RV EMS vs Surge Protector; Six Differences 

Looking forward to a good time with your family in an RV? Safety is one of the factors that you need to confirm before you set off. Considering that you have electrical items with you, you have to confirm the electrical safety as well.

Ideally, you will opt for the RV EMS or the surge protector to help you control any high or low voltage in the RV during the trip. However, unless you are an expert in this area, it may be a daunting task for you to tell which is better to use; that is either the RV EMS or the surge protector.

After understanding the difference between the two, it will be easier for you to make a concrete decision on which is worth your investment. Below are seven differences between the RV EMS and the surge protector.

01. Difference in Functionality

One of the major differences between the RV EMS and the surge protector is one that you will find in functionality. It helps protect your RV from sudden spikes in electricity, which includes both the high and low spikes

Additionally, the RV EMS also prevents the circuit from getting fried.

It offers high-level protection from different power issues; for instance, low and high voltages, power surges, reverse polarity, and open group protection, among others. The surge protector can also help prevent against previous code errors.

02. Difference in Cost

When in the market, you will find out that the costs of the RV EMS and the surge protector also vary. The RV EMS goes at a higher cost since it offers the electronics in your RV high protection as compared to the one offered by the best surge guard protector.

Therefore, if you intend to buy an RV EMS, have some extra cash since it needs some extra dollars.

03. The Difference in Their Effectiveness

Ideally, the effectiveness of the EMS and that of the surge protector could be the same. However, according to people who have used both of these gadgets, they recommend the RV EMS more.

The RV EMS is said to be more effective and has fewer malfunctioning cases, thus ensuring maximum protection. Therefore, if you are looking for a more effective power protector, then go for the RV EMS.

However, watch out on the type that you purchase since some of the counterfeit RV EMS products will function way below the surge protector. If you are not sure about a certain RV EMS, then it is worthy of going for surge protection than making an investment that will lead you to future regrets.

04. Indicting Problems

Generally, both the RV EMS and the surge protector show when there is a problem with the pedestal. However, for the RV EMS, it not only shows that there is a problem with the pedestal but also prevents having the bad power in your RV. 

This is maintained until that power problem is rectified. This way, you ensure that the RV and all its occupants are safe.

05. Difference in Durability

How you use either the surge protector or the RV EMS determines how long it will serve you. However, the RV EMS has more superior features and is a higher quality protector, which enables it to be more durable. Additionally, it can withstand most of the electrical problems that may cause damage.

Therefore, if you are looking for a powerful protector that will serve you for a longer time, then consider going for an RV EMS as compared to the surge protector.

06. EMS better than a surge protector

Ideally, the surge protector has may features within it that make it possible for it to protect the RV from any power problems. However, RV EMS can function in an even better and more effective way. 

Although it is more expensive as compared to the surge protector, the RV EMS can function twice as better as the surge protector.


A power protector is a must-have item in your RV before you set off for your road trip. However, if you are new at this, it may be daunting to tell between the surge protector and RV EMS; that is, which is the best between the two. Use the information above to help you understand the difference between the two. RVSide will add more updates in future. So keep continue to check us here. 

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