The Best RV Mattresses in 2020

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For many who haven’t yet experienced a ride in a recreational vehicle (RV), a specific thought that comes to them is that the travel is usually a hustle. However, as the name suggests, the RV come in a uniquely exquisite design with fictional features which makes you feel at home whenever you are onboard. Among its significant features are the comfortable RV mattress used in their beds.

The mattress is of high quality and fits perfectly into the bed to offer ultimate comfort to the user. Those who have had an experience, sometimes forget that they are in the vehicle.

Top 3 Best Rated RV Mattresses - Comparison

Here are the Top 12 Best RV Mattresses Full Reviews

It's not easy to find what's the best pick of the RV mattress in the current market. After spending a countless hours, We completed a great research about the topic. Here, We've listed 12 mattress products and explained why "they're the best" step by step. As our believe, You'll be guided to the right point of Your Goal. 

01) LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Dual-Layered, CertiPUR-US Certified, 10 -Year Warranty , Short/RV Queen

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

The10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is an all features-check RV mattress offering the very best comfort one needs for a sweet sleep or relaxing.

Its construction is high end incorporating high-quality features and materials that make it a 5-star rated product most wishes to have a feel.

The dual-layer mattress offers proper back alignment and support to alleviate all manner of the back, hip and shoulder pains.

It has an infused 2.5" gel that offers proper ventilation and a + 7.5"high-density surface which provides excellent support in the entire fee; of medium-firm.

The LUCID mattress designers have all you need for a comfortable sleep incorporated all in one. You can engage in all tiring activities all day long knowing you have a pain soother at night. Sleeping in your RV will never be a hustle with the LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

Key Features/ Pros
  • Double layer: The combination of a 2.5" ventilated gel memory foam plus the 7.5 space inch layer of high density offers excellent comfort for the user as it cancels out pressure points by providing comprehensive support to the entire body.
  • Temperature regulation: The mattress comes with a TENCEL blend fabric cover which allows free flow of air thus eliminating any excess heat which may cause uncomfortably. The cover is usually soft and allows for the natural breathing of the user. Also, the infusion of the gel material helps in capturing of heat and transfers it outside the foam as a ventilation mechanism.
  • Certified Safe: The ingredients of this mattress are appropriately tested and certified to be of health construction, not destruction. They are always free from mercury, CFCs Ozone and many other like natural latex which has adverse health effects on the users.
  • 10-Year Warranty: The mattress comes with an extended enough period to help you report any manufacturer’s defects with it.
  • Easy shipping and installation: The vacuumed pacing technology used in the transportation of this product is often the safest method. While installing, you only have to remove the packaging cover and let it expand to original dimensional sizes.
  • Some clients complain of large detainment of heat
  • Other clients do not support its durability. They say it only better for a couple of months before starting to tear off.

02) Zinus Deluxe Spring 10 Inch Pillow Top RV/Camper Mattress, Short Queen

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

The high–end Spring 10 Inch Pillow Top RV Mattress from the Zinus makers is highly reputable owing to its excellent convenience features.

Its make upholds the independent iCoils technology which provides more customized support for the entire body while insulating against any sleep interrupting motions in the bed. 

It comes with a different comforting pillow layer of about 1 inch consisting of a Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam. This layer is generally on top of two others;

The High-density Foam and1.5 inches of Comfort Foam. Thus in totality offers an excellent comfort deal to the user.

The Spring 10 Inch Pillow Top RV mattress gets is complete support from its 7.5 Inch iCoil Pocketed Springs. The high inch size helps the user fully supported from head to toe throughout the night to ensure proper sleep.

However, this mattress has its specialty of use. It requires for its package to be opened within the 72 hours of reception and another 48 hours for the new Mattress to regain its initial, plush shape.

  • The Zinus Deluxe has Firm, customized layers of support consisting of iCoil Pocketed Springs and Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam
  • It uses the iCoil system comprising hundreds of independent iCoils to remove any sought of motion transfer effectively
  • It also has received certification from the CertiPUR-US for content durability, and performance
  • Smart Shipping – The patent technology used in its construction allows for smooth roll folding of it and active transportation in a box to the client's doorstep.
  • Comes with a fully supported ten-year warranty
  • Some clients complain of it to be entirely hard and never comfortable to sleep in
  • The collapsing, breaking and bulging of sides might be noticed soon enough after buying

03) DynastyMattress New 12-Inch GEL Memory Foam Mattress (RV KING)

Editor Rating: 4.0/5

The Cool-Breeze 12-inch RV King Gel Memory Foam is another high-end mattress that has changed the sleep experience in most of the RVs.

It comes with great features designed with exclusive technology to enhance the general comfort of the ordinary Gel Memory Foam Mattresses. 

The mattress comes with a 3" Gel Foam! 120-day trial! And a full warranty supports of 30 years. It Uses the Dual 2" State of the Art Cool Airflow Foam to keep you cool whenever your body temperature rises

The top-rated RV mattress comes with a 4-layer design: 4" Cool Airflow Foam Support, 3" Gel Foam, 5" High density foam for absolute base support, and Infused gel beads in the premium memory foam which offers the decisive solution, merging comfort, support pressure liberation and upgraded airflow for a more refreshing and peaceful night's sleep.

  • It is available in a 5"High-density foam which offers absolute support for the entire body
  • Its three-layer construction mode consists of high-quality materials which are highly durable.
  • FREE 2 Gel Memory Foam Pillows! RV KING Size: W72" x L80" x H12"
  • It has a beautiful appearance of a luxurious white cover with brown suede on the corners, fire barrier, zipper washable cover!
  • The mattress offers ample space for sleeping
  • Reports of losing firmness soon after being bought
  • Relatively expensive
  • Some clients say it holds heat and becomes very uncomfortable to use

04) Live and Sleep Resort 10-inch Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress Camper /Trailer, Short RV Queen Size

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

When you want to pamper your sleep with the high-quality sleeping platform, the Classic 10-inch Cooling Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress is the very best to buy.

It has a designed of high-density formation; the 2.5-inch mattress offers to allow ease of breathing HD air and cancel out all the pressure points thus letting you sleep comfortably.

Apart from just being used in the RVs, this mattress offers a lot of conveniences to be used even in your bedroom. It comes with an exclusive package where it gets rolled and packed inside for easy mobility.

Once, it reaches its destination; it is merely unpacked and left to unfold on some hard surface where you intend your bed to be. As such, it will be ready to offer you a lucrative sleep experience.

The Classic 10-inch Cooling Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress is formally tested for quality and safety and receive certification. Hence, you can always be convinced of its safe to use nature.

  • Proper Contour: The 2.5-inch deluxe layer of the Classic 10-inch Cooling Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress is ideal for relieving back pains from its Air infusion design. When combined with an extra thick High-Density Firm, it offers proper support for the entire body
  • Cooling Technology: The flexible polyurethane foam allows for better breathing from its elegant shape and high-quality ingredients. The whole combination of its design relaxes the user’s body and reduces stress.
  • Knit Cover: Its Fabric textile is easy to remove and wash and are compatible with all sought of bedroom furniture bed frame or box spring base. The fabric as well allows for free flow of air thus keeping the mattress fresh and highly ventilated.
  • CERTIPUR-US CERTIFIED & BONUS free pillow: The flexible polyurethane foam is Nontoxic and allows for natural breathing and peaceful sleep.
  • Some clients it doesn’t offer that many contours
  • Prone to breakages and weakening soon after buying

05) eLuxurySupply RV Mattress Pad - Extra Plush Bamboo Topper with Fitted Skirt - Made in the USA

Editor Rating: 4.0/5

Exquisite features only exceptional to them. Its design offers nothing better than absolute comfort anyone would wish to experience.

Its rayon made fabric from a bamboo blend provides a silky touch for an extra luxurious sleep characterized by natural and fresh air breathing.

If you are looking for something to offer you appropriate warmness, well here is a proper solution.

The Extra Plush Bamboo Topper with Fitted Skirt mattress uses the trapping air technology which helps it stay in.

Its original shape and size to continue offering you the necessary temperatures. When dirty, the pad can easily be washed by a machine more conveniently.  

  • Designed with high-quality Polyester-blend
  • Available in a large size of size - 72" x 80."
  • High-end Design – Among the primary ingredients is the Plush bamboo filled with hypoallergenic alternate down collection fiber used in constructing the cover.
  • Allows free flow of air thus eliminating unwanted heat.
  • The use of Hypoallergic technology gives the mattress an exclusively extraordinary look as well as a smooth feel that makes sleep much comfortable in it.
  • Secure Fit – its elastic skirt allows for a snug fit for mattresses of up to 18."
  • Comes with a one-year warranty program with full support
  • Comes with a 30 day payback period – in case you find it faulty, you can always return it before e the period elapses.
  • It is not very durable. Some clients have reported cases of stitches tearing and stuffings coming out within a short period into its use.
  • Some clients say it is too warm

06) Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress, Short Queen

Editor Rating: 4.0/5

Zinus are known to produce some of the very best RV mattress products used by many. Their production of the Ultima Comfort Memory Foam, 10 Inch Mattress, has just made their innovation big and better.

The 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress offers a compatible comfort with memory foam layer which molds to be in line with the natural shape of the users’ body.

With its fully supporting high-density foam base layer, the mattress offers both stability, convenience and above all durability.

 However, one thing with this mattress, its maintenance procedure requires that you leave it unfolded for at least 72 hours of receipt and another 48 hours for it to regain its original shape. 

It also comes with a ten-year warranty fully supported. The product is individually tested and certified by the CertiPUR - the US as a highly durable safe and convenient to use a mattress with excellent performance.

Its design consists of high quality and cozy layers which include: 2 inches Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam, 3 inches Memory Foam, plus the 5 inches High-density Base Support Foam.

  • The conforming memory foam offers absolute comfort for a peaceful sleep from its unique features and inbuilt compositions.
  • The new Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress design utilizes only bio-foam ingredients and has, therefore, replaced the traditional toxic ones which were never fresh enough.
  • Smart Shipping – The patent technology embraced in its production allows for practical and easy roll folding and unfolding for shipping purposes.
  • Breakings, tearing as well as a reduction in firmness has been noticed among some mattresses
  • Not luxurious enough for some people. They say it lacks sufficient contouring ability.

07) DynastyMattress 10 GEL 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress-Queen RV Size

Editor Rating:4.2/5

If you are looking for a fully customized RV mattress design with comfort, convenience and durability all in one, the NEW 10-inch CoolBreeze GEL 4lb Density Memory Foam Mattress is just the best for you.

Its make consists of a 4-layer construction including a 2" + 2" Cool AirFlow Foam Support, 2.5 " Gel Foam, 3.5"High-Density Foam for proper base support and an Infused gel beads into premium memory foam. 

The mattress compose of laboratory tested and verified ingredients by the CertiPUR-US®. Its design composes of 4 high-quality layers with high durability.

In a combination of them all, the mattress offers an excellent solution to back pains and reduces the heat retention level to let you experience that proper, uninterrupted sleep.

  • It body contouring ability helps alleviate body pains by canceling out the pressure levels
  • Controls temperature and allow you to experience a sound sleep.
  • Comes with a 20 years Limited Warranty
  • Can easily be folded and unfolded for the convenience of shipping
  • Has a deluxe white cover with a fire barrier, brown suede, and a washable zipper cover
  • 2" + 2" Cool Airflow, 3.5" foam for ultimate support base! Feel: Medium Firm
  • 2.5" CoolBreeze GEL 4lb High-Density Open Cell Memory Foam: Sleep Cool Technology Foam! 120-day trial!
  • Breaking down concerns have been expressed among some clients who only used the item for a few weeks period
  • Some clients find it very hard and rigid to sleep in

08) Parklane Mattresses 60" x 74" The Explorer" Short Queen RV Mattress

Editor Rating: 4.0/5

Experience the comfort of your home bedroom in your RV whenever you travel to with the top-notch mattress, Parklane Mattresses 60" x 74" The Explorer" Short Queen RV Mattress.

It bears one of the best features found in most RV mattresses except a Premium Pillowtop.

The 60-inch x 74-inch mattress is highly durable from its high-quality ingredients. Its coziness offers a great comfort by canceling out all the pressure points thus avoiding any chances of back and joint pains that would associate with tough mattresses.

The short queen mattress undergoes certification process by the CertiPUR-US. The accreditation involved a laboratory test on individual ingredients used in the manufacturing processes. They are guaranteed to be of high quality and excellent health benefit. 

  • It insulates against unnecessary movements or motions hence giving you an interrupted sleep.
  • The mattress offers proper contouring to enable absolute and entire body support
  • The innerspring mattress comes with a unique design of premium pillowtop which provides much convenience to the user
  • The product is certified: CertiPUR-US certified
  • The mattress molds with the users’ body to grant absolute comfort by preventing aches and pains in the joints and the back
  • The mattress does not allow transfer of motions, and therefore if you are sleeping with a restless partner, your sleep will not be interrupted.
  • Come with a five year warranty period with full support
  • The Parklane Mattresses 60" x 74" The Explorer" Short Queen RV Mattress has no significant disadvantages apart from the collapsing, breaking and bulging of sides soon after time in use.

09) Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam RV Mattress, Short Queen

Editor Rating: 4.0/5

Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam RV Mattress is another luxurious RV mattress available in the market. The 8-inch size mattress is a high-end design coming with a unique stretch-knit cover with a European finish style.

The short queen mattress with dimensions of (60 in x 75 in) comes with unique features which offer absolute comfort to the user.  If you always complain of back pains, then here is a suitable solution for you. 

The 2.5 lbs mattress has a well-established contouring system that lets your spinal cord to align in a more supportive way to avoid any joint pains regardless of sleeping positions. 

If you wish to place your order online, the mattress will come comes well packed in a special carriage. Before it is packed, it is roll folded into a smaller and more compacted size then inserted in the individual coverage for shipping.

The open cell design of the Short Queen mattress servers well in ensuring you never experience additional heat when you sleep. Therefore, if you are the guy who sweats a lot while sleeping, this model will serve you appropriately.

  • Come with a washable outer fabric cover
  • 2” of 2.5 lb density memory foam on a 6” supportive base foam with a soft 4-way stretch knit coverage
  • Temperature: Its design allows for proper air circulation from its open-cells to ensure you feel warm when the temperatures are cold and more refreshing when they are higher hence giving you a peaceful sleep.
  • Uses the motion insolation technology – you can, therefore, sleep comfortably with your restless partner
  • It has superior artistry which uses high-quality materials.
  • Its manufacturing ingredients in the laboratory for quality and safety of use. Hence the CertiPUR-US Certification.
  • Wears out with time
  • Relatively expensive

10) Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 8 Inch Mattress, Short Queen

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

Zinus are well known for producing high-quality RV mattress with high levels of durability, convenience, and affordability. The Ultima Comfort Memory Foam, 8 Inch Mattress, is a comfortable rest mattress that allows your body to align appropriately with it in such a way that no joint pains come forth. 

The 8-inch mattress has pioneering construction design composing of exquisite features like the double layering which increases the overall density and offers a firm platform for sweet sleep. If share bed with your restless partner, this is a better way to go if you mean not to be distracted by the constant motions they make.

In case you are shopping online, it is advisable that you unleash the package for about 72 hours of receipt and 48 hours to allow the mattress regain its original shape. 

Remember, this package contains the pads in its folded form for comfortable and convenient transportation. Otherwise, if you bought the product but do not like it because of damages from tearing, breakings, worry not. The mattress comes with a10 year warranty allowance that comes fully supported.

  • Smart shipping – The mattress can effectively and efficiently fold to a more compact and easy to carry size for shipping
  • Temperature: If you want to sleep uninterrupted by excess warmth or cold, then going for the Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 8 Inch Mattresses the solution. It uses the Bio-foam technology to enhance breathability and general comfort.
  • Its construction consists of well-tested ingredients whose final results are certified by the CertiPUR-US
  • Some client raises concerns about its durability. They say it only lasts a few months and starts breaking up
  • It is not steady enough to mold the body formation

11) MEDIUM-FIRM 10-Inch Full Memory Foam Short Mattress for RV, Camper - Made in USA

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

10-Inch Full MEDIUM-FIRM Memory Foam Short Mattress has escalated the RV mattress innovation to greater heights with none of its kind measuring it.

The 10-Inch Full MEDIUM-FIRM uses the most recent, orthopedic technology which forms a supportive base for relaxing sleep to the user. 

The mattress utilizes a 4-pound Open Cell Visco Elastic memory foam which ensures you sleep peacefully and not interrupted by the excess warmth or cold. Unlike other mattresses of the same category, the Full MEDIUM-FIRM Memory Foam Short Mattress offers more than just contours.

It acts as a resistor to dust mites, heat and cold dissipater, a reliever for both muscle and joint sores, motion insulator and Therapeutic supporter among many others. 

The high-end mattress also guards against allergens as well as bedbugs which might interfere with your sweet sleep. The American made mattress sell at reasonably affordable prices and can reach clients to the rest of the world on special online orders.

It usually is roll folded and packed safely in its special package ready for sending a feature that makes it a more mobile product.

  • Encourages deep sleep by resisting sleep interferers like the bedbugs, dust mites, allergens, and many others.
  • The mattress molds with the users’ body to grant absolute comfort by preventing aches and pains in the joints and the back
  • Comes with a 60 days warranty period
  • Are sold at reasonable prices
  • Regulates temperature with its Open Cell feature
  • Comes with a 4 Way Zippered Fire Proof Cover
  • The product has received certification from the CertiPUR-US
  • Weakens and breaks within a short period of use
  • Produces unpleasant smell sometimes

12) GAB Lifestyles Camper King 72x80 USA MADE Mattress Pad, Quilted Mattress cover for Travel Trailer, RV or Camper

Editor Rating: 4.1/5

The AB Lifestyles Camper King 72x80 USA MADE Mattress Pad form a perfect fit for campers, RVs & motorhomes. They come in a unique design that fits up to 9 inches bed frames which is a little more than that of standard beds.

Finding the very right ones can sometimes be a challenge if you do not do a proper survey to find out the best producers and suppliers.

Its construction consists of 100% cotton material, 300 thread entire satin band face fabric which gives the mattress a general cozy feel whenever you sleep on it.

The mattress usually has plush, lofty, and all new polyester fiberfill filled in it to form a soft and convenient pad fit for sleep. The pads get quilted in diamond shape pattern, and the result of it is a nearly one-inch thick cover.

A complete design of it offers comfy for sleep as it ensures the all the pressure points are canceled letting all your backrest appropriately. Also, it is highly ventilated from its cotton design and therefore offers proper breathing space and fresh air from its organic make.

  • The Camper King 72x80 USA MADE Mattress making compose of 100% organic material which allows for a breath of uncontaminated air
  • Fits mattress up to 9 inches thick
  • It can be easily washable with a machine
  • Regulates temperatures: Makes you feel cooler when it’s too warm inside and vice versa
  • Insulates against movements that are likely to interrupt your sleep. If your sleeping partner is that guy who turns after every moment changing positions, then you won’t feel any of that.
  • The pads are said to be very costly by some clients
  • Some clients complain of bailing up experience with the mattress soon after being purchased

What is the Best RV Mattress Actually? 

RV mattress refers to those sleeping mattresses found in recreational vehicles. Often, travel vehicles are for hiking, tours, journeys that sometimes might call for a sleepover. Instead of looking for lodging houses to rest, the RVs have specially designed bed that comes with a high-quality mattress comfortable enough to offer you a peaceful sleep.

The mattresses come in different customized dimensions and depending on your vehicles bed size; you can always have a suitable one you need. Their designs consist of an innerspring or merely a multi-layered foam which makes it a high-end mattress offering ultimate sleep laxity.

The Best RV mattresses offer a quality sleeping surface that provides your entire body with proper support. Unlike some traditional mattresses, the RV mattresses guarantee minimal motion transfers throughout the bed hence adding you greater comfort. Most of them are of a plant-based design and consists of no harmful substances. Also, they come with a knit cover which allows you to breathe comfortably.  All foam construction ensures limited motion transfer.

Today, many RV mattresses have flooded the market with manufacturers producing more for online orders.  The selection choice is now your business. You can either look for color, thickness, size or its general make design.

Different Types Of RV Mattresses

The best RV mattresses are those that meet your comfort needs making you feel like you are in your home bed or better. As mentioned before, there exist lots of manufacturers producing different makes of these products. Below are some of the top common ones you are likely to meet in the retail shops around you.

Innerspring Mattresses:

The innerspring mattresses are very durable. They have a unique design consisting of entrenched coils within padding forming a comfortable platform for sleep. From its appearance, it is thick, weighty and feels sturdy and lumpy. As a result of its design description, the mattress collects lots of condensation which sometimes calls for ventilation.

The spring coils are ordinarily stable and wear not easily – can last for so many years. In totality, they provide great coziness and offer ultimate support for the entire body. Many people who prefer laxity, comfort, and durability all in one, go for the innerspring mattresses.

Memory Foam:

Compared to the innerspring mattresses, the memory foam is far much cozy and comfortable. As such, they have a particular body contouring design which helps relive its users from the body including the stiff and the joint pain. The foam also offers a unique way of responding to the temperature deviations hence keeping you more comfortable.

For those who do not budge a lot during sleep, you will notice an accumulation of heat by the form which will make you feel hot and moist.  However, the form comes packed with a proper solution to this. With a more cooling memory foam gel, you will comfortably sleep on the foam without feeling any of the heat discomfort. When just applied, it feels inflexible, but with time, it helps mitigate the excess heat.

Memory foams are hypoallergenic. Hence they do not lock in allergens, dust mites, and mold. Typically, the Memory foam is highly durable and can last to about 10-15 years. Varied manufactures offer a substantial warranty on their foam products, and therefore you can always consult with them before buying.

Air Bed:

If your RV has a seldom-used bunk bed, an air bed can be instrumental in completing your bed. The beds are usually of super high-quality materials which are highly durable as well. They have a unique and unique way of providing exceptional comfort and coziness to the user using air as the primary cushioning system.

Their system reduces the number of pressure points on the user’s body while increasing laxity and comfort that enables a peaceful sleep. It might seem to you like a sleep hustle but wait until you lay your back on one of the RV air mattresses. It always brings about the home feeling.

Unlike the traditional mattresses, the recently designed airbeds allow for firmness adjustments. With this technology, you can always have your preferences levels set with just a press of a button. Hence, if you are two or three of you in bed, each one will have control over their desired comfort levels.

One of the key advantages to this bed is its ability to fold to a more compact size easy to store in the RV.

Different manufacturers offer different prices for these airbeds based on different production considerations. However, the best trick about it is always to buy from the best producers. If you can afford the price, they always go for those with excellent features that would be of great benefit to you.

Latex Foam:

Latex Foam is another excellent and highly reputable RV mattress which acts as the center for absolute comfort, laxity, durability, and affordability. The foam is an exclusive design from the purely natural material composing organic substances, no metals.

The foam is easily movable for more convenience in the RV bedroom – if at all you need to shift it. Some models come with two thickness option which enables the user to have a selection of the most comfortable one. Its unique formation ensures the alleviation of all the body pressure points thus limiting the dramatic turning and tossing common during sleep.

Latex foam is very customized in their usages. It is compatible with a varied number of RVs including American Coach, Newell Coach, Coachman, Fleetwood RV, Custom Coach, Liberty Coach, Monaco among many others.

However, not that high-density mattresses may sometimes be difficult to breathe in. Otherwise, you can always have the best times in your RV while sleeping in a Latex Foam mattresses.

Polypropylene Foam:

The Polypropylene foam is regarded to be very low in quality and often do not last long enough. Its ideal design is for seat cushions. However, same way when used for RV beds, it never offers the best comfort for better sleep for the user.

The only benefit it has is being a fire retardant. It usually contains special additives which are non-fire supportive and therefore even in case of fire, no such severe burnings will take place.

Gel Foam:

If you always complain of backaches and severe sweating when you sleep, then here is a better solution for you. Gel Foam is a particular design mattress with unique ability to convert all of your sleep concerns to a more peaceful night and luxury sleep. To begin with, it comes with a high-quality cover made of cotton which offers supreme softness.

The high-end mattress offers an adjustable firmness. Hence, you can always fine-tune yours to the very best level you desire. With its child soft organic cotton cover, the mattress also provides a more cooling and smooth surface which is a better platform for peaceful sleep.

Different sizes and colors are always available in the market, only your choices matter. Most Gel Foam mattresses come with the same features, and all you have to do is go for the one with those you prefer.


A twin mattress is other excellent RV sleeping gears which offer ultimate comfort during sleep. The model comes with a soft, cozy fabric cover, with pressure managing design which lets your entire body feel fully supported from all angles of your sleeping.

This product is dual sided, a unique feature which enhances its general durability. With its flappable and light-weight make, the mattress fits well in the RV bed frames and therefore you can have a most relaxing sleep all night.


Whether sleeping in traditional or whichever the mattress or bed, peaceful sleep is one significant element not only mature people need but children too. The Bunk mattress maker s have ensured your sleep times are more excellent and more relaxed than before.

This model comes in varied sizes, color and firmness levels. However, with their outstanding features which include, soft and robust fabric cover they ensure proper support for the entire body area.

Full Mattresses:

Lots of people imagine full mattress to be 54" by 75" long mattress which is never the case. It means a single size mattress fit for only an individual. Despite the small size, they still offer same comfort and convenience as the rest of top rated RV mattresses.

Varied models exist under this name including, the Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Ashaway 11" Plush, Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Hartfield 11.5" Luxury Firm and Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Bay Spring 14" Luxury Firm Pillow Top mattresses among many others.


Queen bed mattresses also best models for RV. They exist of various firmness level and are very convenient to handle. Their formation consists of a highly established cotton material which offers absolute comfort and softness desirable for sound sleep.


Just as the name suggests, King bed mattresses are high-end mattresses which stand at the centers of convenience, softness, comfort, and reliability. The customized sized mattress allows for the spread of your weight, balancing your body pressure points to ensure ultimate support for all positions thus giving you a better sleep moment.

Most Differences in the RV mattresses

A better sleep comes with a better mattress which offers absolute comfy and reliability. As indicated in the above listing, a lot of RV mattress models exist in the market. Below are clear points differentiating the different types of RV mattress.


The type of technology used in the manufacturing of an RV mattress for a critical factor when it comes to differentiating different makes of the cushions. As discussed above, there are those made from spring coils such as Innerspring Mattresses, others from air-filled covers like the air bed mattresses while others from the ordinary cushioning materials like the foams.

This difference determines how comfortable, convenient or durable the product is. Hence when buying any, you will always want to go to the one which will meet your desires fully.


Different manufacturers offer different pricing for their products. However, in most cases, you will always find the best models going at much higher rates and vice versa.


Depending on your order, you will always find different mattress sizes available for your needs. The basic one being the twin, California king, full and the queen. The size you buy will depend on whether you need to share the bed with your partner or not, the vehicles space or maybe your height.

A more spacious bed will offer you enough sleeping space for a more comfortable sleep. Otherwise, a smaller one will only be in hustle.


Weight does not necessarily depend on the size of the mattress but sometimes the material used in its construction. For instance, the innerspring mattresses are very heavy due to the total weight of the spring coils it embeds. However, other mattresses like the Air mattresses are much lighter as they only carry in-filled air.


Different RV mattresses have varied thickness sizes and choosing one dependent on the user’s needs. These products such as the Memory foam offers 6, 8, and 10 inches.

What are the benefits of an RV mattress?

Apart from merely being a sleeping platform, the RV mattresses a lot more which are of great benefit to its users. Below is a detailed listing of some of the top merits towards the RV mattresses.

Health benefits:

Even as you enjoy the great travel moments in the RV, sleep still is an essential bit of human life. With a better rest is when you can further feel the real essence of your tour. Most RV mattresses have a unique making structure which adds a lot of health benefits to its users.

They come designed with unique features which ensures your entire body is fully supported to avoid any further back pains. Some like the Latex Foam consists of organic material formation which allows for health breathing of air by the user.

Also, others like Gel Foam offers a more cooling sleeping surface which guards against excess sweating while you sleep.

Motion Isolation:

Sleeping in a waterbed can be very frustrating especially if you have a restless partner. If you have slept in one, you must be having an idea of this. Most of us do not wish to be disturbed whatsoever especially when we get into bed full tired.

However, it’s sad that some of the partners we sleep with come to bed late and leaves early settings sudden disturbing motions which often interferes with our peaceful sleep.

Well, with most RV mattress models, this situation is no longer. Instead, the mattresses have a unique way of absorbing the motions such that you will never experience any substantial disturbance.

Some people find it hard to acquire sleep, and when woken abruptly due to such motions, they might stay long enough into the night without sleeping again. Hence, these mattresses are just the better solution.


As discussed before under the various types of RV mattresses, it is noticeable that most of them are very much customizable. Therefore, that you can upgrade or change your bedding to a more customized design that meets your needs.

For instance, the Latex Foam mattresses allow for the addition of more layers to achieve a certain amount of firmness or cushioning. Others like Air bed mattresses can have their stability altered with just a push of a button.

Because not all humans are the same regarding body dimensions or health, the RV mattresses ensure a perfect or suitable fitting is always available for you.

One-time investment:

Unlike most of the traditional home mattresses, most of the RV mattress have a better construction consisting of high-quality materials which offer excellent durability.

For instance, the innerspring mattresses can serve for a very long time without any damaging impact.

Few like the Polypropylene Foam designed with low-quality material often do not last. Otherwise, the rest of them like the king, queen, memory foam, Latex foam among many others serve long enough.

Accommodation of multiple sleeping positions

People sleep differently regarding positions. Some prefer the stomach position, other back, while others on the side. As part of its comfort offering the feature, the RV mattresses come designed specially to take care of all those sleeping positions correctly. In addition to this, the cushions provide varied firmness levels of which in most cases are adjustable to ensure absolute comfort in every sleep.

For those who prefer the back position, the memory foam is highly recommendable as it curves to the user’s spine, hence providing excellent lumbar support as well as letting your back relax comfortably. This mattress also works better with the side slippers as it conveniently accommodates their hips plus shoulders while still supporting their waist to have their spine kept even. Also, stomach sleepers will have their backs kept in shape and no introduction of pain at the pressure points.

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Right RV mattress

Before settling on any RV mattress, it is always worth to understand what you mean. Today market has no shortage of these mattresses, and where else they might have common functionality, there are better reasons as to why you might need this and not the other.


Buying a memory foam mattress, for instance, will mean that you need a sleeping space which will relieve you of back pains and other associated pains resulting from the uneven sleeping platform.

Also, if you go for a full bed mattress, it will mean that you need an individuals’ size bed space. Those going for innerspring mattresses might not mind the full supporting of the back offered by other mattresses, hence, therefore, you always need to have in mind reasons as to why you need any of the RV mattresses.

Weight and Size

The weight and size of any of the RV mattresses are one of the critical factors to put into consideration whenever you are making your selections. Different RV mattresses offer varied levels of weights as well as sizes sometimes depending on the clients’ orders.

Memory Foam mattress, for instance, exists of 6, 8 and 10 inches and often has a general weight range of between 2.5 - 5.3 lbs. The best recommendable average weight usually is being 4lbs, beyond that, the mattress does not breathe appropriately and might cause the user to sweat a lot. However, the pads of between 2.5 – 3 lbs are known to be of low durability, and this is worth minding whenever you are shopping.

On the other hand, the size you chose should depend on the bed size you have. Different models come in different sizes fit for particular bed frames. It is even better than, some of the RV mattresses, such as the air bed, allows for customization to fit precisely to beds of different space size.


Recreational journeys can sometimes be very exhausting at times, and always at the end of the day, all you need is a comfortable place to rest. For this reason, is why we have the RV designed with comfortable beddings to offer you absolute laxity whenever you feel like falling asleep or just relaxing.

The RV mattresses come well designed with high-end materials consisting of soft organic cotton as in the case of Latex Foam which offers absolute comfort to the user. Innerspring mattresses, on the other hand, have the spring coils for a more cozy feel best for peaceful sleep. And so on.

A great comfort feature that tags along with the RV mattresses is their ability to insulate movements. Mattresses such as the memory foam will allow you to sleep soundly without being woken up with your restless/ sleepless sleeping partner who keeps on turning. Therefore, depending on your comfort needs, you will always find an appropriate model you desire.


With the current economic hustle among many people, we tend to settle only for those items we can buy. Same way, with different pricing list available for the different RV mattress models, you can buy that which meets your needs concerning your pocket depth.

Material & Construction

The material type, as well as the construction technology used in manufacturing a product, remains paramount in determining the efficiency, reliability and the durability of it. Most of the RV mattresses use the best material including soft organic cotton materials used in Latex foam which offers comfort and clean air for the user.

Others like the innerspring utilize spring coils which highly durable in their construction and still offers sleep comfort.

Air bed mattresses use an airtight material which offers comfort when filled with air. Their construction also varies regarding density and size which all relate to the amount or type of material used. Better ones will always have average densities and use quality materials in their makings.

Hence, when shopping for an RV mattress, put more a little consideration into the types of material used as well as the technology employed in the construction process.

Portability & Durability

The ease with which you can conveniently move an RV mattress is another significant factor to consider whenever you are shopping for one. A profoundly thick pad of greatest dimension can be very hectic to handle. You might probably need 3 to 4 people to have it put in the right place which sometimes can be very inconveniencing if you do not have them around.

There are those lightweight yet very convenient RV mattresses which you can always buy. These include some memory or latex foam, bunk, twin among others with average densities and essential dimensions. However, not that some lightweight mattresses such as the Polypropylene Foam might not be the best for you in case you need a long lasting cushion.

Whichever you are choosing model is, always remember to consider the durability of every one of them. Innerspring mattresses are very durable as well as most of the memory and latex foam mattresses. They can last to about seven years or more.

Low price

Generally, the RV mattress is relatively expensive. But is it not worth buying that which adds excellent health value to you even if it is costly? Apart from just offering a sleeping platform, the RV mattresses provide lots of health benefit factors, motion insulation and customization options which are essential in its use. Therefore, buying that which will give you the best body care and comfort can be very worth.

In most cases, highly expensive mattresses last longer and are more reliable and convenient. However, still, you can always find that which fits appropriately into your budget yet still offers the same or better services.


The temperature of mattresses refers to the levels with which a cushion can keep the radiation heat coming from your body. The material, as well as the compactness of the mattress, defines the heat retention levels. Most high-density cushions are known to be of excellent heat detainment ability, unlike the otherwise ones.

For those people who sweat a lot while sleeping, the high-density mattresses may not be very appropriate for you instead of a more ventilated one. They can absorb the motions and give you a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep even when your partner keeps moving.

Alternatively, temperature regulation can go the other way round. If you drive into a chillier environment, some of the RV mattresses will adjust and offer you more heat that will let you have a peaceful sleep.


The firmness of an RV mattress strongly influence the general performances of any of these mattresses. More firm one is ordinarily, long lasting and very convenient. It only better than most RV models have an adjustable firmness level and therefore you can buy one and keep on readjusting the levels to suit your sleeping postures.

Frequently Asked Questions About the RV Mattresses

Question 01: How to maintain and check an RV mattress?

Embracing proper and recommendable cleaning methods: Different RV mattress comes with special instructions from the manufactures on the best procedure to follow in keeping the product clean. Some like the AB Lifestyles Camper King 72x80 USA MADE Mattress Pad, Quilted Mattress cover for Travel Trailer, RV or Camper allows for machine wash.

Otherwise, others come with an exclusive removable cover which can be cleaned and replaced if it tears or because of any other reason.

Offering proper storage: Before storing any of the RV mattresses, always ensure that they are entirely dry to avoid cases of bad odors, the growth of molds and so on. Also, do not store it directly to the sun or next to heat source, this will prevent excessive heating of the internal air to result in a fire.

Still, under storage, it is advisable that you cover your mattress with a washable waterproof cover to prevent moisture from sneaking in and cause damage. It is recommendable that you clean your mattress appropriately before storing it. It is a better way to ensure you do not introduce bacteria in which may thrive and affect you next time you use it.

Ensure your mattress is free, no item placed on top when storing. Such constant pressure may impact more permanent indentation.

Question 02: How long will it last?

The period with which the RV mattress will serve you effectively entirely depends on first of all its design and the material used and secondly the maintenance level you have placed for it.

Highly durable materials will make it last longer, 7 – 10 years or more if well maintained. However, if you buy that which compose of low-quality content, then it might not continue even for a year let alone taking good care of it.

Question 03:  Do I need to do anything to save an RV mattress?

Yes. You need to maintain it. Meaning, you will need to keep it clean while you are using it and well stored when not in use. Manufactures provides special instructions on this. However much your RV mattress model can be designed with high-quality materials and technology if no well-maintained it might not last long enough.

Question 04: What's the difference between Mattress and RV Mattress?

From their physical appearance, they are somehow similar considering their rectangular or square shape. Mattresses are rectangular or square shaped pads designed from different materials and in various technologies to provide an exclusive platform that supports the entire body whenever you sleep. Most of the mattress we have at home.

However, RV as much as they are mattresses also, they have elements of specialty starting with their features which qualifies them to be useful in the recreational vehicles as sleeping platforms. Compared to the ordinary mattresses, the RV ones are more comfy, convenient and durable.

Some of them like the 10-Inch Full MEDIUM-FIRM Memory Foam Short Mattress may not need bed frame as of their great thickness, unlike the ordinary mattresses

Question 05: When should I purchase an RV mattress topper?

When your mattress is extremely firm, and you wish to make it softer for better sleep.

Final Remarks

Having read through this review, you much now be equipped with the best reasons for going for a specific RV mattress not the other. Recreational Vehicles are for enjoyment, and it should never stop with visiting beautiful sites alone but also having a laxity sleeping place as well. Today, RV come with special mattresses that offer absolute comfort and of practical use for their purpose.

They often have great features like temperature regulation ability, whereby if you are that person who sweats a lot while sleeping, then an appropriate mattress will be those using the open cell technology. Otherwise, you can always go for the high dense one which can accommodate a lot of heat to warm you up in case you are in winter periods.

Most of the are RV mattress offers a suitable sleeping platform with a proper contour that molds your back efficiently eliminating all the pressure points to prevent backaches. They also conform compatibly to your shoulder and hip joints to ensure you sleep comfortably regardless of the positioning.

When shopping for any of the RV mattresses, it is always advisable to go for those that fully meets your need. You can still know this by considering your budget about the performance level of any of the mattresses. Otherwise, almost all of them will give you the best sleep ever.

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