access to guided trails with several sights to see along the way. Always be sure that you are going on trails suitable for your skill level and anticipated time frame. Choosing a hard trail if you’re an amateur can prove to be very dangerous if you suffer from a fall or become dehydrated. Make sure to bring lots of water and a compass in case you decide to wander off the path.


Outdoor yoga can be an amazing experience at any skill level. Find a nice flat surface to lay your mat and you can begin your routine in no time. You can choose to memorize your favorite poses or receive instruction using an app or watching a class. The sounds of the wilderness surrounding you are sure to add an extra element to your workout and make you feel more in tune with nature.


If you are looking for a strenuous lower body workout while moving at a quicker pace then biking is a great option. There is a wide range of bikes that allow for different levels of activity and they are fairly easy to bring along thanks to bike racks. If your bike is suitable for offroading you may be able to take it on some of the trails, if not it is best to stick to relatively flat terrain to avoid wrecking. It’s imperative to wear a helmet and other protective gear, especially when offroading.

Get Out on the Water

If you are located near a body of water using a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard can be a great workout. This may seem like more of a relaxing experience than a workout, but your biceps are sure to be aching by the end of it. You can also choose to ditch the equipment and go for a swim instead. Make sure not to wander out too far though, with a strong current you may find it difficult getting back.

Working out in nature can be a very inspiring experience and you might just enjoy yourself so much that you forget you are even working out. As you immerse yourself in the surrounding wilderness, the sights and sounds will motivate you to go the extra mile. Take your time exploring and absorbing the beauty of everything around you. These are the moments you will treasure looking back, this is what traveling is all about.

Working Out Inside Your RV

Are you looking to burn a few calories in the comfort of your RV? There are several workouts you can perform to meet your fitness goals even in the smallest of places. This is where you have to opportunity to get creative and choose workouts based on the muscle groups you want to target.

Use Equipment

Items such as weights and resistance bands don’t take up a significant amount of space but can be very effective to use during your workout. Bringing along an inflatable stability ball and jump rope can also add some variation to your workouts. You can perform a wide range of exercises to target different muscle groups and only need a few feet of space. With resistance bands some useful exercises are clamshells, front squats and lateral band walks to get a good lower body workout. With a stability ball you can work on an assortment of exercises to target your core such as crunches, knee raises, and planks. When using the weights you can perform exercises such as bicep curls and tricep kickbacks to strengthen your arm muscle and lunges and squats for your lower body. Writing yourself different workout plans is a great way to stay organized and keep your workouts new and exciting.

Watch Classes or Videos

If you are looking for guided workouts, there is a large assortment of free workout content on youtube but you can also find several DVDs and websites you can purchase subscriptions to. These workouts can include anything from pilates to Zumba depending on your preference. Being able to watch another individual perform the workouts along with you and give you tips can be very motivating.

Use Your Body Weight

At the end of the day, you don’t have to have any equipment at all to get a good workout in. Performing basic exercises such as pushups, situps, squats, and lunges will help to tone and tighten. Running in place or doing jumping jacks in intervals of 30 seconds to 1 minute is also a great way to get some cardio in. Take time to decide which exercises work best for you and set goals for the number of reps each day.

There are endless opportunities to customize your indoor workouts based on your fitness goals and preferences. It is beneficial to switch things up from time to time to challenge yourself. Stay motivated and continue to push yourself each day to stay healthy and active. Traveling doesn’t have to hinder your physical fitness instead, you can use it as a motivator.

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