The Best RV Washer Dryer Combos in 2020

Comparisons, Buying Guide, and Reviews

If you continuously travel or live in an RV, the last thing you want to do is perform handwashing. To make it worse, the frequent visits to the laundromats can drain someone’s pocket and consume a lot of time. That’s why there are devices that make life on the road much more comfortable. An RV washer and dryer combo is not just a gadget for cleaning but a cleaning companion every car owner should have. There are a lot of advantages that these washing units have.

For instance, saves a lot of time as compared to handwashing, comfortable and safe to use, affordable, lightweight plus more. If you are looking for the perfect washing machine, then you are the right place.

We have reviewed the 7 best RV washer dryer combo products in the current market. Not only that but an in-depth feature on the specs plus a how-to guide. Read on to find out what washing machine fits your needs.

Top 3 Best Rated RV Washer Dryers - Comparison

Here are the Top 7 Best RV Washer Dryer Full Reviews

The long search for the best products has come to an end. We have done thorough research and come up with the top RV washer dryer combo products currently in the market. They are as follows:

01) Portable Compact Washer and Spin Dry Cycle with Built-in Pump 300W Apartment Washer Spinning Dryer

Editor Rating: 4.7/5

The above washer boasts of having a spin drying rating of 150W and a washing rating of 300W. The power usage is very efficient and saves on high electricity bills.

Also, the inclusion of intuitive buttons, a high load capacity plus a compact size, makes it stand out from the rest washer dryer units.

Most washing machines use quite a lot of power. With the above washer, it only utilises 300w washing rating and 150w spin dry rating which makes it an energy efficient machine.

Also, it saves a lot of the electricity bills. The spin dry rating offers a faster drying process by use of an excellent spin bin that gives you approximately an hour for your clothes to dry on the hanging line completely.

Intuitive Buttons

There are a variety of buttons including wash time, spin time, standard and soft wash cycle. You have the option to wash your laundry either using the standard or mild settings.

For fine clothes, the delicate wash cycle is best. Heavy clothing like duvets covers and king sheets get a thorough cleanup by using the normal wash cycle function.

Capacity: 8.8 and 4.4 pounds washing and spinning machine respectively

The above washer has a size of an 8.8lbs washing machine and 4.4lbs spinning machine capacity. You get to load and fits more clothes with ease.

Hence, this saves you a lot of various loading and offloading of your laundry and also on power consumption. With such a capacity, you can finish up your laundry and get free time to do other things.

Compact Size

With the above washer dryer combo, you get effortless portability. Even kids can move it without any adult assistance. Also, its small size gives you an easier cleanup and storage process.

It does not take up too much room and can be used in apartments, dorms, plus more limited-spaced areas.

  • Convenient and Resourceful by avoiding frequent trips to the laundromat
  • Strong Motors
  • Lightweight
  • Temperamental drain pump
  • Adapter not included
  • Minimal instructions

02) Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 17.6lbs Washer Spain Spinner, Blue + White

Editor Rating: 4.6/5

Giantex washing machine from the renown brand Giantex has a beautiful blue plus white exterior built. The colour makes it blend well with the most interior decor.

Also, you get freedom from handwashing due to the advanced technology like a maximum temperature of 54*C which ensures no heat damage to your clothes.

Note that there are no pre-programmed functions as this washer dryer combo gives you the flexibility of setting your wash and spin-time.

The 6.6lbs spinner dryer capacity is ideal to fit in a considerable amount of clothes.

It comes with a unique twin tub mechanism that offers a seamless and organised laundry time.

Blue And White Color

The above washer and dryer has an appealing exterior built with a blue and white colour. The two colour combination adds extra beauty to the overall appearance.

Also, the colour scheme blends well with most interior RV's decor and even household items.

54 *C Max Water Temp.

Washing using the above washing machine has a safety benefit. The maximum water temperature is 54*C thus ensures your clothes are safe from any extreme heat damage.

You can comfortably rest and wait for the wash cycle to complete without any worry of spoilt garments.

6.6 lbs spinner Dryer Capacity

The size of the spin dryer capacity is half the size of the entire unit. This allows you to spin twice without overloading and to cause unwanted pressure to the washer.

Twin Tub Washing Construction

Having a twin tub design which is inclusive of a washing tube that helps the spin tube to operate your rinse cycle for your prefered minutes. While this makes cleaning more organised and straightforward, there is a default pre-programmed setting of a 15 minutes wash-time and 5-min spin-time. The parameters can be set according to your preference.

  • Ideal for limited spacing like RVs, dorms, motorhomes, trips etc
  • Unique design
  • Easy to operate
  • Weak Hoses
  • Little Noisy

03) DELLA Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine Washer and Dryer Cycle (9KG) with Built-in Pump

Editor Rating: 4.4/5

Della compact washing machine prides itself on having an inbuilt pump to drain water effortlessly.

Also, the multi-purpose functionality offers you different washing actions. From normal-soft washing, spin wash, spin dry plus more.

The above washer has a large opening with a clear lid to monitor the wash cycle with ease.

The presence of an inbuilt pump makes this washer one of the most sort out items. With an inbuilt pump which ensures water drains out automatically without any blockages or stoppages, your laundry-time is a breeze. 

Some washing machines fail to have this important feature which, makes cleaning a dreading process.


A washing machine that gives a variety of functions is the Della compact washer. You can choose to spin wash and spin dry by your set times. Also, you can wash delicates plus tough washing garments at your preferred speed and time.

The dual functionality gives you extra user convenience.

Large Opening With Clear Lid

Some washer dryer combo does not have a large opening or a transparent lid. With this washing unit, this is no longer a problem. It features a large opening with a transparent cover. The large opening allows more natural accommodation and removal of clothes.

Also, having a clear lid, it's a plus. As a user, you monitor the wash cycle without the need of stopping or opening the lid.

Easy To Use

When it comes to operating the above washing device, it has simple steps. The simple steps involved are: Inserting your laundry load, filling your unit with water, setting your preferred time by using the timer, and finally washing.

There are no complicated steps that need an expert to operate.

  • Easy to Use
  • Multi-Use Functionality
  • Clear Lid for easy monitoring
  • Comes with an inbuilt drain pump
  • A bit pricey
  • Filling washer tub takes time

04) Splendide WD2100XC White Vented Combo Washer/Dryer

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

Splendide combo washer dryer does not disappoint in offering premium washing performance.

The silent mechanism provides a noiseless washing cycle. Also, it has an inbuilt brushless AC motor that provides a powerful and effortless operation.

It features an automatic water level dial to ensure maximum water efficiency use. There are no leaks or water drying problems.

The construction is ideal for RV travel because of the strong springs, shock absorbers and heavy-duty stainless steel drum.

The above washer and dryer item has an inbuilt brushless AC motor that not only offers quietness and fantastic speed but also, guarantees superior performance.

You can do your laundry and do other business in the same room without any interruptions and distractions. With the powerful motor, the other parts do not get overworked because they work seamlessly.

Automatic Water Level Control

The presence of a water level control is plus but having a unit with an automatic one is an added user advantage. The feature above maximises efficiency by regulating water levels for the best results.

Self-cleaning Filter and Bi-directional Rotation Drum

Most people doing laundry often complain of the lints that they get afterwards. This is the top reason people go for washing machines that have self-cleaning filters. With the above cleaning unit, it is inclusive of a screen that aids to remove lints on your garments.

Additionally, the bi-directional drum rotation reduces fabric wrinkling and dramatically improves dry and wash actions.

Soft-touch Knobs

The washing accessory above features soft-touch knobs that are very easy to rotate. You do not need any effort, and even a kid can operate. The knobs are soft on your hands causing zero harm.

Also, the knobs are indicated for the perfect and straightforward washing experience.

  • Inclusive of a self-cleaning filter
  • Silent operation
  • Soft-touch Dials
  • Automatic water level control
  • Works best for small loads
  • Wrinkles Clothes A Bit

05) Do mini Portable Compact Twin Tub 131lbs Capacity Washing Machine and Washer Spin Dryer

Editor Rating: 4.2/5

Do mini is renowned for specializing in small home appliances like the above compact washing machine best for limited spaces like dorms and RVs.

Its size offers easy portability, cleaning and lifting action. Also, the dual operation allows cleaning of small loads like infant items of clothing, pants and t-shirts.

You can spin wash and spin dry at the same time thus saves on time.

Additionally, a powerful, strong motor gives outstanding results effortlessly.

With its small size, one can easily lift, move and clean. You do not require another pair of hands to operate and move it.

The compact size saves a considerable amount of water during the entire cycle and also the tub fills up quickly thus saves on time. It is ideal for limited and compact spaces like dorms, RVs plus more.


You can wash different types of small loads of baby clothes, towels, underwear etc. The small loads are easy to clean and spin dry so long as there is no overload.

Also, the dual functional design allows the user to spin wash and spin dry simultaneously thus saving time and effort.

High-quality Motor

The motor is made to withstand extreme actions and provides quiet and premium operation. Your wash cycle is taken to another level by the energy saving and faster process.

Also, the motor can last for an extended period while providing superior service.


The washer dryer combo has a reasonably affordable price. Most people and even students can afford it without the need of breaking the bank.

  • Spin wash and spin dry at the same time
  • Ideal for compact spaces
  • Works best for small laundry loads
  • Adapter not included

06) Magic Chef MCSDRY1S 2.6 Cu. Ft. Laundry Dryer, White

Editor Rating: 4.1/5

Magic Chef has come up with this white laundry dryer. The notable features that make it worth noting are stainless steel drum, adjustable timer control, PTC heating element and an integrated viewing window.

The washing product above has a strong drum made of stainless steel. Some washing units have a low-quality inner drum that doesn't offer the expected service. 

Magic washing machine provides longevity that can last for a considerable amount of time without any hitches.

Also, this material is easy to clean without the presence of tough stains.

The presence of an adjustable timer control with 5 drying option settings makes this a worthwhile device.

You can set your laundry time to your preferred time without the need of rechecking and resetting now and then. The 5 drying options also effectively save laundry time giving you a timed drying action. You can choose from the lowest to the highest drying setting depending on the amount of load and the type of clothing material.

PTC Heating Element

PTC stands for Positive Temperature Coefficient, and this washing machine boasts of a PTC heating element made of ceramic to ensure proper regulation of temperature and heat transfer in a limited spacing.

Your clothes get a thorough cleanup without the fear of damage because of extreme heat.

Integrated Viewing Window

You get to view and monitor the wash cycle without the need of opening up the lid. This adds to user convenience and visibility. Some washing machines do not drain as expected and a viewing window allows you to monitor/check this issue at a glance.

  • Inclusive of Clear Instructions
  • Presence of a viewing window
  • Inbuilt Heating Element
  • Stainless Steel Inner Drum
  • Dials positioned at the bottom

07) Giantex Portable Compact Full-Automatic Laundry 1.6 Cu. Ft. Washing Machine Washer/ Spinner w/Drain Pump

Editor Rating: 4.0/5

Giantex never disappoints in manufacturing durable products. The above washing unit has exceptional features like automatic dials to guarantee a handsfree experience.

Also, the large wash and spin capacity save a lot of time while performing a single wash cycle.

The honeycomb-shaped inner tube makes it aesthetically appealing and easily accommodates loads of clothes.

With the above washing product, it features automatic dials including soak-wash-rinse-spin, wash-rinse, wash, soak-wash-rinse and spin.

With these settings plus 3 water levels, you can effortlessly and quickly without the need of monitoring the wash cycle time and again.

Large Wash and Spin Capacity

The above washing machine is small-sized thus makes it a lightweight product. You can effortlessly transport it from one place to another. It is best to use in dorms, RVs and limited spacings. Also, its size allows you to carry it on road trips.

Honeycomb-shaped inner tube

The Giantex washer dryer combo beats the rest because of the honeycomb-shaped inner tube. The design can accommodate 8 pounds of load all at once thus saves time, energy consumption and water consumption.

Also, it makes clean-up a straightforward process.

Handsfree Operation

Having a washing machine guarantees safe handling and added security. For instance, it eliminates the problems caused by the detergent that is tough on your hands.

Also, it reduces your energy levels needed for rinsing and wringing of clothes. With this machine, your hands are safe from such problems, and you can perform other duties as the wash-cycle progresses.

  • In-depth manual regarding clothes' weight
  • Fantastic and unique design
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic dials
  • A bit pricey

What is the Best RV Washer Dryer Combo?

An RV washer dryer combo is a type of washing machine that can perform both washing and drying using the same unit. They are commonly in use in places that have limited spacing like in dorms, apartments, RVs and so on. The best thing about an RV washer dryer combo is its compact size. You can quickly move and lift it effortlessly, and it does not take too much storage space.

The unique design beats the standard washing machines that have a separate spin dryer and washing machine. With a washer dryer, you get both functionalities in a 2-in-1 multifunctional unit. Most washer dryer combo products have an advanced design where it allows a user to attach it to a sink without the need of using a separate water line.

The construction is ideal for cleaning all types of fabrics from the delicates up to the tough garments. You can easily wash a duvet cover, kingsize sheets, towels, baby clothes with zero effort.

The latest versions have intuitive, and some even have automatic dials. Some of the most critical settings are drying options, water level controls, timer, temperature controls and more. The dials ensure a handsfree and straightforward wash cycle.

Difference Types of RV Washer Dryer

There are two main types of washer combo. The vented and the ventless. The two main categories can be divided further into stackable and non-stackable washer dryer units. They are as follows:

01. Vented Washer Dryer

People with RVs and limited-spaced areas commonly use a vented version. This type of washer dryer operates similarly to a regular dryer and front load washing machine.  

The vented combo unit has a wash cycle that involves rotating your load with your detergent of choice and water until thoroughly cleaned. What follows is the spin dry cycle to dry up excess water.

A spin dry period involves the intake of air from the surrounding room and heating it up.

02. Ventless Washer Dryer

Commonly used by high-rise condos and apartments, the ventless units do not need an outside exhaust. The laundry process includes inserting clothes in the inner drum.

Some inner drums are made of sturdy materials like stainless steel which offer longlasting performance.

Also, it features a condensing chamber commonly made of metal or plastic. The condensing chamber is cooled while the inside inner drum air heats up. The non-vented units take a considerable amount of time to dry garments.

Moreover, they consume a lot of water as compared to the vented units.

To break down the types further are two more options. A compact RV stackable and non-stackable. Let us look at them more closely.

03. Compact RV Stackable Washer and Dryer

The above RV washer dryer is favourite in larger cars. You wash and dry up to 12 pound-load at the same time. If you don’t know how they look, they are similar to home standalone washing machines although compact and more lightweight. Some pros are:

  • A quick wash and dry session
  • Similar load capacity as a home washer and dryer
  • Simultaneous wash and dry operation

04. RV Washer and Dryer Combo

With the above washing product, they are a favourite among most RV owners. They take minimal space, and one drum offers dual operation by washing and drying clothes. Some pros are:

  • Compact design
  • Simple to use
  • Fits small areas
  • Available in vented and ventless models

Remember that the type of washer dryer unit, you choose depends on your preferences. They offer a variety of dial options that fit your garment care requirements. You have the convenience of washing and drying your clothes simultaneously or separately.

What are the benefits in an RV washer dryer combo?

Anyone looking for a gadget usually wants to know what value the item will bring. Some people consider the price, performance, ease of use and others. One might question what the advantages of purchasing and using a combo unit are.

Worry no more and ignore the 3 common misconceptions of RV washer dryer because we have the top benefits that make an RV washer dryer combo a unit that guarantees value for money. They are as follows:

A. Good Water Consumption

The water consumption rate is useful together with the runtime per load. Also, the above washing machines are very efficient in the way of water consumption.

They are similar to a regular front load washer, and with their advanced mechanism like water level controls, it’s a guarantee of use of less water.

B. Portability

Most people purchase items because of the ease of mobility. Some washer dryer combo devices have wheels to ease and quicken the portability. A user has the convenience of moving it without the use of electric power, gas or battery.

Also, their lack of ducts makes movement and installation a breeze.

C. Energy Star Certified

An item that is energy-star certified meets a minimum standard for energy efficiency. Most combo washing units are energy star certified thus makes the wash cycle a safe and secure action.

D. Easy To Use

Operating a combo unit does not require any expert skills and knowledge. Besides, the manuals that come with the washing machine are very in-depth, clear and concise.

A user only needs to put the load in, choose a setting like a wash or spin dry, then set the time and that’s about it.

E. Handsfree Experience

Gone are the days when people handwash their clothes which wasted a lot of time and energy. The task was tiresome and not enjoyable. With the inclusion of intuitive buttons which have automatic settings, you get an almost entire handsfree experience. What you have to do is to put your load in, wait for the wash cycle to finish and take them out after the drying stage.

Also, this prevents your hands from getting any harmful detergent effects. Some washing detergents are known to be tough on your skin and in extreme cases, the surface receives a bleach. Furthermore, you have the choice to wash and dry clothes independently.

F. Ventless

A standard dryer is vented as compared to combo washer dryers which are ventless. The ventless system allows these units to be in use in most places where electricity and a water connection is available. That is why RV’S and dorms have limited spacing, but the two features are in place.

G. Compact in Size

A combo washer dryer has a small-sized shape as compared to stand-alone units. The notable feature is the combo effects instead of having two separate parts. It gives an all-in-one functionality.

Also, the compact size let people living in limited spacings like in apartments, dorms, condos and  RVs, stress-free storage and installation. Remember that most washer dryer accessories are small in height to easily store or put them in a corner, closet and even under the counter.

Things to Consider before Buying the perfect RV washer dryer

Every time you are about or planning to purchase an item, there are things you put in mind. With an RV washer dryer combo machine, things like price, purpose, efficiency plus more are some of the top factors. Let us look at the factors more closely.

01. The Purpose

We go to shops to buy something because of specific intent. A perfect RV washer dryer combo should be able to meet your needs. Will you use it frequently? Is it for a road trip? Is it an addition to your RVs decor? If unsure, you can read this guide and check out the features plus different benefits the units offer.

02. Loading Capacity

Washing machines have different capacity. Some have a capacity of up to 131 pounds. A device with this kind of space accommodates a considerable amount of load. There is no need to perform numerous cleaning for you to finish your wash cycle.

Remember to ask yourself how the capacity will affect your laundry needs. Will space make you do laundry more than once? Will overloading the unit, bring out poor results?

03. Available Space

Space should not become an issue when you want to do your laundry right at home or in an RV. The numerous trips to laundromats can be quite expensive, time-consuming and tiresome. If you reside in an apartment, dorm or RV, then a washer dryer combo unit is the best option.

The main reason people love these combo units is that of their compact size. They can almost fit anywhere even in closets or under kitchen cabinets. 

Also, due to their lightweight feature, a single individual can lift, install, move and store it effortlessly. Always, buy a unit that has the dimensions you are looking for to avoid any unnecessary future costs.

04. Noise Level

Most people hate the annoying high noise some machines produce. If you want a washing machine, that has little to zero noise, choose one that has a strong motor.

Also, some units have inbuilt brushless AC motor that promotes silent washing process. Always check for this feature and previous customer reviews for the best noiseless machine.

05. Drum

The drum is the part that holds your load. There are good ones made of stainless steel material. Hence it offers a longlasting, rust and stain-proof experience.

Always check for a drum that has a simple design for your clothes to get a simple but effective cleanup.

06. Controls and Setting Systems

The different controls and system settings play a significant role in the entire wash cycle. Fortunately, washer dryer has advanced dials that add to user’s experience.

For example, a unit with intuitive automotive dials that include a soak-wash-rinse-spin, wash-rinse, wash, soak-wash-rinse and spin plus 3 water levels guarantee an effortless but effective cleaning.

Also, with these buttons and automatic settings, you have a handsfree experience and zero monitoring of the wash cycle.

07. Modern Drying Technology

With the ever-evolving world, most of the equipment has become digitised. A washing machine has a drying technology commonly known as a spin dry cycle. The cycle involves the intake of air from the surrounding room and heating it up.

Also, it helps to dry up excess water from your clothes so when you hang them on a hanging line, it can take approximately an hour to dry off completely.

Furthermore, washer dryer combo units have a spin dry rating commonly 150 wattages. The low wattage is more energy efficient.

08. Price/Cost

Lastly, the price can affect the decision of a purchase or not. If you find out that a pricey gadget does not deliver on its promise, you feel a massive loss to your money. It is not a straightforward formula that the higher the price, the better the performance. Even less pricey washing machines offer exceptional performance.

Check for a brand that is widely known to produce durable products, the features and lastly the price for you to make a conscious purchase decision.

What's the Best RV Washer Dryer Brand?

01. Do mini

Do mini is a brand that focuses on compact appliances like the Do mini washer dryer. What makes the above unit standout is the exceptional features and benefits it boasts of.

For example, it has a durable motor that provides a quiet wash cycle. Also due to its compact size, it is highly portable, easy to install and lift from one place to the other.

Besides, the multi-purpose construction allows cleaning of both robust and delicate clothing from infant to adult attire.

02. Giantex

Giantex has a 54 *C maximum water temperature feature which most washer dryer combo units do not have. This feature adds a safety functionality. Also, it is very lightweight giving a comfortable portability action. 

Another feature is the twin tub washing mechanism that comprises a washing tube to aid wash cycle at set minutes. Also, the large capacity tube with intuitive dials plus a timer adds to the user experience.

03. Della

With the above unit, you get an inbuilt pump at no extra cost. The pump automatically drains water thus improves water efficiency. Also, it boasts of a large opening with a clear lid to comfortably accommodate your load and monitor the progress of the wash cycle.

Additionally, it promotes a gentle but effective washing together with the user-friendly features. With this accessory, your hands and clothes are given an extra TLC.

04. Splendide

Another notable brand is Splendide which has an automatic lint removal. Many people get frustrated because of the lints that appear on clothes after a cleaning process.

Moreover, this unit has an inbuilt brushless AC motor that promotes silent washing process. It is perfect for limited spacing and has a design for people on the move.

05. Magic Chef

Lastly, we have a washer dryer from the Magic Chef brand. The washing machine has a stainless steel inner drum that offers a rust-proof and stain-free washing process.

With the presence of a PTC heating element, heat transfer is even throughout the unit for the best laundry results. Moreover, a wide viewing window lets you monitor any issues like water not draining correctly at a glance.

FAQ'S About RV Washer Dryer Combo

01. What is the best brand of RV washer dryer?

There are various brands in the industry that deals with the manufacture of washer dryer combo. We have notable brands that provide durable washing units.

Firstly, Do mini RV washer is highly portable, multi-purpose design, easy to set up and install and has easy to use controls. The Giantex washer dryer is lightweight and has a large capacity.

For the Della, the intuitive controls make your user experience more convenient with an increase of gentle washing.

Lastly, Splendide washer dryer is perfect for limited spacing and has an automatic lint removal feature.

02. How long will the RV washer dryer last?

Any device needs proper maintenance for it to offer longlasting service. When it comes to an RV washer dryer, proper use, storage and maintenance will guarantee an extended lifespan.

Some of the steps to follow are to check for any damages in the parts of the washing machine. Look for things like a heating element, inner tube, viewing window, outer body plus more.

Remember if you live any faulty parts unrepaired, the more damage it will cause to the entire unit. Most washers can go up to a decade if proper TLC is given.

03. How to maintain an RV washer dryer?

A washer dryer has an inbuilt vent that leads to the outside of your car which should be cleaned on a regular basis. By all means, avoid unscrewing the cover for you to work on the vent.

You might damage the holes. When cleaning the inside, ensure your unit is empty and set to off. Go to each part and see if any needs any repair or replacement.

Remember if you take care of your unit, it will take care of you back.

04. What type of RV Washer Dryer should I use in my RV?

A washer dryer works best in settings where space is limited. For instance for people who reside in small apartments, dorms and even in RVs, where an inch of the interior space counts. The two main types are a vented and a non-vented washer dryer. They are further subdivided into stackable and non-stackable washing units.

Remember that a vented washer dryer is commonly used in limited-spaced areas like apartments and RVs during the ventless by high-rise condos and apartments. The main difference between these two is the water and energy consumption.

The non-vented units take a considerable amount of time to dry garments and consume a lot of water as compared to the vented units. Always buy a unit that fits your needs without future regrets or expenses.

Final Verdict

House chores have become, and things like laundry should not give you a headache. The invention of washing machines is a plus but having one that fits in limited spacing is a notch higher.

An RV washer dryer combo has many advantages. Some of them include: Hands free washing action, saves time, energy and water consumption, easy to use, affordable, does not take too much storage space plus more.

The top 7 RV washer dryer combo units in our list have some outstanding features. For instance, water level controls, timer, automatic dials, spin dry and wash cycle and others. If you want to get the best out of your washing machine, ensure you perform regular cleanups and proper maintenance for long-lasting service.

Remember to check also the inner parts to see if any parts need repairs or replacement. Just pick one from the list, and you will get value for your money. A clean, fresh smelling laundry is definitely worth the money.

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