How to replace RV batteries (House batteries) in simple 7 steps?

Whether you’re changing the type of RV batteries you have or replacing a dead RV battery, there are several main steps every battery replacement must follow. It's so important and have to do carefully.

For this reason, You should know the steps clearly before starting the replacement process. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s learn how to replace your RV batteries in only 7 steps.

Here are the Simple 7 Steps to replace RV batteries

Step 01: Power down

Even if you think the RV batteries are dead, hit the disconnect switch that disconnects the batteries from all DC equipment. This is generally done by switching the main switch to off.

Alternatively, you may have to hit switches or power breakers for every power draw like the water pump and television. And shut off the RV engine.

Step 02: Open the battery hatch

In this step, you’ll open the hatch where the batteries are located. However, you should be wearing protective goggles and glasses before you do so. This protects you in case of outgassing or an acid spill.

If you’re new to this process, take a picture of the battery case so that you can ensure everything is properly installed when you’ve put in the new batteries.

Safety note: Never, ever touch the red and black terminals at the same time.

Step 03: Remove the cables

Remove the black, negative cable first. You may need to use a wrench to do so. Just be careful not to strip the nut in the process.

Then remove the red, positive cable. Now you can remove the battery.

Step 04: Inspect the battery storage compartment

This is a great time to clean up an acid spills or grease. Consider cleaning the clamps on the red and black cables. And inspect your new batteries before you install them.

While they should not have corrosion, you may want to put petroleum jelly around the terminals to prevent corrosion.

Step 05: Put the new batteries in the compartment

Pick up the new batteries and place them in the battery compartment. Be careful not to strain your back.

Ensure that you put the batteries in the right spot, such as when you’re replacing both starter and house batteries.

Step 06: Attach the cables

The red, positive cable is connected to the positive terminal. Screw the screws or nuts into place, but be careful not to over-tighten them. Otherwise, it would be hard to remove these batteries when it is their turn to go. 

Next, attach the black, negative terminal. Re-thread the nut to that terminal. Once the batteries are secure, close up the RV battery compartment.

Step 07: Test it

Once the batteries have been replaced, flip the disconnect switch from off to on. 

Alternatively, you may need to flip the individual breakers until everything is connected to the battery.

Then verify that the power is flowing.

What Should You Do if the Batteries aren’t Performing as Expected?

Break out a voltmeter. The average RV house battery puts out 13 volts of direct current. If the batteries are struggling to put out 10 to 11 volts DC, they should be returned or properly disposed of. 

This type of problem is more common when the replacement batteries just came out of storage.


RV batteries may be the center of your life, but they need to be replaced periodically. Understand the general process, because every RV owner has to know how, especially newcomers who are more likely to blow out or burn up batteries than everyone else.

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