How can You Make Your RV Bed More Comfy? Here are Clever Tips

RV beds have a reputation for being uncomfortable. Too many RV manufacturers put in a minimal mattress to maximize space in the tight areas and minimize weight.

Making matters worse, many RV beds are of a different size than the average household bed. This leaves RV owners in a bind. 

However, we have a few tips on "how can you make RV bed more comfortable?". These tips will help you sleep better at night whether the RV bed that came with the RV isn’t enough for a good night’s sleep or has begun to wear out.

Here are 7 tips to make better solutions for RV bed 

Tips 01. Pad the Base

Sometimes the issue isn’t the mattress but what is underneath – the base. You typically can’t change the base that came with the RV to create the open support many of our beds have.

However, you can add foam padding or another shock absorbing material to the base that will lie between it and your mattress. This will eliminate the pain from pressure points you may feel if you are a side sleeper or heavy.

This approach will give you the flexibility to add a mattress topper later, if it remains necessary.

Tips 02. Make the RV Bed Feel Like Home

There is the possibility that the reason you can’t sleep well in the RV is that it is too different from what you’re familiar with. One solution is to make the RV mattress feel familiar. Move your pillows and blankets to the RV.

This is especially true if you have contoured neck pillows or body pillows you use every night. This won’t make the RV mattress thicker, but it may eliminate the need to buy a new mattress in the hope of feeling comfortable at night. 

Padded quilts can act as de facto mattress toppers, and they’re a viable solution if the ridges of the RV mattress bother you.

This solution does require moving items from the house to the RV and returning them when done. It also introduces the risk of these things being ruined if the RV gets fleas, bed bugs or flooded.

Tips 03. Install a Mattress Topper

A mattress topper can be thought of as a secondary mattress. It is typically designed to fit on top of the mattress and remain there. That’s an improvement over air mattresses or thick pieces of foam you may put on top of the mattress, since these can slip off.

The mattress topper is often designed to make up for a problem with the mattress itself. For example, many mattress toppers have a thin layer of memory foam. This will reduce the pain pressure points cause or retain heat.

It won’t have the downsides of a memory foam mattress such as making you overheat in the summer or being impossible to wash.

Other mattress toppers have a layer of artificial down to absorb heat and add a touch of softness. This can be a viable solution if you hate the feeling of the cotton or metal frame of the RV mattress.

Cotton mattress toppers can serve as mattress protectors while making the bed somewhat softer. Some mattress toppers are designed to let the bed breathe. That’s a solution if you feel like you’re overheating in a tight RV bed nook.

Tips 04. Stack Mattresses

Sometimes one mattress just isn’t enough. If there is enough space above the current mattress, put a second one on top of it. You can often find another mattress of the same size, and it doesn’t have to be by the same manufacturer unless the mattress has very unusual dimensions.

Adding an air mattress is a fast and easy version of this solution, and this option allows you to deflate the air mattress and store it if it isn’t needed. You can also adjust the firmness of the air mattress, whereas a foam or cotton mattress will have only one level of firmness.

Furthermore, air mattresses can be picked up at any camping supply store. Hope, this step will show you a way to make RV bed more comfortable. 

Note that that beds that have cut off corners or unusual dimensions may only be made more comfortable via mattress stacking or makeshift solutions. 

On the flipside, if you have two mattresses for the same RV bed, you now always have a spare should the first be damaged. The downside is that if one is infested with bugs or flooded, you’ve lost twice as much money.

Tips 05. Use a thin layer and blankets

You can try to improve the RV bed in layers to determine what it is you want. For example, testing a thin layer of foam on top of the bed and under the mattress allows you to determine if the issue is texture related or pressure based.

Adding blankets to the top of the bed could add a little softness while dramatically changing the texture of the bed. This could be a solution if the issue is the rough grooves in the bed that folds up when the RV cab is pulled in.

The downside to using layers of blankets is that you have that much more laundry to wash when you’re stopped. The ability to stow blankets and move them about as required can be a plus.

Tips 06. Make Your Own Solution

A makeshift solution isn’t going to be as nice and neat as our first recommendations. However, it is something you can do on your own at relatively little cost. One version of this is finding large pieces of eggshell foam and cutting it to fit the mattress frame.

You could put this on top of the mattress and cover it with blankets or put it under the mattress. And you could do both as long as there is enough room to sleep there after adding it. It will help you to make RV bed more comfortable.

Egg crate foam may not be as comfortable as memory foam, but you could find free sections of it. It is also an option for those who can’t stand the chemical smell of some types of memory foam.

Tips 07. Create a viable alternative 

If all you need is a basic mattress topper/protector, you can create a viable alternative by layering bed sheets. Everything can be taken off and washed, and you can use as many as you choose assuming you can get it all to fit on the bed.

Note that this can stretch out fitted sheets you put on top, but it can protect fitted sheets on the bottom. 

This is a good choice if you already have a vinyl mattress protector on the RV mattress and other mattress toppers and pads keep sliding off.


Don’t blame the RV mattress if the real reason you can’t sleep is because you’ve left your CPAP machine at home. Don’t spend time on a new RV mattress if the issue is that the RV itself is too hot.

RV mattresses have a reputation of being uncomfortable, but there are many options for solving the problem no matter what form it takes. Explore the solutions we’ve provided so you find one that fits your body and your budget.

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