The Best RV Toilets for Campers in 2020

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Do you find yourself cringing at the thought of using a public restroom? Or worse going out at night to relieve yourself? Probably yes. Most people prefer using toilets in the comfort of their home and own convenience. In this guide, we are going to put more focus on RV owners and what can make their stay more enjoyable. The many inventions that are ideal for limited spacing are numerous including an RV toilet.

For more information on what a camping toilet is, its features, what to look for when making a purchase plus more information, read on.

Top 7 Best Toilets for RV/Trailer - Comparison

What is an RV Toilet Actually?

An RV loo is also known as a travel or camping toilet. They are ideal for people who love using their leisure time in the great outdoors but dislike using a public restroom or behind a bush. A travel toilet is compact to fit in all RV models. Remember that a van utilizes efficiently every inch of space.

Some camping toilets have porta potties with separate compartments. One for solids, and the other one for fluids. What makes most travel loos different is the features and the emptying process. Depending on the model you have, you can either empty outside the RV using a hose or manually to a waste dump site.

Also, the tanks have different functionalities including a gray water tank that holds water which drains from your bathroom sinks and kitchen, the black water tank will hold waste from the loo, and the freshwater tank will hold the water used in bathroom or kitchen.

The many benefits you get with this type of toilet are like convenience, ease of use, simple to zero installation. Easy cleanup plus more.

Here are the Top 9 Best RV Toilet Full Reviews

We have come up with the top best RV toilets currently in the market. They have exceptional features and offer numerous advantages. Let us look at each one of them more closely. They are as follows:

01) Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

If you love going for outdoor adventures, and hate using public restrooms, then Camco toilet seat is ideal. You get to have your bathroom at your convenience.

Also, this toilet can be in use for three days on a regular basis without any foul smells coming from it.

Furthermore, there are dissolving pouches or tablets that guarantee a fresh smelling atmosphere after every use without the need if using air fresheners.

The side latches strengthen the mechanism of your toilet by securing the tank into the best position.

Also, it adds a safety measure to prevent children or the vulnerable from slipping or harming themselves while using the loo. The side latches with the spring add more stability to the tank position for more user-friendly operation.

Moving an item from one area to the other should be less tiresome. With this toilet, it is inclusive of inbuilt handles that offer a natural lift, installation, and storage. The entire unit is light enough for a single individual to carry it effortlessly.

The above RV camping toilet has two tank capacity. The waste tank is detachable to give you a natural removal process while the flush tank uses water efficiently that can last for a couple of days. You can easily uninstall the waste tank once it needs emptying.

The sturdy construction offers extended performance. We recommend it as the best rv toilet. 

  • High-quality material used in manufacturing the product.
  • It is affordable.
  • Superior customer service.
  • A year’s limited warranty.
  • Beautiful and brilliant design – such that it facilitates easy transportation, installation, and
  • No leakage – due to the sliding gate valves.
  • No odor- prevented by the sliding gate valve.
  • Uncomfortable for tall people due to its height of only 12.5” – may feel like sitting on the ground. However, the remedy is to purchase a bigger version that is 16 inches tall.
  • Difficult to clean due to the interior angles.

02) Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

One of the best invention for an RV owner is a toilet seat that fits your space comfortably. With Nature's Head, your outdoor experience is taken to the next level. 

Firstly, it uses no water thus makes it perfect for dry camping and secondly, you can extend your outdoor stay for a couple of days, without filling the fresh water tank, or finding a waste dump site.

The above composting toilet has an inbuilt vent fan that allows the ait to smell better and fresher.

No more embarrassment of loo after use because the fan circulates the air to make it more breathable and with less odor.

Stainless steel is known for its premium performance. When you purchase this toilet, you have a durable design that can withstand harsh environments. Also, there are no rust and fading problems that other materials are prone to. Plus, you get a squeaky clean action with zero stains.

The above toilet is among the accessories that pride on having a unique design. The marine style adds an extra edginess beauty to your RV's interior design. Also, you get the feel of how the aquatic lifestyle is all about.

With a separate urine compartment, you get a comfortable cleaning, without worry of solid mix-up. What you need to do is to lift the seat and efficiently empty the contents. The urine catch works efficiently and offers more comfort use.

  • It has a comfortable full-size elongated seat making its use very comfortable.
  • Manufactured with stainless-steel hardware.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • Easy to clean with locally available products – water and white vinegar.
  • Approves a return policy.
  • It comes with a shorter vent hose than one may require.
  • Compared to other composting models, it is more expensive.
  • Two people can only empty it as it is too cumbersome for one person.
  • It is expensive
  • The bowl is not comfortable for use by adults.

03) Dometic 320 Series Standard Height Toilet, White

Editor Rating: 4.7/5

Looking for an upgrade over the traditional toilet? Then we have the perfect loo for you known as the Domestic 320 Series. What makes it stand out, is the bowl which is broader and elongated.

Thus, offers you more comfort and also the option to upgrade your seat if a standard model is not your preference.

Moreover, The presence of a side pedal is an improvement to the standard front-pedal design. Your foot will comfortably work the lever and not bang when turning around.

No more cases of scraped toes. The side pedal has two crucial functions. For water addition, you press partially, and for flushing, you press fully.

You can easily spot-clean as often as you prefer when you use the flushing pedal. It is less messy and more efficient unlike the use of a toilet brush. Also, the cleaning sprayer has a mount that allows you to attach it to your wall next to or near the toilet.

The lipped-bowl design together with the full-bowl swirling flush is an excellent improvement to the overall construction. The style offers maximum coverage and improved cleanup within the flush to prevent spills and messy splashes.

The unit above comes with clear and concise instructions. You get to understand the essential details about the use and how to maintain your item. It's another recommendation of the best rv toilets. 

  • Very appealing to the eyes.
  • Economical on water usage. It uses 0.5 liters per flush.
  • Very comfortable seat.
  • Durable and it does not get scratched even by rough substances.
  • Its glass ceramic finishing does not get stained. It always remains lustrous,
  • It has a rim that prevents splashing making it very convenient to use.
  • It uses gravity, unlike the other RV toilets that use pressure or vacuum.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Its water valve breaks frequently.

04) Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Model: 248 18 Liter with 2-level Indicators

Editor Rating: 4.4/5

Visa Potty offers a closer to home restroom experience. It offers the same height as your regular household restroom plus a comfortable seat.

Also, the mechanism helps to trap odor well as compared to other units. Furthermore, the durable construction can last for years if you maintain it properly and correctly.

With the large holding tank, you can comfortably last a week or more if 2-3 individuals use it regularly.

Other models have a small capacity which requires frequent emptying and cleaning of the waste tank, hence gets tiresome and frustrating.

What adds to your user-experience is a level indicator. Note that other units lack this feature. The level indicator helps you to know when the fluid level is almost full to avoid overflowing and guessing problems.

When a tank is full, it can cause a bit of splash and unpleasant smells which makes this unit an ideal toilet. Another feature is a removable spout storage compartment that easily detaches and attaches when in use.

Not only is it easy to empty when the tank is full but also gives you more user convenience. Having a bowl that is deep enough to accommodate any amount of solid is great functionality.

The deep bowl offers more comfort and with the lid that easily snaps close to prevent any vibration during movement. A sleek advances design ensures all the contents go all down when you flush thus easy to clean.

  • The above RV toilet is easy to use.
  • It is suitable for the disabled especially because of its height and very comfortable to use.
  • It is hygienic because most of its parts are detachable and works to prevent odors. Also, It is easy to clean.
  • Lid normally closed tightly to avoid noise when the vehicle is on
  • The rubber seal needs frequent replacement as it becomes quite weak and may result to waste leakages.
  • Sometimes gas may build in the waste tank and on emptying, it makes a scary explosion sound.

05) Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush/High Profile/Parchment

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

What can easily make your stay in your RV more comfortable is a toilet that functions as desired. Thetford prides on having a unique parchment color that is not only attractive but easy to clean. You get to have a fresh-looking environment and also a clean-smelling atmosphere.

The use of an advanced single-pedal system adds to the user experience. You can easily press the pedal halfway for water addition and press it fully to flush your unit. This feature provides maximum bowl coverage flush thus no visible contents remain inside the bowl.

A lid that has a textured surface feels good on the hands. It can resist scuffs and shed water efficiently. With this type of lid, you get comfort and a feeling of a household loo.

Also, the high profile design is ideal for a taller seating, and all models of RV's can comfortably accommodate this type of toilet. Moreso, this toilet bolts up properly and is easy to install.

Thetford measures 17.5 inches of plastic, which makes it a lightweight item. Its compact size makes this RV loo easy to use, install, clean and maintain. An individual can lift and move it without extra assistance.

Most toilets come only with white color, but with the above one, you get two color options; parchment and white. Both of these shades blend well with most of your RV's decor, are easy to clean, eye appealing and does not take much effort to clean.

  • This toilet is light in weight and hence can be fitted in smaller recreational vehicles.
  • It is easy to install, use and service. It has minimal maintenance costs.
  • The above loo is elegant and white.
  • It has a lid that prevents any water spillovers.
  • Its height makes it very comfortable to sit on.
  • Also, It occupies a very small
  • The bowl is quite shallow and therefore considered as not very comfortable.
  • The bowl is also smaller than usual and hence unsuitable for big bodied people.
  • It produces a backsplash.
  • A full flash is very noisy and can disturb people especially at night.

06) Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet, White

Editor Rating: 4.4/5

Domestic loo is an RV camping loo that feels like the standard household unit. It weighs just about 23.5 pounds and made of plastic. What makes the above unit a fave to many RV owners is the affordable price and comfortable portability. Also, it has a beautiful exterior look.

The above toilet has a bowl made of vitreous ceramic which offers a lot of advantages. For example, has a shiny surface which makes it more eye-appealing.

Also, the ceramic is rust-proof for extended service. Besides, after every use, you have a guarantee of an odorless atmosphere, and all the contents go down like a charm.

The swirl-jet operation flushes with power and cleans similar to a household toilet. Also, the advanced technology ensures your bowl wets evenly even under low pressure or the perfect flush. The mechanism offers you a quick and effective rinse every time you flush down your RV camping toilet.

Another notable feature is the ergonomic seat that measures 18 inches in height. Not only is it aesthetically appealing but also practical. You can sit comfortably as you handle your business without constantly positioning yourself. There are no squeaks, and the easy installation takes a few minutes.

Having a warranty that can go up to 2 years is an added user experience. You get to use your unit with a peace of mind. Also, within that warranty period, in case of malfunctions, you get a repair or replacement with zero questions asked. For these features, It's listed in our best rv toilet choices. 

  • It has a standard size which makes it very comfortable to use even for big bodied people.
  • It is easy to install and use.
  • Water efficient since it only uses one pint per flush.
  • It has a ceramic bowl which is easy to clean.
  • Light in weight hence it can be used in any recreational vehicle.
  • It is easy to repair, and spare parts are readily available.
  • Harsh detergents containing chlorine and caustic acid because they can damage the system.
  • From the customer reviews, many customers have complained about the poor packaging, and the toilet may arrive broken.

07) Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Hand Flush / High Profile / White - Thetford 31667

Editor Rating: 4.2/5

Thetford never disappoints in coming up with durable products. With this toilet, that has an ergonomic design, not only does it add to the beauty of your interior decor, but is also practical.

The numerous functions all work together in tandem to offer superior performance and also the entire unit is ideal for all RVs.

An item that uses a high profile construction adds extra height to your unit. For the above toilet, you get a taller seating height to ensure top-most comfort with the simple to use one-pedal flush or the hand flush.

Thetford features a single-handle flush that has two important functionalities. For you to add more water to the bowl, you need to press the handle flush halfway and press all through to flush.

The advanced system offers maximum bowl coverage flush for a quick and cleanse rinse.

Some toilets have lids that are made perfectly smooth. With this RV travel toilet, you get a unique textured lid that is still soft on the hands.

Also, it can resist scuffs and shed water efficiently thus value for your money. If you love efficiency in most basic things, then the hand sprayer guarantees efficient use of water. Also, it is ideal for a hand rinse especially in places where water is a problem. You should consider it as the best rv toilet as our recommendations.

  • The Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet is easy to install and use and can be fitted in any recreational vehicles.
  • It is economical on water consumption. It can also be fitted with a hand sprayer hence further reducing water use.
  • Also, It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The toilet’s height makes it comfortable and also very ideal for old people.
  • Extremely light in weight. It weighs 9.4lbs.
  • It is durable and of good quality.
  • Highly hygienic because it has a foot pedal.
  • Not all toilet cleaning detergents and brushes are suitable for this kind of toilet as they may cause abrasion.
  • The valve closes one way instead of two ways.

08) Leopard Outdoor T-Type Three Directional Flush Portable Travel Toilet for Camping, Boating, Hiking, Portable RV Toilets – 5.3 Gallon

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

Going out for an adventure or traveling using your RV is an epic experience. Things like restrooms should not be a problem. With Leopard outdoor RV restroom, you get not only value for your money, but also a premium performance.

The large waste tank capacity keeps you going on the road without frequent emptying to the waste site.

The strong and durable construction offers extended service. You can use your unit as frequent as possible and still your toilet will remain in top-notch shape. The polyethylene is a long-lasting and stain-free material.

Leopard travel toilet comprises of sturdy side latches which add more strength to your unit by securing the tank into the best position. 

For people who have children onboard, it adds much-needed safety measure to prevent children or the vulnerable from slipping or harming themselves while using the loo. The side latches come with springs that also add more stability to your unit's tank position.

The above RV loo has two tank capacity. Namely: a 5.3 waste tank and a 2.5-gallon fresh water flush tank. The flash tank can last for days without the need of refilling because the mechanism it uses offers water efficiencyWith the detachable waste tank, it offers you sufficient space to accommodate the contents and easy emptying and uninstalling process.

A sealed valve reduces leakage problems by more than 50%.  The way it works is by balancing the pressure to prevent any fluids from leaking and offering zero leakage.

Furthermore, it offers you a smell-proof atmosphere after every use, unlike other units.

  • Most parts are detachable making the cleaning process very easy.
  • It comes fully assembled by the manufacturer hence saving on time and connection errors.
  • Emptying the wastebasket is easy.
  • Hygienic in that most parts are detachable and easy to clean.
  • It comes fully assembled.
  • If the latch connecting the toilet and the waste bag is not connected well, the contents may spill.
  • It is not too comfortable for adults and is mainly suitable for children.

09) Thetford 92850 Porta Potti 320P Portable Toilet for RV, marine, camping, healthcare toddler training, trucks, vans

Editor Rating: 4.1/5

The above unit has an ergonomic design that allows both the adults and the kids to use it comfortably. There is no need to fix a kiddies potty every time he/she wants to use the toilet.

Also, the portability feature gives this unit more popularity among all generations, especially the RV owners.

Thetford boasts of a sealed valve that considerably reduces leakage problems by more than 50%. It balances the pressure to prevent any fluids-leakage and keeps odors in the holding tank.

To add on, you get a fresh-smelling environment after every use thus reduces the embarrassments caused by a smelly after-loo action.

The design of the seat is reliable and durable. A heavyweight person can comfortably use it without any squeaky noises.

The removable seat with a cover makes your cleaning more easy and straightforward. An indicator that clearly shows you the fluid level is a plus feature. Some units do not have this function which adds to overflowing issues. The level indicator lets you know when the fluid level is almost full for future emptying plans to take place.

Remember without this indicator, your tank might get full and during removal, cause a bit of splash and messy, smelly environment.

The bellows pump flush works great for every use. Together with the powerful flush pressure that covers the whole bowl, you get a clean and quick rinse.

  • The above RV toilet has a handle and weight that makes it very easy to carry.
  • This is easy to use and clean it up since most parts are detachable..
  • It is easy to empty the waste since you can dispose of in a toilet.
  • Also, Its size makes it easy to carry around. No need for special packaging.
  • The quality is excellent.
  • Mainly used by children because of the size and height.
  • Toilet paper clogs the system. So it is advisable to have another way of disposing of
  • It is expensive.
  • It is not easy to tell when it is full because it does not have an indicator and it also not possible to see the level of waste inside.

Here are Different Types of RV Toilets

There is a wide variety of travel toilet units, but not all are compatible with each RV model. The different and advanced functionalities including a pumping system, design, swirl-flush mechanism, bowl material and many make each unit unique.

When you want to purchase an RV loo, you have to double check and verify the model that fits your needs. For in-depth information on the various types of RV loos, this link provides more. We have the common types as follows:

01. Macerating Flush

Macerating toilets are also known as up-flush toilets. When you flush a household toilet, the waste goes through a trap all through a waste line to a septic tank or sewer. With this type of loo, they send the solid to a macerating unit found behind the toilet. The waste is pumped upwards after being broken down into more simple molecules.

The main advantage is that installation can be done anywhere no matter the availability of a drainage system or traditional plumbing. They are perfect for areas that had no intention of having a toilet like in an RV.

Another benefit they offer is portability. You can move them as often as often depending on your requirements.

02. Gravity Flush

A gravity flush mechanism utilizes water to make a flushing pressure to force out everything from the inbuilt tank and bowl via a trap-way. What completes the flush is a mechanism known as a siphoning action which in the process cleans the bowl.

One thing to note is that a gravity flush toilet is among the quietest flushing systems currently in the market.

03. Vacuum Flush

Vacuum flush toilets use suction to remove waste resulting in less use of water about 1.5 liters and below. Also, they offer the same comfort level as other toilets by saving water bills.

The top advantages of vacuum toilets are an odor-free environment, sanitary, high levels of water saving capabilities and easy installation process.

04. Portable Toilets

As the name portable, these toilets are highly mobile and very easy to install. You can comfortably fit it within minutes with no assistance. Some say they are a bit tiresome because they need frequent dumping, unlike the other units. While composting toilets have a separate solid and fluid system, these one lack one.

Luckily, you can quickly detach the toilet top that has the waste tank to offload to a waste site. The dumping process is very unappealing because of the raw sewage smell.

05. Cassette Toilets

A cassette toilet is generally found in limited spacing especially a smaller-sized vehicle like a van. The many advantages the above toilet offer are for example use of little water does not require a waste site to empty and affordable.

06. Composing Toilets

You might wonder what a composting toilet is and we are here to give you a clear definition and explanation. A composing camping toilet is a self-contained unit that does not use water. What makes it stand out from the rest is the mechanism to separate the fluids from the solids.

They are mostly used by RV owners, campers and in boats where there is low water supply. To demystify the myths on foul smell, this type of toilet is odor-free. Also, they use low power, no clogging issues, and very water efficient.

What’re the benefits of an RV toilet?

For an outdoor person, the outdoor experience is more than just a dull experience. Some people love the interaction of Mother Nature at its best, and things like restrooms should never be an issue. For an RV owner or places with limited spacing, an RV camping toilet is the best.

The numerous advantages these type of units offer are the main reasons why they have become popular globally. Let’s see the top benefits you get by using the above product. They are as follows:

A. Convenience

Most people dislike using public restrooms or going outside during the night. For an RV owner, an advanced toilet is perfect for the whole stay. Even for a camping or hiking adventure, you can relax because you have your restroom there at your comfort. The bathroom adds to your use convenience because it is easily accessible, simple to clean, and also affordable. 

Another reason is that they utilize water more efficiently.

B. Easy to use

It does not take rocket science for a person to use this type of toilet. It works exactly as the household loo. No significant difference except some advanced features like compact size, advanced mechanism and also price. Even both the young and the old can comfortably use it without any assistance.

The cleanup is, and with features like swirl-jet cleaning, mechanism adds to a perfect rinse.

C. Simple Installation

The installation is relatively easy, and an instruction booklet is included inside the unit’s package. The following are some of the steps of installing.

  • Ensuring the top surface of the floor flange is free of any debris or sealing
  • Inserting the two supplied T-bolts into the slots into the floor flange
  • Confirming that the floor flange seal is installed on the base of the toilet.
  • Carefully set the toilet over the floor flange aligning the holes in the toilet base with T-bolts as the bathroom is lowered onto the floor flange.

If you follow the above simple steps plus more, your installation will be a breeze.

D. Compact in Size

An RV loo has a small-sized design, unlike other household units. The compact size lets you to move quickly, install, clean, replace, repair and lift. Furthermore, it uses minimal setup or storage space, hence ideal in limited areas like apartments, dorms, condos and also RV.

Moreover, it can act as a nice gift especially for someone who owns an RV and love the out and about lifestyle.

E. Efficient Water Use

The water consumption rate is critical inside an Rv. With this type of toilet, the fresh water tank capacity can hold the water for a few days after numerous use. Some units only use a pint of water per flush.

The RV travel loo is ideal for an area where there is no steady supply of water.

F. Safe and Secure

If you purchase any product from your local store or online shop, you want a safety measure. Most manufacturers only release items to the marketplace after numerous testing on the safety and security measures.

An RV loo has some notable features that offer maximum security. For instance, the side latches that strengthen the mechanism of your toilet by adequately securing the tank into the best position. Not only that but also prevents children or the vulnerable from slipping or harming themselves while using the loo.

Also, the integrated handles ensure that using and moving your unit is comfortable. The handles are soft on the hands, comfortable to use and perform as expected. With these two advanced functionalities, and advanced mechanism you get a safe and secure performance.

Things to Consider before Buying the perfect RV toilet

Toilets have varying shapes, types, and features. One unit will offer a different advantage as compared to the other one. When you look at the price range, you will be amazed to see how affordable camping toilets are and still offer excellent service.  

Moreover, the model of an RV bathroom will determine how it will fit perfectly in your RV during installation.

Remember to not only buy because of beauty effects but also for practicality. What follows are things you need to consider as an RV owner when purchasing the perfect RV travel toilet.

01. Purpose

I know when you go to buy a product, there is a purpose behind it. You have clear intentions of what the product will offer and how long you intend to use it.

Also, if you want to install a camping toilet, you consider the number of people that will make use of it and how frequent.

Remember to check your requirements against the benefits to see if the model fits your specifications.

02. Hygiene

Hygiene is very crucial when using utilities like a toilet. With an RV loo, there are steps you should use to get maximum sanitation. Firstly, check to see if there is a flush system that flushes all the solids down without leaving any residue. This will ensure you have an easy and cringe-free cleaning.

Also, check the material the bowl is made of. Most people prefer porcelain because it rinses well and is stain-free. Moreover, check for features that improve sanitation like a foot pedal where you won’t need to touch the lever with your hands.

03. Comfort

A camping toilet should be able to offer you maximum comfort. The different features that guarantee this are like a side pedal which allows you to use your foot effortlessly, an elongated seat that gives you enough sitting space, a separate urine chamber that offers a fast and straightforward cleanup due to no solid and fluids mix-up.

The features plus more increase your user experience and also ensure use is smooth.

04. How easy to install it?

Most individuals think installing a toilet in an RV is a complex and lengthy process. Fortunately, most of the units on our list are easy to install, and the following steps give a straightforward process.

  • Make sure the top surface of the floor flange is clean and free of any debris or sealing
  • Insert the two supplied T-bolts into the slots into the floor flange
  • Verify that the floor flange seal is installed on the base of the toilet and carefully set the toilet over the floor flange aligning the holes in the toilet base with T-bolts as the bathroom is lowered onto the floor flange.
  • Toilet base does not rest entirely on the floor yet; the floor seal must be compressed using the following steps :
  • Install the floor mounting washers onto the T-bolts and carefully tighten. Take caution not to overtighten. Alternate between sides during tightening to prevent distortion of the toilet base. When tight the base should be securely attached and flat against the floor.
  • Attach the bolt covers onto the nuts
  • Connect the water supply line and turn the water on
  • Flush the toilet several times and check for any leaks

05. Optional Amenities

A useful feature that adds more convenience has to be a spray faucet. The sprayer gives you an easy spot-clean action as frequent as you desire. No more worry of residue left inside the bottom of the bowl after every flush. With this faucet, you have a less messy and effective cleaning.

Also, a level indicator comes in handy. It shows you the fluid level to prepare you for future or an immediate waste tank emptying. With this function, together with other parts, you can avoid unpleasant smells due to a full waste tank.

06. Cheap Price

The amount of a product affects the performance and service provision. Note that cheap does not necessarily mean low quality, but it is better to go for a pricey item that has excellent reviews.

Most renowned products from well-established brands have affordable pricing. There are a variety of RV camping toilets to choose from with different range.

Choose one that has the features you are looking for to avoid any future disappointments and losses.

07. The time of use

How you use and the number of times you have to flush down your toilet is a crucial factor. If you frequently use the loo, the waste tank will fill up more quickly as compared to a person who only uses for an outdoor trip, camping or hiking.

Remember, the more use, the more trips to the waste dump site.

08. Space

An Rv utilizes every inch of space effectively. If you own the smaller-sized cars, check the model and toilet’s dimensions. It will be a disappointment if you have to alter the installation space only to find out your newly purchased unit does not fit.

The frequent trips to public restrooms can get tiresome, unappealing and inconvenient. The key reason why RV owners prefer using camping toilets is that of their compact size. They can almost fit anywhere with a simple and straightforward installation.

09. Users

If you are only two individuals, a freshwater tank can last for days in frequent use. If you have more people using the toilet, you need to consider buying a unit that has a larger capacity. Not only for the freshwater but also the waste tank.

A larger waste tank will hold more solids and fluids to reduce frequent emptying and visits to the waste dumping area.

10. Flushing System

Lastly, how your unit flushes is a significant determinant of the cleaning and water use process. With features like a side pedal, your foot will comfortably work it and not bang when turning around. Not only that but if you want more water you press partially, and for flushing, you press fully.

Also, a full-bowl swirling flush and the swirl-jet mechanism you get 100% maximum coverage and an improvement to the cleaning process. The advanced technology ensures your bowl wets evenly even under low pressure for the perfect flush. with this technology, you have a quick and effective rinse every time you flush down your RV restroom.

Frequently Asked Questions for RV Toilet

01. How to maintain an RV Toilet?

Every gadget or product you use has a maintenance policy. The more you take care of your toilet, the better it will serve you. The various parts that a toilet has have to be properly used and maintained. For instance, the bowl should be frequently cleaned. Most toilet bowls are made of ceramic which offers a clean rinse.

Also, to use just enough force or pressure when handling both the hand and foot flush pedals. Other parts are the seal valve, lid, level indicator plus more. Remember to avoid using caustic cleaner in your toilet's bowl because it makes the valve seal sticky.

02. How long will it last?

An RV camping toilet can give you extended service for years. It all depends on how well you use your unit and perform the necessary maintenance. Some units go up to a decade without repair or frequent replacements.

Check the parts to see if they need cleaning, repair or replacement. It is better to solve the issue earlier to avoid replacing the entire unit.

03. Do I need to do anything to save an RV toilet?

There are different parts that an RV travel toilet has and the most commonly affected one is the valve sea. Follow these simple steps to ensure you do not replace your whole unit. Find a silicone plumbing solution or grease and set it near your RV portable toilet.

First, you need to apply it to the valve seal after every use to keep it sleek and supple. The reason for this is that it keeps odors inside the tank instead of inside your RV, makes sealing better, and reduces wear and damage to the lever mechanism. If you notice the sal sticking even after lubrication, make an immediate replacement.

Note that it is cheaper and easier to replace a valve seal than your entire toilet because of lever malfunctions.

04. How can I install an RV toilet as an expert?

People tend to think installing an RV mobile toilet is difficult. That's not the case if you follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure the top surface of the floor flange is clean and free of any debris or sealing
  • Insert the two supplied T-bolts into the slots into the floor flange
  • Verify that the floor flange seal is installed on the base of the toilet and carefully set the toilet over the floor flange aligning the holes in the toilet base with T-bolts as the toilet is lowered onto the floor flange.
  • Toilet base does not rest completely on the floor yet; the floor seal must be compressed using the following steps:
  • Install the floor mounting washers onto the T-bolts and carefully tighten. Take caution not to over tighten. Alternate between sides during tightening to prevent distortion of the toilet base. When tight the base should be securely attached and flat against the floor.
  • Attach the bolt covers onto the nuts
  • Connect the water supply line and turn the water on
  • Flush the toilet several times and check for any leaks

05. When should I replace an old RV toilet?

Replacing an old toilet is what most users dread of. It can take a toll on someone who feels the service was short-lived. But remember, all products have a lifespan which is inevitable. If you have done numerous repairs and still your unit malfunctions, it is a sure sign of a replacement.

Also, if you use more money for repairs rather than the service itself, a replacement is a good idea. Never overuse your item for too long if its causes more disservices to you.

Final Words

If you love going out for road trips, camps, hiking plus more outdoor adventures, you want the experience to be stress-free. Things like restrooms should be least of your concerns if you have an RV washroom.

The main reason why this unit has become more popular over the years is that most people hate using public restrooms and stepping outside during the night. The main advantages this toilet offers is freedom, comfort, peace of mind, odor-free atmosphere, simple installation, and easy cleanup.

With this pro plus notable features like a deeper bowl for more comfort, dissolving tablets that guarantee a fresh-smelling atmosphere, level indicators, and ergonomic design add to your user.

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