The Best RV Tire Protectants in 2020

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Are you afraid of being left on the side of the road with a blowout? A common cause is the sudden failure of your tires because the material has broken down. Fine cracks turn into fissures that let the tire blowup or divide in half while you’re driving down the highway.

In other cases, premature aging of tires forces you to pay for a new set before you can go on your trip certain that you’re safe.

However, there are ways to protect the tires, extending their driving life and minimize the odds of a catastrophic failure. And the best option is to apply RV tire protectant to your tires regularly.

Let’s look at some of the best RV tire protectant products on the market today. 

Top 5 Best Tire Protectant for RV - Comparison

What is an RV Tire Protectant?

RV tires too often don’t get attention unless they’re flat or otherwise damaged. Carrying a spare allows you to have a replacement. However, you should consider getting RV tire protectant to reduce the odds that the tire goes flat.

RV tire protectant is a chemical applied to the tire to prevent sunlight and chemicals in the air from breaking down the rubber tread. It won’t protect the tire from broken glass, nails in the road, or the damage caused by hitting a curb too hard. Tire protectant won’t protect the tire from standard wear and tear, and it won’t repair the cracked material.

However, it will protect the tire from cracking and deterioration as it sits in storage for the winter. And it will extend the life of tires on an RV you only drive to a few campsites each year. It is especially effective in preventing sidewall failures that tend to be due to material deterioration instead of punctures and excessive wear.

Tire protectant is essential for RV spare tires that are otherwise at risk of falling apart while it sits in a storage bin until you need it. This is why RV tire protectant should be considered an investment in the life of your tires and your peace of mind.

01) 303 Products Model 30387 1 Pack Tire Balm and Protectant 

Editor Rating: 4.4/5

This RV tire protectant has water-based chemistry. It won’t make a massive mess when you apply it. For example, the “sling free” formulation means it won’t fly off the tires when you start driving. You can use any tire applicator pad or cloth to apply it to your tires. 

It won’t create a chemical fog you’d be afraid to inhale. It won’t leave an oily puddle you could slip on as the spray mist settles on the ground. And it won’t alter the traction your tires have on the road.

Regular applications will protect the tires from fading, cracking and dry rot. This RV tire protectant is unusual in that you can apply several layers intentionally to create a shine that will last for weeks. 

If you apply two or more coats, it could last up to three weeks. You do need to remove any of the tire protectant from the rims or wheel well.

However, if you want a “tire shine” product, other products are a better choice. That is partially due to the 303 tire balm rinsing off in a discolored mess on exposure to rain.

A minor issue with this product is that there isn’t a sprayer to make application as simple as possible. 

  • Won’t make a mess once you start driving
  • Can double as a tire shine 
  • Not the best option if you want a “tire shine” 
  • Can’t be sprayed on 

02) 303 Brand Model 30382 UV Protectant for Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic, Tires and Finished Leather, 16 fl. Oz

Editor Rating: 4.6/5

One point in favor of this tire protectant is that it can be used to protect nearly everything you own from sun damage.

You can apply it to your motorcycle tires without worrying about it damaging the leather seats or your chaps. 

You can spray it on RV tires to prevent oxidation from exposure to sunlight, and you can do the same with your plastic tarps and awnings.

Also, you're able to apply it to plastic chocks, wheel covers and plastic toys to protect their color from fading and plastic from oxidation. It is safe to use inside your car. 

For example, you can apply it to your car’s dashboard and windshield wires.

The only things it can’t be used on are fabrics like clothing and canvas, flooring materials like wood or linoleum floors, and unfinished leather like suede.

A side benefit of this product is that it resists dirt and grease, making it easier to clean surfaces in the future. This is the best RV tire protectant for those who want to have one protectant spray to apply to almost anything and everything.

The water-based formula has a matte appearance after you apply it to your trailer tires or RV. It won’t leave a greasy residue on anything. The spray bottle that comes with this RV tire protectant is easy to apply. A common complaint is that the spray bottle head leaks. 

One downside is that it starts to discolor after two to three weeks of exposure to the elements. That means you have to wash it off and reapply it in order to see the long-term benefits. 

  • Can be used on almost anything in your RV and car 
  • Protects against dirt and grime as well as UV
  • Easy to apply via sprayer 
  • Discolors quickly 
  • Spray dispenser often leaks 

03) Tire Protectant, Aircraft Grade Rubber Tire Care Conditioner by Aero Cosmetics, 32oz

Editor Rating: 4.4/5

This tire protectant by Aero Cosmetics is designed for aircraft tires. One benefit of that fact is that it comes in a massive 32 ounce bottle. The tire protectant not only protects tires from oxidation and sunlight but dirt and grime as well. 

It restores the shiny black appearance of tires without leaving behind a sticky surface that attracts stains. If you apply it to a floor matt, it could make things a little slippery.

This tire protectant can be used on nearly any plastic or rubber item. You can apply it to RV tires or Trailer tires, weather stripping and plastic tarps.

It lasts longer than some of the other RV tire protectants; it won’t start to turn brown for nearly a month. 

This isn’t a tire cleaner, only a protective agent. This product works best after you’ve washed the material with soap, let it dry, and then applied the tire protectant with a damp cloth.

You should wipe off the protectant from wheel wells and chrome. 

  • Aircraft grade 
  • Good overall value 
  • More effort to apply than average 

04) New Solutionz Advanced Water-Based Tire Shine Protectant for a Long Lasting

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

This tire protectant by New Solutionz creates a highly glossy shine. It won’t discolor in a week or two. It won’t fade in just a few days. Every application creates a bright, shiny surface that lasts a long time. 

You can apply it with a brush, sprayer or sponge and it goes on fast thanks to the water-based formula. You only need to apply a single layer.

This combined with the large bottle means a single container will last a long time. It won’t fly off the tire when you drive away.
It is designed as a tire shine first, UV protectant second.

The silicone emulsion provides a modest protective benefit.

  • An easy to use tire shine product 
  • Good overall value 
  • Moderate UV protection 

05) Tire Shine and Protectant Spray by Ultra Rosso 

Editor Rating: 4.2/5

If you want a combination tire shine and protectant spray, this product by Ultra Rosso is probably the best choice for you. It protects tires from dirt and grime in addition to ultraviolet radiation.

You get a relatively large nearly 19 ounce bottle. The fact that you don’t have to apply several layers means a single bottle lasts a long time.

The spray on applicator doesn’t have a reputation for leaking like one of the other options on this list. The downside is that it loses its shine after a few days.

You can’t amplify the effect by adding several layers. 

  • A combination protective layer and tire shine 
  • Good overall value 
  • Doesn’t shine for long


RV tire protectants may only prevent the tires from breaking down on exposure to chemicals and sunlight. Others make the tires shine while protecting it, though this may take more work.

A few products can be used on a variety of items you own, including the RV tires. Understand what you want so that you can choose the RV tire protectant that is right for you. 

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