The Best RV Tire Covers in 2020

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Just like the name suggests (best rv tire covers), recreational vehicle (RV) is meant to offer absolute comfort and full enjoyment. Unfortunately, this does not result in only the cozy seats and the elegant design of both its interior and exterior construction. The tire status is of essences and contributes adamantly to the general safety of your travel.

As strong as they appear, many car owners believe, tires are ultimately solid in structure and would only succumb to wear and tear after a long term of use or sharp piercings. Well, the truth is that there are just more than these two. Did you know that the sunlight can be of significant harm to your tires? Yes, it can.

Sunlight plus other chemicals in the car parks/ garages can slowly and eventually weaken your tires only to burst out unexpectedly. The following review gives you more detail on why, how and probably when you should use a tire cover for your recreational vehicles.

Top 3 Best Rated RV Tire Covers - Comparison

Here are the Top 7 Best RV Tire Covers Full Review

Below is a detailed review of the top seven RV Tire Cover which guarantees the best performance for a long duration. The list is created after doing a research deeply. So you can go ahead for one of them with 100% confidence. 

01) Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel & Tire Protector, two pack (30 inches-32 inches, White)

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

From its name description, this fantastic RV tire cover offers ultimate coverage for entire tire section. Its uniquely robust design composing of Vinyl material gives it a more practical look and strong life experience.

Camco 45323 is an exclusive cover which shields the tires from excessive heating from the sun, the harmful UV light, corrosion from chemicals and dirt in the parking area.

From its dimensional details, the cover perfectly accommodates RV tires of about 30 to 32 inches. Finding the original make and a perfectly fitting protector offers you more significant and useful services which last for a pretty long time. The white tire cover is straightforward to install – it will only take a moment of your time.

It's a waterproof tire cover. Rainwater or any other can be very harmful to the general make structure of the tire. Some of them contain chemical elements which weaken the tire’s structure increasing its chances of giving in to bursting or weak piecing.

  • Fits tires from 30"-32."
  • Camco 45323 offers ultimate protection for the tire as well as wheels against sun, corrosion, dirt, and all other harsh weather elements at the parking space.
  • Durable and compact: The structural design of the Camco 45323 consist of Vinyl material which is both sturdy and highly durable.
  • Has both strap and Buckle design which allows for easy installation and uninstallation. They ensure tight coverage of all sections.
  • Anti-scratching: The sturdy and durable structure of the Camco 45323 cover allows no scratches marks are forming on it thus maintaining its attractive look always. 
  • Clients complain of the 2-3 inches space at the bottom side of the wheel when covered. The sun sometimes finds its rays hit the tires.

02) Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe RV Wheel Cover, Wheels 24" - 27" Diameter, 8.5" Tire Width Snow White

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

A classic fit fabric, perfect for your RV tire coverage is found precisely with the Classic Accessories is the very best choice. It combines all the effectiveness, durability and flexibility needful for a properly functioning cover.

The OverDrive Delux RV Wheel Cover comes in various sizes accustomed to a wide variety of tires.

Its general material is the smooth and robust Vinyl material which allows no scratching and are very easy to wipe clean.

Most parking sections are typically prone to adverse conditions which affect the performance or the neatness level of the tire plus the wheel. 

However, with this cover, you will always have your RV tire ultimately shielded from the harsh weather conditions like the snow, excess heat, rains among many other.

The Classic covers are available in multiple sizes hence you can always find a perfect fit for your RV wheels. Its design consists of a soft, anti-scratch surface plus a Rugged Wipe-clean Vinyl material which maintains its general appealing appearance.

The OverDrive Delux comes with two different eyelets on every cover that secures the bottom flap in a bid to enhance better appearance. It is a practical bag which protects the wheel against harsh weather conditions, dirt, corrosives and many others which may be of significant harm to the wheel.

  • Diameter: The Fits wheel diameters of 26.75"-29."
  • 8.5" Tire Width,
  • The OverDrive Delux comes with a full year warranty that comes with full support
  • Its installation procedure is fast and straightforward. It only involves a slip-on fit procedure.
  • Each of its packages consists of a Four wheel covers
  • The cover can easily be folded to a more compact size, practical for storage.
  • Its cover comes with an Elasticized back panel which enhances secure fit.
  • Grommets falling out cases, during the attachment of lines have transpired among some clients.
  • Eventually wears out

03) TCP Global Set of 4 Canvas Wheel Tire Covers for RV Auto Truck Car Camper Trailer Fits 27.5" to 31" Diameter

Editor Rating: 4.4/5

The Auto Truck Car Camper Trailer cover is one of the top RV covers available in the market. The cover forms a perfect shielding for both the wheel and the tire from the harsh environmental conditions such as excessive heating, snow, corrosion or dirt among many others.

This brand comes in a ready to use state, with unique features including flaps which ensures full protection and safety of your wheel.

It is ideal for a Set of 4 Canvas Wheel Tire found mainly in trailers, and other large RVs. It can accommodate larger diameter wheels of the dimensional diameter of between 27.5" to 31".

Despite being designed with high-quality material which enhances its durability, the Set of 4 Canvas Wheel Tire Covers comes with a warranty. Depending on the manufacturer, you will always get more information on how to utilize it.

  • It offers ultimate protection to tires and wheels from UV damages, rust as well as dirt whenever your RV is parked.
  • It comes with a warranty package which lasts long enough depending on the manufacturer's terms and conditions
  • The cover sufficiently Fits Up to 9" Deep-Wide Tires
  • Wire embedded rod is sewn into a shelter for form-fitting onto the tire
  • Durable, Thick and Breathable Canvas fabric
  • Easy to install and to remove
  • The cotton made fabric is never a better waterproof and at times allows water to reach the tires
  • Some clients complain of its thin size and general cheapness which makes a non-durable cover

04) Camco 45345 Vinyl Spare Tire Cover (28 inches, White)

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

Price: Check on Amazon

A quick and effective way to sharpen up the look of your RV is through the use of the Camco 45345 Vinyl Spare Tire Cover will be the very best and recommendable way.

It fits appropriately and perfectly onto wheel and tires of 28 inches diameter giving ultimate protection against all sought of dirt, harmful UV light from the sun, corrosives as well as rainwater.

Its installation process is quite simple and straightforward. However, you only need to ensure your wheel is of 28 inches, diameter for proper fit.

The cover structure exhibit toughness and general sturdiness from the vinyl material which gives it a longer life. Hence, despite the prevailing weather conditions the Camco 45345 Vinyl Spare Tire Cover will have your RV tires and wheels entirely protected. 

Its design composes of heavy nylon threat material which effectively ensures absolute proofing of harsh weather conditions. The cover can effectively guard entire wheel and tires against rain, dirt and strong sunlight.

  • The cover fits perfectly, tires of diameters of 28" and can extend to accommodate those with up to 29.06" inches.
  • Its smooth faces are easy to clean – can wipe-clean
  • Configurable high/ low-pressure
  • The cover has a sturdy, lasting design from the sturdy vinyl and nylon threads used in its construction. 
  • Relatively cheap compared to other covers under the same category
  • The package comes with a full year warranty allowance which is fully supported by the manufactures
  • Weakens after some time and allows water to reach the wheels and the tires
  • Clients reports of broken sections such as of the Elastic cord. Hence it brings lots of inconveniences when stitching the cover for proper fitting.

05) Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Wheel Covers, Wheels 27" - 30" Diameter, 8.75" Tire Width, Grey

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

The best and sure way you can go about shielding your RV from harmful weather conditions is by the use of the Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Wheel Covers.

The cover has a unique, exclusive design consisting of a sturdy vinyl material which offers absolute proofing against dirt, corrosives, rain and intense sun rays among many other potential tire damages.

The Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Wheel Covers ensures your tires remain free from cracking, fading as well general weakness which may cause unfortunate busting.

This model comes with a customized fit for many tires. Thus you will always find your most preferred size. It comes with an Elasticized Back Panel which ensures proper fitting of the cover to offer more secure protection.

Its installation process is more relaxed as it only involves slipping on and off in case of removal. Equally, its removal method only requires sliding off – a process which takes a moment of your time.

  • The Accessories OverDrive RV Wheel Cover is easy to install and remove as it only involves slipping in and sliding off the cover.
  • It is highly durable and long lasting from the high-quality vinyl material used in its construction
  • It has soft, wipe clean surface which makes it an easy to clean product
  • Has an Elasticized Back Panel which ensures correct fitting to offer more secure protection.
  • Shields the wheels and the tire effectively from the scorching sun, dirt, rain and other harsh weather elements
  • Some covers of these model are said not to fit correctly – Some of their diameter dimensions are not exact
  • The open bottom section of the cover allows sun ray to reach the tire in some cases.

06) ADCO 3960 Designer Series Tan Tyre Gard Wheel Cover,36" - 39"

Editor Rating: 4.2/5

It is with ADCO 3960 Designer Series Tan Tyre Gard Wheel Cover that you find traditional strength & quality, precise fit and exceptional protection all in one.

The cover comes superior with exquisite features which gives it a longer life while offering desirable and practical service.

Tires are prone to slow but active damages from adverse weather conditions such as snow, and storms among many other. 

However, with the Designer Series Tan Tyre Gard Wheel Cover, you will always have your wheels and tires entirely protected from all those including dirt and UV rays.

The cover accommodates wheel diameter of between 36 inches and 39 inches. For a perfect fit, always be sure of the correct size of your tire. Otherwise, the installation process is ordinarily smooth and direct – you will only have to slip-on and slip off.

This model has a tradition of high excellence since the commencement of its production in 1955. It is construction material consist of a vinyl material which offers durability and variety to the cover.

  • Precise fit: Ultra Tyre Guards has a Patented Bungee-ball Rear Buckle System with reinforced brass grommets which offer perfect fitting and guards against blow-away by the wind.
  • Easy to clean surface – merely wipe and Highly durable from its sturdy structure.
  • Absolute protection: The flannel-backed vinyl is liquid proof and guards against UV light plus other harsh weather conditions.
  • Can be used to guard stored tires
  • Clients report cases of incorrect diameter sizing. They indicate 39 inches while in real essence it doesn’t fit that measure and often requires lots of stretching.
  • Some complaint of it to be of smaller and non-effective thickness.

07) ABN Canvas Wheel Covers - 32 Inches, Set of 4, Best for RV, Car, Camper, Trailer, Truck, SUV

Editor Rating: 4.0/5

Auto Body Now (ABN) is a certified and highly reputable company producing high-quality auto products. Now with their Canvas Wheel Covers, they have improved the service length of wheels and tires. 

The cover provides an all-around all time protection for not only the RV but trailers, cars, Trucks, and SUVs among many others.

It has a professional design look and comes with ultimate features which ensure perfect secure fit, durability, and ease of cleaning.

The cover guards against lots of damaging tire elements such as dirt, UV rays, dust, rain, snow among many other that thrive best when your vehicle is parked.

The 32 inches cover, offers proper shielding for a set of four wheels ensuring no section of them gets exposed to damaging wheel elements.

The cover is available three main sizes which include:

  1. 29” (fits 27”-30” tire diameter)
  2. 32” (fits 31” - 33” tire diameter)
  3. 42” (fits 40 - 42” diameter)
  • Comes with a zinc-coated hoop sewn which maintains it in a proper shape
  • Highly durable from the quality materials, vinyl and zinc coating which forms its structure
  • Has a brass look which offers better fastening
  • Easy to install
  • Covers all the sections of the wheel
  • It sturdy soft and smooth canvas fabric makes it an easy to clean product.
  • Formation of mildew and molds is typical with the cover especially when they get wet on the back side of the wheel. This occurrence gives it an ugly look, and worse of it may start peeling off.
  • Sometimes it faces pocking out of the frame wire which forms the canvas arch.

What is the Best RV Tire Cover?

RV tire cover is one of the most beneficial tire gear your vehicle needs to enhance durability. It is an exclusive cover made of vinyl texture that shields against the harmful UV light, dirt, corrosion as well as other chemicals in the parking garage.

It is usually a durable, long-lasting material which offers lots of flexibility of its use. The cover performs best under all types of weather conditions for a quite long time. Again, from its quality structural features, such as the elastic pocket on its top, the cover offers a snugly fit on the wheels or tires which adds to the general coverage area it provides.

Among the critical features includes the easy installation and uninstallation procedures which make it quite easy for new users. Its ant-scratch nature keeps it more decent and useful in its performance. Additionally, its waterproof design not only protects the tires from rainwater but also, any wet environment as it covers the entire tire.

RV tires are relatively expensive and unique in their general design thus frequently buying may never be economically worth. The RV covers provide excellent protection that ultimately shields your tires from any damages which only reduces their lifespan.

What're the reasons to invest in an RV tires cover?  

In this economic hardship times, time and money are very critical elements. RV tire covers are such items which you need to spend only once on them and have it serve you better than others.

Here are key reasons as to why RV tires cover re the best to invest in;


The best RV tire covers offer a multi-use choice are never strictly for the RVs. The can perfectly fit the 5th wheels as well as the travel trailers. Additionally, the cover’s multi-use nature reflects in its viable protection from excess sunlight heat, harmful UV light, snow, and rain among much other environmental quality and state.

The above-listed elements cause weakening or corrosion to the tire thus making it give in eventually to easy and unexpected busting. This destruction often occurs in bits and finally becomes big.


 It structural design consist of sturdy, wipe-clean vinyl, of top-notch quality thus offering high durability.

They can keep your tires safe from harmful UV light, wetness, dirt, corrosion and additional moisture for an extended period. However, depending on the type of manufacturers, the durability of these covers varies from one brand to the next. Better models will always offer you more service duration.

Sometimes, it depends on the conditions you have exposed.


Scratches can be annoying on whatever surface. They often make faces appear ugly and unamiable. However, the RV tire covers offer none of such. Instead, they have a very soft and smooth surface that isn’t vulnerable to scratches.

Enhances neat appearance:

Everybody admires the beauty, and this is what the RV tire cover ultimately offers. It comes with a good looking design appealing to many – Especially with its rear eyelets; the shelter provides a secure bottom flap tremendously.

Features waterproofed surfaces:

Rainwater which falls on the tires sometimes carries with it chemical elements which imposes corrosive harm to the tires. Often, the effect usually is slowly experienced, and if you are not the keen driver, then you will be surprised of the extent of the damage when your car tire burst to excessive heating, weakening of the tires’ structure.

However, the RV tire covers come unique with both chemical and waterproof feature which grants safety to the tires. Thus, you may have your vehicle parked in the snow, intense sunlight, and all sort of harsh environment and it safely stays with no cause an alarm.

Easy installation:

Installation procedure of these covers is easy and straightforward. The process involves merely inserting the tire inside an appropriately fitting cover. Ensure it covers all the sections to offer an all-round shielding allowance.

Equally, if you wish to remove it, the process is still merely and will only take a few moments of your time.

Remember, there are both the bag style and the shield style covers. Installing a bag style cover is more direct as it involves inserting the entire tire in a bag like cover container. Otherwise, for the shield style type, only the front section is covered.
  • Reasonable pricing: Different RV tire covers sell at different prices in the market. The pricing, however, depends on several factors relating to the performance level of the product. However, according to various retail pricing, the RV tire covers sell at reasonable prices.

Things to Consider before Buying A Perfect RV Tire Covers

As much RV Tires Cover have very few features worth consideration while buying, there are very few key ones worth considering. These include the following points discussed below;


Before settling on any tire cover, the size factor of it contributes a lot to ones’ final purchasing decision. Choosing the wrong size, either smaller or larger can be very inconveniencing. Some of its sections will remain folded in no beautiful pattern.

On the other hand, when it covers too small, fitting a bigger tire may never be possible. If any case, you might get the cover tearing if you force its fit using some sharp piercing tools. Tire sizes can always be measured. However, more often you will find this dimensional measurement noted by the manufactures on the tire sides.

Always be keen to find out right sizes of your tires before purchasing any cover. Otherwise, you will be risking your investment when you buy unfitting covers.


Type of the RV tire cover is another critical factor worth considering when it comes to choosing the right protection.  The RV tire covers offer two main options of these covers you can always wish. The first selection has its structure designed with rigid materials of either molded plastic or stainless steel or both.

It offers protection by its two main working parts, the face, and a ring wrap. The face plate covers the front sections of the tire and the wrap ring, the round sections of the wheel hence offering a total shielding.

Additionally, this cover selection comes with a unique latch that helps in fastening the cover in its rightful place. As such, it, therefore, offers a high level of security and general protection of your spare tire.

The second choice cover is the soft vinyl. Its installation process is easy and straightforward. You only need to wrap it around your tire and then fasten the back by using a cord of elastic structure.

Lots of high-end covers under this selection exist in the market and often comes with an interior felt pads. The pro point about this pad is the masking nature that holds it against your RV tires thus offering more protection to it and in such a way increases its durability.

Out of the two, it is now your choice to have the right selection you need.


Today market has no shortage of various RV tire cover types sold out by lots of retailers. As much as you would like to buy the covers from your nearest shop, it is always worth considering the legitimacy as well as the reputations of the shops especially if you are a first time customer.

Shops with high reputations and ratings are known to sell original cover models which will indeed offer you exceptional service you intended.

Otherwise, if you prefer shopping online, considering other customers reviews is always helpful and of great essence. It is from there that you will find out the best retailers you buy from legitimate and high-quality items.


Price dictates whether or not you are going to buy a particular product. Often, we go for those products fitting within our budget. Like every product in the market, RV tire covers offer different prices. The situation mainly depends on various features they are constructed with or designs they are made.

In most cases, reliable and convenient brands go for much higher prices in comparison to the rest. Therefore, when shopping for one, ensure you go for the best that measures your budget yet very efficient.


Investing in an extended lasting tire cover saves you time and money. Always ensure to choose those covers made from high-quality materials, those that are easy to maintain and clean. In better cases, they should be waterproof to shield against rains and corrosive chemical spillages.

In general, the cover should have a tough texture to protect against all sought of scratches which may weaken its performance.

Extra Features

Apart from the standard/ essential features found in most RV tire covers, there are also special ones only found in some. For instance, there are those that come with unique graphical designs which you may want to select.

Also, there are those covers with elastic top cover and drawstring at their bottom sections. Both offers grip that tightens up the entire coverage. Remember some of your parking areas might be windy, and elements of blowing away the loosely fitted cover may occur. However, when fastened enough, no any of such will be witnessed.

How to use an RV tires cover look like an Expert?

RV tires cover the only exit for a single reason which entails offering protection to the tires. These covers exist in different shapes and sizes which makes every one of them unique for particular tire designs. Equally, they also come in varied graphical designs on them hence you can always choose your preferred most. Otherwise, if you do not like the models there exists the plain ones which are equally very useful and descent.

The installation and removal procedures of these covers are generally quick and easy. All you need to do is find an appropriate fitting cover which then you use to fit the tire in, ensuring proper coverage of all the sides and front sections.

Final Remarks

Now that you have detailed information on the top RV tire covers, you will only need a bit of buying a guide to have the best model you deserve. Today, the market has no shortage of different brands of tire covers, and sometimes it can be tasking choosing the best one.

However, all it requires from you is more research time in the market. The best cover should be at the center of proper fit, durability, sturdiness, and ease of use among many others. Its installation procedure should be smooth and straightforward.

As a buying guide, always ensure you go for the right size you need. You can always find the dimensions indicated in the manufacturers’ size charts. Also, you can measure the size of your wheel if you are sure to buy an appropriate cover.

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