What’s the Best RV Entry Door in 2020

Here Are Our 3 Top Choices and Guide

One of the first things you notice about a house is the door. You may notice the color, but you certainly notice the condition. A dingy, dinged door creates a bad first impression of the property. It suggests someone doesn’t take care of their home. It can also be a physical representation of the property. A beat up and beaten down door means it has been broken into. Conversely, a thick, solid door shows that the property is secure and may even deter thieves. More importantly, this concept isn’t limited to your home. The same is true of your best RV entry door.

What's an RV entry door, actually?

An RV entry door is the door that lets people in and out of the living section of the RV. This is typically separate from the door that lets a driver slide into the cab and behind the wheel. You could have a separate door that lets people go from the driver’s cab to the living section, but in this case, we’re talking about the door that is the de facto front door for your RV.

What does an entry door do? It controls access to the living area in the RV. It should protect your privacy and you possessions. Ideally, it dampens noise and minimizes heat loss.

The benefits of an Entrance door

A solid RV entry door helps protect your RV’s contents from theft. They can’t just come in and ransack it, taking what they want. It improves the overall security of the RV, too, since a potential thief can’t come in through the entry door and get into the cab before hotwiring it and driving off with your vehicle.

The best RV entry door does far more than just open and close. A great RV entry door lets you balance security and privacy. It may do this by giving you a large window to see out before you open the door to potential visitors. It should let you dampen sound and retain heat while letting you in and out whenever necessary. 

The best doors provide additional built-in storage or other benefits such as supports as you enter and exit the vehicle. That’s aside from fitting perfectly in the frame so you don’t let light and outside air in through the doorway.

01) AP Products Model 015-205998 30" x 72" Polar White RV Entrance Door

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

This RV door is made to fit in the typical 30 inch by 72 inch RV doorway. It has a 12 inch by 21 inch “obscure” glass window to let in light without affecting your privacy.

It comes with a matching screen door so you can choose to let in fresh air without having to open up the RV all the way.

Note that this is a right-hand side door. The hinges are on the right side if you’re facing the RV and about to walk into the coach. It can’t work the other way.

The polar or bright white door makes it a good choice for any white or multi-colored RV. Know that the color isn’t a good match with cream or off-white RVs.

The door is fairly lightweight. It doesn’t offer the greatest security from those who might kick it in. The unit isn’t as easy to install as it should be.

It often ships without installation instructions.

  • Privacy protecting window
  • Built-in screen door
  • It's one of the best RV entrance doors
  • Not as sturdy as it could be
  • Not easy to install

02) Lippert Components Model v000042629 Polar White 24 Inch x 68 Inch RV Right Square Door

Editor Rating: 4.4/5

This Lippert components brand RV door is designed for 24 inch by 68 inch entryways, though the company makes the same style of door in several other sizes.

Note that it is a right entry door. It cannot be reversed.

This is the best RV door for those who want a white door to seamlessly blend into the frame of the vehicle. You get a white door, white hinges, and clear but obscured glass.

The opaque glass lets in plenty of natural light without sacrificing your privacy.

This door is heavier than the first choice, but it is also sturdier. It has a strong deadbolt, though quality control issues may prevent it from locking properly. 

In some cases, you have to cut a portion of the door’s frame out to get the deadbolt to fit into the door.

  • Blends in on a white RV
  • Rugged
  • Secure
  • Less than ideal quality control
  • Fixes for mismatched hardware impede door strength

03) AP Products 26 Inch x 72 Inch 015-217709 RV Radius Entrance Door – 26 Inch x 72 Inch, Polar White

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

The door, door frame and hardware are all white. This means it blends in perfectly with a white RV, though it can fit with a multi-colored RV paint job, as well.

It has obscure glass to let in natural light without affecting your privacy. 

More importantly, the fiberglass skin reduces the drag caused by the door. You’ll actually improve fuel efficiency of the RV if you upgrade to this door.

Yet the heavy duty aluminum frame and deadbolt mean you aren’t sacrificing security. The door comes with a lock and deadbolt, too. This RV door fits a 26 inch by 72 inch door frame. 

The downside is that it doesn’t have the absolutely tight fit you might want. Note that the door is rounded at the corners, so it won’t fit RVs that don’t have the exact same corner radius.

It doesn’t come with a matching screen door. You’d have to buy that separately. Without these points, It's a valuable item as an another best RV entrance door. 

  • Low wind resistance
  • Blends in with white RV bodies
  • Heavy duty
  • High security
  • Be careful to get a fit
  • No screen door


An RV entrance door should be considered as important as the front door to your home. A good choice will improve the appearance and safety of your home on the road, while the wrong one will detract from it.

Determine the size and style of RV door you want, and choose one from our list.

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