Why Should You Replace RV Mattress and When? – 7 Reasons

The entire point of an RV is that you take your home with you when you travel. You can make the meals of your choice in your kitchenette, use your private bathroom and sleep in your own bed at night. This is why even RVs that don’t have a full kitchen and bath have a built-in sleeping area. But RV mattresses don’t last forever. 

However, after a great research, We found out the reasons "Why should you replace RV mattress and When?". So let's start... 

Here are 7 reasons for replacing RV mattress

01. It Isn’t Good Enough 

While the entire point of an RV is to sleep in it at night, the mattress that comes with the RV may not be good enough. Perhaps it is a thin mattress that lets you sink down to the hardwood underneath. Maybe it isn’t soft enough for your comfort.

Go ahead and replace the RV mattress if you can’t sleep comfortably on it at night, even if it is a relatively new mattress. Consider it an investment in your quality of life. 

02. You Think It Is Infested

One of the benefits of RV living is that you get to be closer to nature. One of the downsides of RV living is the boundary between indoors and out is blurred. You’re at greater risk of fleas and chiggers making their home in your RV. Both you and your pets could bring fleas and ticks inside and leave them on the bedding.

You could also accidentally pick up bedbugs from your home or the hotel you’ve visited. If you’re waking up with bug bites of any kind, replace the RV mattress and spray the space before you sleep there again. 

03. It Is Wearing Out 

RV mattresses wear out faster than the average mattress for several reasons. The foam mattresses made for RVs are typically much thinner than those sitting in your bedroom. Spring mattresses are generally thinner, too, so they’ll collapse much sooner.

On top of this, many RV mattresses can’t be flipped over or turned around to extend their life because of how they fit into their dedicated niche. If the mattress is wearing out, replace it. If the protective cover of the mattress is starting to wear through, don’t continue to deal with the little hard spots and metal springs poking through.

In the case of air mattresses, the gradual air leaks through the seams will only get worse over time. Save yourself the inconvenience and discomfort, and buy a new one. 

04. The RV Flooded 

If your RV was flooded, the mattress should be replaced. First, the mattress is going to be the last thing to dry out, so it is sure to nurture mold and fungus. Second, you sleep on it. You don’t want to be breathing in black mold spores or smell the mildew.

Note that you can suffer the same ill effects if the roof of the RV leaked, causing the interior to get wet. If the mattress was wet for any length of time, get rid of it and pick out a new one. 

Just make sure you don’t need to replace the bed underneath it, too. 

05. It Is a Breeding Ground for Bacteria 

Accidents happen. Your child or your pet had an accident in bed. Someone became ill and vomited. That bandaged cut on your partner’s arm was exposed while they tossed and turned at night, and there is blood on the mattress. The night is hot and humid, but the generator died, so the air conditioner stopped running.

Now everyone has been sweating all night, and it has stained the bed. All of this is hard to get out of any mattress. RV mattresses tend to be thinner than conventional mattresses, but they are just as hard to clean.

Making matters worse, your child’s full sized bed at home may have a plastic cover on it or several layers of blankets. Both of these prevent the bodily fluids from seeping down to the mattress or getting very far into the material.

In an RV, we tend to have relatively few blankets and almost never have the protective plastic cover on it. This makes the average RV mattress more badly stained than the typical home mattress. Yet these stains remain breeding grounds for bacteria. And you’re laying right on top of them.

When the mattress is stained like this, don’t just live with it. To protect your health, replace the RV mattress.

Note that mildew can form under a foam mattress just due to your sweat and ambient humidity, too, so if the mattress always smells like the inside of a gym bag, replace it after cleaning the bed platform.

06. The RV Mattress Makes You Uncomfortable 

An RV mattress may offer the right level of support for your body and still make you uncomfortable. For example, the foam mattress that came with the RV may trap body heat, causing you to overheat when you’re on summer campouts. Or the mattress may be a thick, bulky box spring that can’t retain body heat.

Now you’re cold at night despite several layers, and you don’t want to try to run the propane furnace all the time. In these cases, it may be a good idea to replace the mattress.

You could recoup the cost in lower energy bills in a matter of months if you no longer have to connect to shore power and use the AC every night or don’t have to burn through your propane tank twice as fast to keep warm. 

07. It Doesn’t Fit 

There are several ways this can happen. Your mattress may be designed to fit a narrow niche. As the mattress wears down, it doesn’t fit as tightly in the dedicated space.

This can create gaps where debris can get trapped, or you could simply find yourself rolling off in that direction. If you bought an RV mattress that doesn’t fit the contours of your particular RV, you’ll be uncomfortable. 

If you’ve tried using a standard mattress in the RV, it may fit the cut-out, but its relatively high profile means your head is hitting the roof of the RV when you wake up in the morning. The solution is to buy a new RV mattress that is designed to fit in that particular space. 


All mattresses need to be replaced eventually. However, RV mattresses generally need to be replaced sooner, because there are so many reasons you’ll need to get rid of it. 

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