New RV models; Check These 7 Classic Summer Vehicles

Sometimes the future of an industry is captured by the latest wave of products on the market, and RVs and motorhomes are no exception. This is why we can predict the future of RV design and services based on what manufacturers are creating. 

Let’s look at 7 new RV models. And we’ll learn from them where manufacturers and the customer demands they’re trying to meet are affect the RV industry.

Here are 7 New Classic Summer RV Vehicles

01. Airstream Nest

Airstream was a pioneer in mass-produced trailers. They’re best known for their sleek, aerodynamic silver trailers. They’ve rolled out the Airstream Nest, a fiberglass model. It remains a minimalist trailer with room to sleep two. 

However, they’ve added windows on all sides and overhead to provide more light. And they’ve added features customers want such as Bluetooth controlled LED lights and multiple USB posts.

Around one fifth of RV owners put solar panels on their trailer. Airstream compromised by pre-wiring the trailer for solar panels if their customers choose to install them. 

The Airstream Nest has always been lightweight, so you don’t have to own a large truck to tow it. That meets the expectations of a public that won’t buy a gas-guzzling truck only required to take the three or four weeks a year the average RV owner goes camping.

02. Hutte Hut

The Hutte Hut is a product catering to the “glamping” or glamorous camping movement. The sleek aluminum frame is paired with birch flooring. There is a retractable canvas top that lets in light while protecting you from the elements. 

The expertly designed trailer weighs less than a thousand pounds, so you don’t need a heavy duty vehicle to pull it. You could even pull it with a small car.

The trailer doesn’t include a kitchen or refrigerator unless you order that or custom-install it. On the other hand, it has more than a dozen power outlets by design in every single RV.

03. Winnebago Horizon

The Winnebago Horizon won the RV Pro best of show award. It is a minimalist design that gives you relatively open interiors. It looks less like a house filled with Craftsman furniture and more like something out of an Ikea catalog. 

The Horizon is also aimed at the luxury market, because it is one of the most expensive mass-produced RVs. The price starts at a little over 400,000 dollars. Depending on the design you choose, it is either 41 or 43 feet long.

The Winnebago Horizon is like a luxury apartment on wheels. It has a large master bedroom. You can actually walk around the bed. There is a full galley and fridge. It has a full bathroom. 

The only downside is the fuel economy, but that really doesn’t matter if you can afford to buy it. Washer/dryer suite is optional and extra. You can pay extra for luxuries like a second 50 inch TV and central vacuum system.

04. Taxa Cricket

The Cricket is an efficient little trailer meant for wilderness treks. For example, the design was inspired by the Space Station. The bend and folded exterior incorporates a pop-up tent so you can stand up in the trailer. It is more durable than average thanks to the doubly thick plywood floor and heavy gauge aluminum.

The trailer is roughly 15 feet long. It is large enough to sleep two adults and two children. This is one of the new RV models catering to the growing call for quality over the lowest overall cost.

05. inTech RV Luna

Most teardrop trailers are easy to tow but have limited interior space. Luna’s design optimizes the interior space while remaining easy to tow. It is just over 15 feet long. The company switched from a steel frame to an aluminum one to get the weight below 2000 pounds. 

It comes with modern amenities like air conditioning and a 40 inch television. It also meets modern demands for natural light with a massive front windshield. It has a basic kitchenette.

The Luna Lite, the cheaper version of the inTech Luna, has a smaller TV and stove, simpler refrigerator and no microwave. It drops the rear bumper and has smaller RV windows

These changes shave several thousand dollars off the price tag.

06. OPUS

The OPUS Camper weighs around 1600 pounds. More importantly, the trailer is less than four feet tall when collapsed. That makes it possible for the average driver to tow it without worrying about visibility. When the trailer is extended, it has a whopping 8 feet of ceiling height.

Many owners appreciate the air tubes you can have installed in the tent that make it much easier to set up the tent. The quick release means it comes down even faster. That feature does add more than two thousand dollars to the price tag.

The trailer can be customized to include bike carriers, kayak carriers, a toilet or a solar powered shower. And there’s enough room for a family of four.

07. American Dream Trailer

The American Dream trailer is an intentionally retro design. It resembles vintage trailer / boat combos designed to be pulled by station wagons. The entire thing weighs less than a thousand pounds. It is almost twelve feet long.

The sleeping cabin holds can sleep one or two. It can in theory hold 500 pounds of people and their gear. It already comes with the boat mounted on top. Unlike earlier models, the trailer still has a roof once you remove the boat. This model was in limited production and there may not be more of them made.

The manufacturer is trying to ramp up a rental service, as well, so you may be able to rent the American Dream for your next lake trip even if you can’t find it at the RV dealership.


Modern RV buyers are demanding a mix of luxury, convenience and nostalgia for historic camper trailers that they may have traveled in as children, and RV manufacturers are trying to do all of the above in a single, affordable package. That’s aside from the demands for lighter, easy to tow trailers and being able to run everything off renewable power.

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