Why You Should Rent an RV instead of Buying? - 7 Reasons

There are plenty of times we recognize the value of renting over buying, whether it is renting a tux you’ll only wear once or the inflatable bounce house we hope the kids don’t request for their next birthday party.

Renting has a number of advantages, no matter what the item. And you can rent almost anything, especially big ticket items like RVs. 

Here are 7 reasons "Why you should rent an RV instead of buying?" 

01. When It Saves You Money 

If you only go on RV trips occasionally, renting is always better than buying. You pay for the RV when you use it, and then you return it. You don’t have to pay payments on a vehicle though you aren’t driving it anywhere that month.

Also, You don’t have to maintain it or pay for its storage. 

02. When You’re Trying Before Buying 

Suppose you want to buy an RV. You could read reviews about each model online. You can explore the RV while it is parked in the RV lot. However, there is nothing as good as taking it for a long, hard test drive. 

A good way of achieving this is renting the model of RV you’re thinking of buying before you actually buy it. You’ll learn how much you like the handling after it has been driven several hundred miles.

You get repeated experience filling water tanks and emptying dirty water tanks. You’ll know for certain how well your family gets along in the limited space and how happy they are with the sleeping arrangements. 

It is far easier to take three different rented RVs on three separate trips than it is to buy and return the vehicles. 

03. When It Is Done to Meet a Change in Demand 

This is a variation of the first two points. Perhaps you had a little trailer you used for camping. You think that you could actually live in an RV if it had water tanks and solar panels. You want more out of the RV.

Renting an RV to test the idea you could live in it full time gives you a true understanding of the features you need relative to the nice-to-have amenities. 

You can rent an RV that feels more like a house, test living in it for a week or two, and return it if you don’t like it. You aren’t stuck with the decision as you would if you traded in your camper to reduce the cost of the full sized RV.

Sometimes the reason we need a bigger, better RV is that we’re taking more people with us. Your standard RV may let you sleep four, but you might want to rent a bigger RV to take six people while letting them all sleep in the same RV.

Or you need a different RV layout to accommodate a family member on crutches or in a wheelchair, though they’re only coming with you on this trip.

On other occasions, that basic camper may be fine for a couple but you want more amenities like a refrigerator and heater when traveling with the new baby. 

04. If You’re Going to be Nomadic for a While 

Some people rent an RV instead of an apartment because they plan on being nomadic for a while. They want to earn a fortune working at the Amazon distribution center over the Christmas holiday, but they don’t want to rent an apartment in a strange city for two months.

Renting an RV and sleeping in the nearest campground lets you have a “home” to return to, and you drive the RV to your next seasonal job or permanent address when it is all over. 

Always consider renting an RV if you want to be nomadic for the summer, spending a few days or weeks at each destination. It is more flexible than renting hotel rooms, and it may be cheaper, too. 

05. When You Want to Stay Somewhere Otherwise Out of Your Price Range 

There are occasions when you can’t afford to fly into an area and stay for two weeks at a resort. However, you might be able to afford renting an RV, driving there, and staying in a campground.

This could make visiting a popular convention or tourist destination possible. 

06. When You’re Just Learning How to Use an RV 

For someone just learning how to use an RV, renting is better than buying. You can try different RVs with differing features and amenities. One may be easier to charge when connected to shore power, while another is easier to empty when the dirty water tank is full.

You may find that the extendable side cab to maximize internal space is a hassle when you have to set up the associated jacks. Or you may learn that the long, full sized RVs are too hard for you to drive. 

Renting a variety of RVs and trying each out allows you to identify “must have” features you want in your final purchase, what features are over-rated, and which features are luxuries. Then you have a final checklist to present to the dealer so they can show you the perfect RV for you. 

A side benefit of testing out a variety of RVs is that you’ll have good, average numbers of what you’d spend on fuel, camping fees and other expenses that you’d have to budget for when you own an RV of your own. 

07. When It Is an Emergency 

This is a good reason to rent an RV, though it is often overlooked. Suppose your trailer got trashed in a tornado. Or your neighborhood was flattened by a hurricane. The hotels still standing are now booked solid. You may not have friends and family in the area to stay with. You may still be able to rent an RV to stay in.

Also, You could park the RV in front of the damaged home so that you’re able to dedicate every free hour to cleaning it up. Your kids can continue attending the same schools and visiting friends, and you’ll be available if an insurance adjuster or contractor shows up at odd hours. 

If your home was ruined by the disaster, you could also rent the RV as a way to leave the area. It gives you a de facto home of your own and a way to store a number of treasured possessions. You can park in a friend’s driveway or campgrounds while you decide what you want to do next. 

Once you’ve picked out a new apartment or house, you can move in and return the RV. But you’ve avoided the concerns that come with staying in church basements and homeless shelters. 


While there are many people who own RVs, renting an RV is the best choice in a number of scenarios. This is especially true if you don’t know what you want in an RV or aren’t sure you want to commit to the hefty price tag of owning one. 

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