The Best RV Step Covers in 2020

Comparison, Guide, and Review

The average person needs steps to get into their RV without straining. The RV may have one or two steps built into the frame for just this reason. Or you may have bought steps to make it easier to get in and out. However, the RV steps have their own pros and cons. This is where RV step covers come in.

Top 3 Best Rate RV Step Covers - Comparison

Here are the Top 11 Best RV Step Covers Full Reviews

Our experts completed a great research for what's the best RV step cover on the current market and why are they best. After all of works, they could make a great list of them and wrote a full specific review for every single of the step cover products. As the hope, Our review will help you to make the right decision to purchase the best item here.  

01) Camco Model 42942 Black Premium Wrap Around RV Step Rug (22" x 23")

Editor Rating: 4.7/5

This turf rug is perfect for wrapping snugly around narrower RV steps. It is advertised as 22 inches by 23 inches. The rug has rough TPE backing on the bottom to help hold it in place.

You can use the hooks built into the side of the rug to hold it tightly, ensuring it won’t slip, either. This means you don’t have to glue it or screw anything into place. 

Furthermore, by wrapping around the step before being secured in place, it can’t come off unless you pull it off. And the connections can fit around any support bars for the RV step.

A black rug isn’t going to show dirt or pet hair. It will hide scuffs and mud streaks. At the same time, the turf like material lets you wipe your shoes on it. The design lets you pick it up and shake out the dirt as required. Furthermore, the open turf weave lets water seep through, so it won’t mildew.

What’s the downside?

The springs that hold the rug onto the step don’t necessarily hold it in place. This means the step can migrate as you’re driving, sliding to the left or right by several inches. 

The problem is worse if one of the springs comes off, and that can happen. You can try to tie it together with nylon, but now it is a hassle to remove.

  • Relatively large
  • Hides stains
  • Decent traction
  • Can slide around.

02) Prest-O-Fit 2-0205 Wraparound RV Step Rug Black 22 Inches Wide

Editor Rating: 4.6/5

This RV step rug is 22 inches wide, a standard size. The black wrap around rug hides dirt and debris. It balances traction as you step up with the ability to rub a foot on it to get dirt off your shoes.

One point in favor of this RV step rug is that it is designed for curved steps. Note – most aren’t. Better yet, it can fit on many electric steps. This is the best RV step cover for curved or electric steps.

For example, if you have a set of steps that deploy at the touch of a button that flex and bend as they stretch out, this is the step cover for you. It is so flexible it can fit electric steps eight to ten inches deep.

The steps are easy to rinse off. The mesh will let water pass through, so it isn’t prone to mildew. These step covers are UV-resistant, so they won’t fade on exposure to sunlight.

The biggest issue with these RV step covers is their wear rate. They wear out in a matter of months. The corners wear out the fastest. The edge binding can actually cut into the steps if the step cover barely fits over the step.

  • Fits many electric steps
  • Weather-resistant
  • Wears out quickly

03) Camco 23 Inch Model 42931 23 Inch RV Step Rug

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

This RV step rug fits a wide range of RV steps. The “rug” measures 23 inches wide by 22 inches long. However, it can be made to fit steps with a tread anywhere from 8 to 11 inches deep.

You can wrap it around the step, hook the springs together, and you’re done. It shares this trait with other Camco brand RV step rugs we’ve reviewed.

This step rug is brown, another neutral color but a definite contrast to the black step covers on our list. More importantly, its design allows it to fit on both manual and electric steps.

The polyester material is easy to clean with soap and water, and you can just hose it down. The material’s rather open weave means it won’t retain water. This ensures it won’t mildew or foster mold.

The material thins out after a few weeks of heavy usage. It can start to rip soon after that. Hard scrapes when cleaning off your boots could rip it, too. The springs can break if the material is under a lot of stress, too.

  • Easy to clean
  • Won’t mold or mildew
  • Hides dirt and debris
  • Wears quickly
  • Prone to ripping under stress

04) Prest-O-Fit Model 2-0374 Outrigger Step Rug, 22 Inches Wide

Editor Rating: 4.4/5

This RV step rug is designed for traction first and foremost.
Note that this step cover is designed for 22 inch wide curved steps. The step cover can fit on steps with an eight to ten inch depth.

The dense weave lets water pass through, so it will drain if it gets wet. You can hose it and the step clean without concern.

The step cover resists mold, mildew and UV. It won’t fade or rot. It wears at a slightly faster than average rate.

One minor complaint is that the rug is made to be held in place by four springs connected to grommets on the rug. 

The problem is that the item ships with just 2 such grommets. You can have a less than snug fit, or you can buy additional hardware.

  • Easy to clean
  • Better than average traction
  • Weather resistant
  • Faster than average wear

05) Camco Model 42947 RV Step Rug (22" Wide)

Editor Rating: 4.4/5

This wrap around step cover is 22 inches wide. It shares the TPE backing to help hold the rug in place.

The black material hides dirt and stains. The somewhat rough mesh lets you wipe your feet off onto it.

This Camco model 42947 step rug uses grommets and springs to hold it in place. There are several such grommets on the RV rug. This allows it to fit over curved steps of varying widths. It could also be made to fit on straight steps.

One downside is that it can slide around on the step in certain situations. You won’t run into much trouble if you’re stepping directly down on the step, but sliding your foot down on the front of the step and step rug can cause it to slide forward.

It can also slide to the sides. In a worst case scenario, the step rug comes off when you think it is going to improve your balance.

  • Hides stains
  • Fits curved steps
  • Stays in place
  • Can slide around

06) Prest-O-Fit Model 5-1090 Decorian Step Huggers

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

This is the best RV step rug for putting on the inside of your RV. Unlike the others that attach to external steps, this one can improve the sound absorption and grip of your bottom internal steps.

Yet you can put it on external steps. It is designed to cover an 8 inch by 22 inch surface. The rough olefin carpet looks like the existing RV carpeted steps you’ve probably already worn out. 

A side benefit of the sticky bottom is that you can put it on the vertical fronts of stairs, too, minimizing scuffs and stains there. You could put it on the side of your seats and table, too, to minimize marks.

You can remove it and re-mount it elsewhere, but it becomes less and less sticky with each application. It only really sticks to hard surfaces. If it extends past the edge of the step, wrap it around and let it glue to the bottom of the step.

However, this can make it harder to remove.

  • No grommets or springs
  • Sticks to internal and external steps
  • Loses stickiness with every application

07) Camco Gray 18 Inch Step Rug, Model 42925

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

This RV step rug is notable for being made specifically for 18 inch steps. This is the better choice for narrower steps. Trying to put one of the larger step rugs on smaller steps can result in you stepping on the folded over edge at night.

That’s a trip hazard. Or the large step rug could slide around and shift because it isn’t tightly secured to the step. 

At 18 inches long and nearly 18 inches wide, it will wrap all the way around the step. This means it can fit on steps anywhere from 8 to 10 inches deep.

This model works on electric and manual steps. It is easy to remove and shake out if necessary. The rough surface will rub dirt off your shoes as you walk on it. Because it is grey, it hides dirt well, but it is more visible than a black RV step. 

A side benefit of the color is that it blends in with the metal step’s natural color.

The downside of the cheap material is that it wears out quickly. This is most notable in the middle. It leads to the step cover ripping after a few weeks of hard, continuous use.

This renders it unusable rather than ugly and torn at the edges. If you’re trying to use the step cover as a foot wipe, it will wear out rather quickly, too.

  • Fits narrower 18 inch steps
  • Rubs off dirt you can shake off
  • Color matches the metal
  • Wears quickly
  • Becomes unusable when it fails

08) Prest-O-Fit Model 2-0201 Wraparound RV Step Rug, Brown, 22 Inches Wide

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

This RV step cover by Prest-O-Fit is made for curved steps. It can fit on RV steps with eight to ten inches of depth.

More importantly, it can be used on both manual and electric steps. 

The grommets and springs let you connect it to any step assembly. This RV step cover is 22 inches wide. Don’t try to put it on wider steps or you’ll accelerate its wear and tear.

The dark beige material is more visible in low light conditions than the black and dark brown step rugs on our list.

The step rug can be cleaned by hosing it off. It won’t mildew, and it won’t remain a soggy mess. You can also disconnect it and shake it out. 

Note that this can wear out the grommets over time that hold the springs and the step cover itself in place.

The finished edges on this one make it resist wear on the edges, though this doesn’t affect wear on the front of the carpet. You will wear it out if you regularly wipe your shoes on the front of the carpet.

One downside of this design is that the step cover traps hair and similar materials. Dog hair, human hair, and strands of grass seem to get caught in it continuously.

  • Fits on any type of step given the right dimensions
  • Greater wear resistance than others by the same maker
  • Traps hair and long, thin pieces of debris

09) Shade Pro Brand RV Step Covers (Black)

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

Are you tired of looking at the black, grey and brown step covers on this list? Then Shade Pro has the best RV step cover on our list.

The black, grey and white strips on the step are far more stylish than the single color models we’ve covered. The white stripes and color contrast also improve visibility of the steps in low light conditions. 

In short, this is the best rv step mat for those who want to make the step obvious and attractive.

The Shade Pro step rug fits steps as wide as 24 inches. It fits both straight and curved steps. It is held in place by grommets and bungee cords.

There are only three bungees and corresponding holes, and this can result in a less than tailored fit. This can result in alternately bunched or loose look on curved steps. Conversely, there aren’t complaints about it wearing out faster than expected.

An occasional complaint is that you’re only getting a single step cover when you order one of these packages. You’ll have to order as many of these step rugs as you have steps.

  • Stylish
  • Highly visible
  • Sold individually
  • Doesn’t fit as neatly on curved steps

10) Camco Brand Wrap-Around Step Rug, Extra Large, Gray, Model 42935, 23 Inch

Editor Rating: 4.2/5

This isn’t the only Camco RV step cover on our list. It stands out for two things: being gray and being extra-large.

This step cover works on both electric and conventional RV steps. It fits steps with a depth of anywhere from 8 to 11 inches.

It is 23 inches wide by 22 inches long.

This Camco brand RV step rug has just two ties/grommets. It will only stay somewhat in place on a straight RV step. Like other Camco brand step rugs, it wears out relatively quickly.

  • Fits steps of varying depths
  • One of the few extra-large step covers for RVs
  • Only for straight RV steps

11) Prest-O-Fit Brand Model 2-0351 “Outrigger” RV Step Cover, Walnut Brown, 23 Inches Wide

Editor Rating: 4.2/5

How does this Prest-O-Fit step rug differ from the Decorian version we already reviewed? First, it is a rich brown. Second, it is designed to be attached to exterior straight steps.

The Decorian RV rug by Prest-O-Fit literally sticks onto the step.
This step cover is 23 inches wide. It covers steps eight to eleven inches deep.

Don’t try to stretch it to cover something bigger or you could damage it before you’ve even used it. The step rug has light ribbing that improves traction without being obvious. The somewhat open weave lets water drain away.

The manufacturer says you can just spray it with water to wash away dirt and debris. With heavier debris or hair and grass tangled in the weave, you’ll want to remove it and shake it out. It resists fading on exposure to sunlight as well as mold and mildew.

The downside is how fast they wear out. They will start to show wear after a few weeks, and they won’t last more than a few months of regular use. This is less of an issue if you only use the RV on weekends or periodic week long trips.

An occasional complaint is that it ships without all the springs you need to attach it securely to the step.

  • Easy to clean
  • Provides good traction
  • Resists the elements
  • Wears out quickly.

What is the Best RV Step Cover?

An RV step cover is much more than a welcome mat or front door mat. It certainly can capture dirt and debris as you walk into the RV like a door mat, minimizing how much is tracked into the living area. However, it often improves the friction on the RV step so that you’re less likely to slip when climbing up and down them.

A few models have added padding to absorb shock; that reduces the noise created by those climbing in and out of the RV and the stress on your ankles and knees as you climb the stairs. The RV step cover protects the step, too. For example, it may protect the step from wear and tear. The step cover certainly protects the tread that came with the RV step.

The RV may come with step covers. If so, you may still want to upgrade to better step covers. If not, you have to buy RV step covers. What should you consider when shopping for a step cover for your RV?

Things to Consider before Buying the Perfect RV Step Cover

01. Size

The right RV step cover fits perfectly onto or over the RV step. It doesn’t leave exposed areas where dirt and debris can collect. It won’t extend past the edge of the step, potentially creating a trip hazard. The perfect step cover doesn’t slip and slide on the step, something that also creates a trip hazard.

02. Color

The best RV step covers will capture dirt without looking dirty. This is why good RV step covers are dark neutral colors instead of white or off-white. Step covers may have a pattern to make them attractive; these have the side benefit of increasing the visibility of the steps as someone is climbing in and out.

03. Spring Hook/Zip Tie

An RV step cover has a secure method of being attached to the step so that it won’t slide around, or worse, be lost. The two best methods are spring hooks and zip ties. Which one is best for you depends on the type of steps you already have or plan to get for your RV.

Do not rely on a rough backing on the mat to keep it in place. If you’re selecting a step cover that relies on zip ties, it is worth it to get one that has compatible zip ties with it. 

Don’t forget to factor in ease of use. If you struggle with zip ties on household items, you don’t want to worry about your safety because you aren’t sure you could zip tie the RV step cover securely into place.

04. Material

The material in the step cover affects its performance. Soft mats may be easy on your feet, but they tend to wear out quickly. Cheap materials and thin mats just wear out fast, and they’re prone to sudden tearing. Thick rubber on the bottom of the mat may help hold it in place without the ties while dampening noise.

The best materials for step covers will provide great traction in all situations while maximizing comfort and safety.

05. Price

RV step covers range from cheap to expensive. Given the impact step covers have on your safety, we’d recommend paying a little more for a better product.

After all, if you were not concerned about this, you wouldn’t be shopping for an RV step cover.

Other considerations

Some people look for step covers that can serve more than one purpose. One example would be a mat on the bottom step of an RV that serves as a way to intentionally wipe one’s shoes. In these cases, you want a mat or step cover that is easy to clean.

In some cases, people chose step covers that can be shaken out or even washed in the laundry. But In other cases, they choose a step cover that extends the usable size of the step.

Remember to consider any allergies you have. If you are allergic to latex, don't buy a step cover that contains it.


The best RV step mat will protect your RV from tracked in dirt and debris while protecting the OEM tread of your RV steps or the steps you’ve installed for getting in and out of the RV. The ideal RV covers will last a long time.

However, you may have to make trade-offs between ease of assembly and tight fits. You typically have to choose between longevity and how well it captures debris, since step covers that act as welcome mats tend to wear out faster than those that merely muffle your steps or are there to improve your traction as you enter the vehicle.

But in every case, an RV step mat makes your life easier and can protect the expensive equipment in your mobile home or camper. This is why you want to install RV step covers of some kind once you get an RV.

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