RV Halloween Decorations; How To Celebrate as Camper?

Halloween is synonymous with haunted houses and going door to door trick or treating. This doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Halloween in an RV or on the road. Here are a few tips for celebrating Halloween as a camper. We’ll also share a number of budget Halloween decorations suitable for an RV and those on a budget.

10 Things for Halloween Decorations in Your RV

Tip 1: Pick Up Tissue Paper in Halloween Colors

Halloween decorations in an RV need to be lightweight, cheap and not take up a lot of space. Bring in tissue paper in Halloween colors. You can cover windows in red, orange or black tissue paper. Now you’re creating a spooking atmosphere without much effort, and you can throw it all in the trash when you’re done.

Take red, orange and white strips of tissue paper and tape them to a fan pointed up. Now you have a fake campfire. Put a black bowl in the middle or wrap a pot in black tissue paper, and you have a makeshift witch’s cauldron.

You could also wrap light bulbs, LED lanterns and flashlights in the tissue paper to create a brightly colored glowing feature. Orange and yellow wraps can be decorated with glitter or black patterns to create a spooky effect for relatively little money.

Tip 2: Hit the Farmer’s Market

A quick and easy Halloween decoration is the large pumpkin. You can carve it and put a candle, small flashlight or glow stick inside to create a jack lantern. If you’re concerned about the mess, simply draw a face or other design on the outside.

You could also create a gratitude pumpkin, writing what you’re thankful for on the outside of the pumpkin. If you don’t want a pumpkin, pick up a few little decorative squash and set them in a grouping outside of the RV.

You could assemble a few corn stalks into a broom and stand it by your door. That’s a fall-themed decoration that’s good through Thanksgiving. Another option is putting pumpkins, squash and apples in baskets for a DIY cornucopia.

Tip 3: Dress Up

The heart of Halloween is the Halloween costume. You can capture the spirit of the season by simply dressing up in a costume. You don’t have to buy or make a fancy costume.

Hobo, lumberjack and other costumes may be made with items you have in your closet and a few strategic accessories.

You could even get your pets in on the act by putting them in costumes.

Tip 4: Stay at a Campground That Has Halloween Plans

You can get into the Halloween spirit by staying at a campground that dedicates itself to the holiday. They may have Halloween parades, parties or decorations throughout the campground.

Depending on your travel plans, you could stay at a truly haunted location. Nearly anywhere in New Orleans fits the bill.

Tip 5: Gather Round the Campfire

A simple way to share the Halloween spirit is to gather round the campfire and tell ghost stories. You can do this in or out of costume. If there are young children around, you can share Halloween jokes or funny stories, instead.

This is a good time to make smores, too. You could make that dessert after you’re done cooking dinner over the campfire or holding a barbeque.

Tip 6: Pick Up Cheap Portable Decorations

RVers are always pressed for space. Consider picking up Halloween decorations at the dollar store that are small and lightweight. A classic example would be a paper skeleton or image of a witch tending her cauldron. You could hang one or more from the outside of the RV or a line that you string up outside the vehicle.

Another option is red, orange and black Chinese lanterns. These lightweight glowing lanterns are often cheap and collapse down to a small size for convenient transport. Or you could print off pictures of pumpkins, ghosts and witches and hang them on your RV door.

Hang fake cobwebs outside the RV.

Tip 7: Get Creative with What You Have

You could take large pieces of cardboard and create a funny row of fake tombstones. Scrounge around for PVC pipe and bleach bottles to make your own fake skeletons. Hang up tarps, table cloths and other items to create little ghosts and creepy things.

Make paper bats to hang around the campsite. Maybe the expert knot maker in the family could create a fake cobweb out of rope you already own.

Tip 8: Cater to the Trick or Treaters

A great way to get into the spirit is simply to welcome trick-or-treaters. Hit the store to stock up on candy. Set it out in a large bowl surrounded by lights or set by an open door to make it obvious that you’re welcoming visitors. Then let the Trick or Treaters come by to get candy.

You could create games for the kids with a little advanced planning, too. For example, pick up a bunch of apples and put it in a plastic tub full of so they can bob for apples. Or make candy apples and hand them out.

Tip 9: Decorate Your RV for Halloween

You can get your RV ready for the holidays with a few little touches. Glue and red food coloring can be used to create a “bloody” handprints you can stick on the outside of the RV.

Note that you want to use a recipe that washes off. Turn a white sheet into a ghost by hanging it from the side of the RV after giving it eyes with a felt tip pen.

Tip 10: Plan a Spooky Day Trip

Not everyone wants to host neighbors or decorate their RV. 

However, you can get into the Halloween spirit by planning a spooky day trip. Go visit local haunted houses. Sign up for local tours for spooky history, haunted locations or historic true crimes. It may be a house where horrific murders occurred or the local insane asylum.

Another option is signing up for Halloween hikes, events where local groups have created a Halloween themed hike for you to walk through.

Ask the locals where there are fall festivals you could visit. This could be anything from Haunted Hayrides to corn mazes, tours of cider factories and Halloween themed balls.

You go to the activities and events that interest you. To get more wonderful ideas for RVing, get in touch every day with https://rvside.com/.


Living in an RV doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Halloween. It means you’ll have to invest a little more time and effort into capturing the Halloween spirit.

Yet you may get more out of the season because you’re free to visit so many more fall festivals and attractions than those decorating their homes and hoping neighborhood kids come by.

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