What's the Best Teardrop Trailer Doors in 2020 

Here Are Our Top 3 Choices and Guide

Teardrop trailers are making a comeback. They were once popular because they were something you could make in your own garage, allowing you to travel in relative comfort over the standard tent. Modern teardrop trailers bring RV’ing to the average person. You can tow the teardrop trailer with your car instead of having to buy a more powerful truck. You can store the trailer in your backyard or driveway. You can park almost anywhere with it. It gives you at a minimum a comfortable place to sleep, a way to secure your gear and a kitchenette. However, you need the best teardrop trailer door to keep your gear safe and minimize wind drag.

Top 3 Best Teardrop Doors  - Comparison





Vintage Technologies Brand Model FC03 RV Teardrop Door, 26" by 36" by 1.5" - 4 Corner Radius

4.5 out of 5

Vintage Technologies Brand Model FC04 RV Teardrop Driver's Side, Door 26" by 36" by 1.5" - 4 Corner Radius

4.4 out of 5

Vintage Technologies Model FC03/04 RV Teardrop Driver's/Passenger's Side (Full Set) Door, 26" by 36"

4.3 out of 5

What's the Teardrop Door Actually?

A teardrop trailer door is simply a door designed to fit an RV trailer. Teardrop trailers can have different profiles and dimensions. This means you need a door that literally fits. While the first generation of teardrop trailers were built per instructions in mainstream magazines, later RV teardrop trailers were mass produced.

This means there are a few standard designs replicated across the industry. It also means you can find replacement doors if yours is damaged or ripped off.

Few Great Benefits of the Teardrop Door

It is possible to get a teardrop trailer without doors. It may be open-air, though that doesn’t give you much protection from the elements. Netting that covers windows and doors provides some protection from bugs but not from temperature changes or thieves.

A teardrop trailer door allows you to close yourself off from the outside world. If you’re sleeping in the trailer, this allows you to stay warm and safe.

Many doors will also muffle outside sounds, allowing you to sleep more soundly. Performance will vary based on the door thickness and type of door.

If you’re away from the trailer, a solid door can be locked to keep animals and strangers out of your stuff. Depending on the door design, the hinges on the door may let the RV teardrop trailer door be used as a sun-shade as it holds the door open.

Replacing an existing door could give you one with a larger window to let in more natural light or one with tinting so you don’t have as much sun streaming in.

01) Vintage Technologies Brand Model FC03 RV Teardrop Door, 26" by 36" by 1.5" - 4 Corner Radius

Editor Rating: 4.5 Out of 5

​Price: Check on Amazon

This passenger side RV teardrop trailer door is designed for a 26 inch by 36 inch opening. It is made for a 1.5 inch wide frame.

Note that the door must be within an eighth of an inch of the frame to fit securely. This door is made for door frames with a four corner radius.

One of the benefits of this model is that it is a standard size. It will fit on a wide range of teardrop trailers.

One downside is that it is made specifically for passenger side doors.

The unit is relatively easy to install, but it doesn’t come with very good instructions.

  • Standard size fits almost all trailers with these dimensions
  • Easy to install
  • Passenger side only
  • Doesn’t fit trailers with very different wall thicknesses

02) Vintage Technologies Brand Model FC04 RV Teardrop Driver's Side, Door 26" by 36" by 1.5" - 4 Corner Radius

Editor Rating: 4.4 Out of 5

​Price: Check on Amazon

This RV teardrop trailer door is made to fit a 26 inch by 36 inch four corner radius opening. It is specifically a driver side door.

One of the points in favor of this RV door is that it has one of the largest tinted windows on the market. This allows you to see outside of the trailer without opening the door.

It also maximizes your privacy and prevents sunlight from streaming in while you’re trying to sleep.

The trim ring fits doors in trailers with up to a 1.5 inch wall thickness. This means you could fit it on trailers with a wider range of wall thicknesses.

A big point in favor of this model is the easy to install face mount.

  • Easy to install
  • Large darkened window
  • Fits wide range of trailers if it matches the basic perimeter dimensions
  • Driver’s side only

03) Vintage Technologies Model FC03/04 RV Teardrop Driver's/Passenger's Side (Full Set) Door, 26" by 36"

Editor Rating: 4.3 Out of 5

​Price: Check on Amazon

Do you need a set of teardrop trailer doors? This may be necessary because the hinges are coming loose, they’ve been badly dinged up, or you want something sturdier between you and the elements.

These doors will fit any door cut out that’s 25.875 inches by 35.875 inches and a 4.5 inch radius at the corners.

Do you want to have a spare set of doors in case they’re ripped off in an accident? These doors have a rugged black aluminum exterior.

They’ll fit in with the color scheme of almost any trailer. 

The black metal exterior and black vinyl interior hide scratches and scuffs, too. These doors have very large 16 inch by 31 inch tinted windows. This gives you a great view of the outside while protecting your privacy. The windows have a half inch vent and screen so you can let in air without letting in bugs.

A major benefit of these doors would be the security measures. They have an exterior key lock and interior dead bolt lock.
The mount face makes them easy to install. And since you get both the driver and passenger side doors, you’ll have whichever door you need to install.

The only downside is that you have to buy these as a set. This can feel like a waste if you only need to replace one door on the trailer. However, this is the best teardrop trailer door choice if you want to replace one damaged door and end up with a matching set.

  • Fits any trailer with the right dimensions
  • Great color scheme
  • Full set of doors
  • Durable
  • Security measures
  • You have to pay for the whole set even if you only need one


Teardrop trailers are an affordable option for campers who want a step up from tents but aren’t ready to buy a full-sized trailer. However, you have to invest in the hardware that makes the most of the trailer.

The best teardrop trailer doors will improve the comfort and safety of your trailer, whether you’re storing items inside or sleeping in it. It will also fit your trailer and your lifestyle.

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