The Best RV Stabilizer Jacks in 2020

Comparison, Reviews, and Buying Guide

01) Eaz-Lift Model 48830 24 Inch RV Stabilizing Scissor Jack, Pack of Two

Editor Rating: 4.6 Out of 5

This is actually a set of two scissor jacks by Eaz-Lift. Each jack can be adjusted from 4.375 inches to nearly 24 inches. This is a larger than average vertical range. It will work with almost any trailer, popup or other large vehicle.

This scissor jack can support up to 7500 pounds. The jacks themselves weight around five pounds. Yet it collapses down to a compact shape to make it easy to store, if it isn’t mounted on the trailer.

One complaint is that the main screws and pins may bend or come out, and then it won’t work.

These Eaz-Lift jacks are easy to use once installed. You can either bolt them on or weld them on. This unit comes with a scissor jack socket for use with a power drill to make bolting them on easier. 

Note that the mounting screws are not as strong as the jack, so don’t let the scissor jacks become subject to intense sideways pressure.

It offers the heavy duty steel

The heavy-duty steel is coated to help it resist rust. The steel frame is relatively strong, so it is unlikely to bend if kicked. There is no thrust bearing with the trailer. That makes it difficult to get the two sides of a trailer level.

The lack of a thrust bearing causes some to be afraid to put 3200 pounds on the jack, because that weight will increase the amount of metal on metal grinding that occurs. This can cause metal shavings and accelerated wear in a worst case scenario.

(These jacks sometimes ship without the plastic washer that prevents this when you’re raising and lowering the jack, and the piece can wear down.) This wear also increases the odds that the pin at the top of the jack shears off.

  • Matching set of two jacks
  • 20 inch vertical range
  • High load capacity
  • Difficult to level in tandem
  • Weak connecting hardware

02) Camco Model 44561 Aluminum Camper Jack, 2 Pack

Editor Rating: 4.5 Out of 5

These sturdy camper jacks are incredibly stable. They’re also very strong. They are each rated to support up to six thousand pounds as a set. However, they are not as tough as car jack stands like scissor jacks.

These are the best rv stabilizer jacks for the money if you’re working with a teardrop trailer or popup trailer but not a loaded RV.

The jack nut inside the jack isn’t secured well unless you buy and install extra nuts. That makes this jack unsuitable if you have a shifting load.

Don’t literally rock the boat if you’re using this camper jack. Because there is no retention mechanism, the lift could collapse if you shook it loose.

The Camco model 44561 camper jack comes in a set of two. This makes it a good overall value. You can also buy them in four packs. Note that the weight limit for each jack is 3000 pounds, so you may need four of them for a heavy trailer.

These camper jacks offer some great features

These camper jacks have a moderate height range. They are adjustable from 11 to 17 inches. They are designed to help you level a load. This makes them unsuitable for leveling heavy trailers. Yet the jacks themselves are very stable once they’re in place. We’d recommend putting them in place before you extend the slide-out of a trailer, because they’re hard to reach from a distance.

They have a roughly 7 inch by 7 inch footprint, so it won’t take up much space on the ground or in storage. Better yet, they stack inside each other for easy storage. The modest footprint means they can be used with many RV blocks, if you need additional height.

The bolts and screws are basic steel. They can rust if left exposed to the elements all the time.

  • Compact design
  • Good overall value
  • Moderately high weight limit as a pair
  • Limited adjustable range
  • Not designed to help you balance the trailer

03) Husky Model 81080 21" - 37" Slide-Out Adjustable Stabilizer

Editor Rating: 4.3 Out of 5

You get a pair of very tall Husky jacks if you buy this. These jacks are designed to hold up and stabilize the slide-outs you get with many large RVs. This reduces the sag and wear that can occur with RV slideouts.

Note that not all RVs with slide outs need this type of support. 

Make sure the jack is located on a solid surface, and don’t let the trailer shift during the night or it may cause the stabilizer to push against the slideout. 

On the other hand, they’re so tall that they’re rarely useful with any other camper or trailer. In fact, this model can even be too tall for some RV slide outs. Know the height of the space under your RV slide-out before you buy this jack.

The steel frame has a powder coating to prevent it from rusting. The slide-out jack itself is not very rugged. It could get dented if hit. In some cases, it is damaged during transport.

This unite offers some good features

These jacks are slow to raise and lower. Getting it to initially turn can be a challenge. This process can be improved by lubricating the jack screw. You might need a pipe wrench to get it to work the first time.

However, they’re very stable. It may move slightly when the RV load is shifting. They are unlikely to come loose and cause the jack to fall down.

The feet on this jack are somewhat small. (The pads are six square inches.) This can make it less stable on uneven surfaces like gravel or sand. You may want to put pads or a sheet of wood under them.

These jacks do not have features to make them easy to level the slideout. The jack itself works best when it is close to the RV frame.

  • Designed for slideouts, which few jacks are
  • Stable
  • Slow to raise and lower
  • Not rugged

04) Eaz-Lift Camco Model 48866 Heavy Duty Slide Adjusts from 19" to 47"

Editor Rating: 4.4 Out of 5

Each Camco heavy duty lift supports around 5000 pounds. Each lift weighs roughly ten pounds. This model has a wide height range. It can go from 19 inches to 47 inches. You can use a handle to ratchet it up or down.

Better yet, it has incremental locked positions. You can set it to 19.25 or 22.5 inches, whereas some similar units limit it to half inches or other set positions.

More importantly, the lift locks into that position. You don’t have to worry about the lift sliding all the way to zero if it is shaken loose.

The downside is that it doesn’t have a crank. You have to turn the nut around the support bar, and that can take a long time if you’re extending it all the way. 

In some cases, you need to lay on the ground to get it up under the side of the trailer and crank it up to the desired height by hand.

What does the manufacturer say?

The manufacturer says the Camco model 48866 lift has a universal fit top, allowing it to fit under any RV or trailer. This is far better than the lifts that only fit on certain support beam sizes. The base of the lift isn’t as wide as it could be.

This is touted as a space saving measure, but it can make the lift less stable. This can be a problem on uneven ground or loose surfaces like sand and rocks. There is no feature to help you balance the trailer.

Is the steel support rust-resistant?

The steel support is rust-resistant but not rust-proof. This unit is a better choice for leaving out in the rain than the units that will rust. The supports are not as rugged as others on this list.

The supports can get bent during shipment, when dropped or impacted in some way. The brackets can get damaged, too. Don’t use this lift if you’re going to throw it in the back of a trailer.

  • Incredibly wide height range
  • Universal fit top
  • No crank
  • Not as stable as it could be

05) Pacific Rim Brand Telescoping Trailer Stabilizer Jacks

Editor Rating: 4.3 Out of 5

Each jack by Pacific Rim has a 650 pound capacity. A pair of jacks is rated for 1000 pounds. The company advertising it as capable of holding a thousand pounds apiece has caused many customer complaints.

The jacks themselves are fairly sturdy. It won’t get bent up in shipment. It is unlikely to be bent or cracked during heavy loads or if impacted. This is the best RV stabilizer for small trailers that take a lot of abuse.

These jacks are adjustable from 11.5 to 17.375 inches. Because they sit under the trailer, they are best used on mid-sized trailers.

For example, they can keep a motorcycle trailer stable when you’re loading the ramp. You can weld them onto the metal supports of a trailer to keep it securely in place. 

This RV jack doesn’t have handles, though it is sometimes advertised as having them.

These jacks are easy to install

These jacks can be installed on the bottom of your trailer. Installation is just a matter of drilling two holes in the trailer and plugging in the bolts. That makes installation straightforward.

Note that the mounting hole may need to be half an inch wide for it to work, though that may leave the jack somewhat loose and give it the ability to bounce around in the frame as you drive. Don’t let the feet drag on the ground or else they’ll be ripped up.

It needs your good attention 

They often need to be shimmed if you want them to fully close. Fail to do this, and it may fall open and rub against the ground. Then it gets damaged or ripped off your trailer. Folded flat against the frame, it may hit the frame if it isn’t a good fit with the frame. 

Make sure it locks in position before you leave. That can make it hard to both open and close. You may need to use ties to hold it shut, in a worst case scenario. The releases on this jack are somewhat stiff.

  • Can be mounted to the bottom of almost any trailer
  • Rugged
  • Low weight limit
  • Need to be careful during operation

06) Valterra Model 020106 RV Stabilizer

Editor Rating: 4.2 Out of 5

This RV stabilizer by Valterra has an unusual design. It creates a supportive trapezoidal frame that provides more stability and balance than jacks that only touch a single point on the trailer.

Yet it can fit frames anywhere from 14 to 28 inches. More importantly, the frame is held together and in place with a ratchet tension rope you can adjust.

These RV jacks have a very low weight limit. Each one can support around 250 pounds. This makes them a decent choice for small camper trailers like teardrop trailers. You can’t use it with heavy trailers unless you’re installing several of them at once. 

Note that you risk destroying the initial ones if it is taking on 500 pounds of weight. There are other models that can handle a much heavier load.

This RV stabilizer is truly stabilizing. It will reduce the swaying in your RV extensions and the back of the trailer. You’ll see a greater benefit if you buy two and use them on different parts of the RV. However, this RV jack is sold individually.

This RV stabilizer is so easy to set up

It can be set up in minutes without any tools. You don’t have to weld it to the RV frame or drill holes in the trailer frame to use it. It can fold up just as quickly for easy storage. On the other hand, the metal frame has sharp edges. You could get cut working with it, such as when you pull the ratcheted belt too tight. The sharp edges will even cut into the storage bag that comes with it.

It works best on hard, solid surfaces like pavement and concrete. It can slip or shift on uneven surfaces like gravel. You can reduce this problem by putting jacking plates or wood under the ends. This RV jack is difficult to adjust vertically if you need to balance the RV.

  • No tools required to assemble
  • Stable and stabilizing
  • Easy to store
  • Sold individually
  • Hard to use to level an RV

07) Lippert Model 298707 Electric Stabilizer Jack Kit with Black Waterproof Switch

Editor Rating: 4.4 Out of 5

Lippert is known for making a wide range of products for RVs. They don’t just make awnings and stairs. They also make convenient to use RV stabilizers.

This RV stabilizer comes with a water-proof switch plus electrical system. This allows you to lower the jack at the push of a button. This means you don’t have to manually crank it.

It also makes this one of the best rv stabilizer jacks for those with limited hand strength or mobility. Just push a button to both lower and raise the jacks. A side benefit of this is how it speeds up set up and take down.

The unit is fairly durable. It isn’t going to break because you accidentally kicked it. It won’t rust, either. 

More importantly, the system has electrical circuit protections so it won’t accidentally overload your RV’s systems when lifting your trailer. However, it won’t work if your RV battery is dead.

It offers some great features

The Lippert RV stabilizer is unusual for having design features that prevent the RV from shifting as you raise and lower the legs. On the other hand, you can damage it if you try to lower the legs and they hit a curb or end up taking on too much weight due to an unbalanced trailer.

The jacks tend to extend to the same distance, even if you’re on uneven ground. The jack that has to go farther will get stressed, and that can cause it to wear down or even break.

This stabilizing system is designed for rear trailers

This RV stabilizing system is designed for rear trailers. This can make installation on a trailer hard if you want it on both the front and the back. Retrofitting can be a problem, since you’ll need to come up with an electrical connection for it and the instructions don’t cover that. That’s why this unit is often installed at the dealer, though you can have it installed by the dealer of your choice. Unfortunately, that adds to the already high price tag.

If the unit ships without key parts, you have a serious problem. The manufacturer doesn’t stand by their warranty if the RV jack is shipped to an individual.

  • Powered
  • Challenging installation
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