The Best RV Door Locks (Key and Keyless) in 2020

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While the typical RV alternates between traveling the country and sitting in storage, one fact remains - you want it to be secure at all times. Good door locks on the RV provide peace of mind when you're sleeping in an unfamiliar location. They also protect the contents of the RV from theft when you're hiking and prevent the vehicle from being stolen. This is why the best RV door locks should be considered an investment. What are the various options when it comes to RV door locks?

Top 3 Best Door Locks for RV - Comparison

What's an RV Door Lock Actually?

When you say “RV door lock”, most people think about the door into the driver’s cab or living section of your recreational vehicle. And both of the locks on those doors are RV door locks. However, there are other door locks in and around your RV.

For example, most RVs have a secure lock on the storage compartment of the RV so that items can’t be stolen from it. Access to your generator storage area or batteries may be locked, whether it prevents theft or for one’s safety. 

Let’s look at some of the major types of RV locks on the market.

RV Door Lock

Here are various types of RV locks

01. RV Door Locks with a Key

These are among the most common RV door locks. This makes them cheap. They’re also familiar. That’s reasonable since they are the default door locks for entry to the driver’s cab and living section of most RVs. In many RVs, the same key lets you access the living compartment and driver’s cab.

In other cases, the same key that starts the engine lets you access the RV.

You can choose the type of door lock when you install your own RV door lock. This allows you to install a paddle handle door that gives you an easier way to open the door, and that may have 1 or 2 lock points. Or you could pick a door lock with a larger turn bar handle that you can open with an elbow if the door isn’t locked.

One of the downsides of the RV door lock with a key is that many manufacturers use a universal key for all of their door locks. This means that anyone with a key for your make and model of RV can gain access to your RV. It could force you to pay for a different door lock with a different key out of pocket to improve your security. Then it is hard to get a replacement key should you lose yours.

Another issue you encounter with these types of door locks is dimensional. The door has to be a literal fit, both in terms of the hole cutout and door thickness.

02. Keyless RV Locks

One point in favor of a keyless door lock for the RV is that you don’t have to mess with keys. You can’t get locked out as long as you remember the door code. The downside is that anyone can get access to the RV if they know your door code. Information security is now a necessity to protect your property.

The side benefit of keyless locks is that you can save the pass code into a phone so you can easily keep a backup without the security risk that comes with a sheet of paper shoved in the glove compartment.

Another benefit of keyless door locks is that many of them come with a key fob. Unlock your RV from a distance so the kids can get in even if they don’t know the access code. A major point in favor of keyless door locks is that they fit nearly every RV door.

The hard part for many is changing the pass code or the code for the keyless door lock if it is compromised. Many people struggle to do that. Furthermore, if the keyless entry pad is damaged, you’re probably locked out of the RV. You can call the average locksmith to replace a key lock. Fewer have the skills to replace a keyless door lock.

However, only keyless locks let you use the same entry code for every lock on the RV, assuming you replace them all with keyless locks. Just make sure they don’t get damaged or too wet. Otherwise, they may not work.

03. RV Compartment Baggage Locks

RV compartment baggage locks are specifically for the RV storage compartment or baggage area. These locks are often built into the RV, but some RVs don’t have a lock for these areas. In these cases, you have to pay for an additional layer of security. A compromise that some RV companies offer is a latch with a hole for a combination lock.

Unfortunately, that forces you to buy a separate combination lock and keep track of the lock and its combination. A compromise is using a keyless door lock on the baggage door, but this requires additional engineering to make work.

04. RV Baggage Door Catch

A RV baggage door catch is a specialized lock. It essentially holds the baggage compartment open and keeps it open until you want it to close. These items make it easier to load and unload your RV.

One downside is that they typically don’t come with the RV. You have to buy them separately. Then they have to be installed. Cheap versions of the baggage door catch will break.

Now you lack support for the door or have uneven support. Magnetic door hatches let you open them one handed, but you have to buy 2 pair and install them properly.

05. RV Passage Door & Privacy Locks

A RV passage door is the door that separates the living area from the driver cab in some RVs. The passage door lock or privacy lock only exists when the RV has this type of door. The average RV privacy lock is a cam lock or deadbolt that lets you lock people out of the living section. It is possible to get deadbolt locks. These are more secure.

One benefit of this is that someone who breaks into the driver’s section of the RV can’t enter the sleeping area while you’re asleep. Another benefit is that it guarantees the privacy of people changing or sleeping in the back while others are driving up front.

Note that the lock only slightly increases security. It may not protect you from someone willing and able to kick in the door.

Others: RV Lock and Door Accessories

If you’re buying an RV with keyed locks, you can probably buy replacement keys online. Depending on the make and model of the locks and knobs, you could replace the door latches and knobs to ones that suit you.

This is invaluable if your limited grip strength makes a standard door knob unusable. Or that knob that sticks out is something you keep hitting, so you want to replace it with a flat door handle.

Here are the Top 7 Best RV Door Lock Full Reviews 

After doing a great research, We could make a short list of  the best RV door locks available on the market and completed a fulfill review for each of them. As our experiences, We hope- Reviews will you guide the right way of buying one of the best from the current market. So let's start... 

01) RVLock Brand Key Fob and Keyless Entry Keypad

7 Best RV Door Lock Reviews 2020 (Key and Keyless Locks) 3

Editor Rating: 4.7 Out of 5

​Price: Check on Amazon

This RV lock by RVLock provides keyless entry to any part of your RV where you choose to install it. This makes it an option for those whose RV storage compartments or trailers lack keyless entry or have a broken lock.

This RV keyless lock can be installed in place of your existing door lock. It doubles as a door handle. The durable handle is a wide recessed handle. This lets you open the door without the door handle dinging the paint on the other side of the door.

This unit is unusual in coming with a wireless key fob. Use it to unlock the vehicle or storage compartment whenever you want. And you can get replacement key fobs if you lose yours.

Note that the batteries have to be replaced in both the lock and key fob for it to continue working.

The 10 digit keyboard creates more than a million possible door codes, making it almost impossible to hack. One downside of this model is that you can’t program your own code. The unit fits almost all types of campers. The roughly 4 inch by 3 inch to 1.5 inch door handle fits most trailers.

One issue is that the inside handle isn’t as solid as the external handle. The push keys themselves are not as durable as some of the alternatives. For example, if you push the buttons too hard, they can get stuck inside the hole.

  • Easy to use and comes with a convenient key fob
  • Can install almost anywhere
  • Flat profile
  • Can’t use code of your choice
  • Flimsy buttons

02) RVLock Brand V4 Keyless Entry Handle w/Integrated Keypad & Fob

7 Best RV Door Lock Reviews 2020 (Key and Keyless Locks) 4

Editor Rating: 4.5 Out of 5

​Price: Check on Amazon

This integrated keyless entry system combines the keyless entry system with a door lock to simplify installation. The unit works with the RVLock branded wireless key fob, but it also comes with one out of the box. You can also use conventional keys with this door lock.

It fits standard door handles, if it is the 3.75 by 2.75 by 1.5 inch size. It is typically easy to install and doesn’t require any cutting to put in a door that has the right dimensions.

A point in favor of this RVLock model is that the buttons are far more resilient. They can still wear out, but the buttons don’t get caught in the recess if you push too hard or at an angle. This is the best RV door lock for those who tend to damage soft push-in buttons.

It needs 4 AA batteries and goes through them quickly. The door handle itself is fairly flimsy. It can break off after repeated hard pulls, and it may break after just a year or two of regular use. While you can get replacement key fobs rather easily, the rest of the unit is not easily repaired.

A minor annoyance with this model is the loud beeping it makes while being used.

  • Easy to install
  • Works on almost all doors
  • Better buttons
  • Expensive
  • Loud beeping during use

03) AP Products Model 013-509 RV Deadbolt Door Lock

7 Best RV Door Lock Reviews 2020 (Key and Keyless Locks) 5

Editor Rating: 4.3 Out of 5

​Price: Check on Amazon

One point in favor of this door lock is that you can set the pin to whatever you want. The unit has lights in the keypad to make it easier to read at night when you’re trying to enter the door code, too.

Better yet, it automatically turns on the lights when you’re close by.

Its low profile means it won’t interfere with your screen door. It isn’t easy to install, but it isn’t hard to install. Fortunately, it fits most RV doors.

Like several other RV door locks on our list, it is powered by four AA batteries. However, it has the backup option of opening with a key in case your forget the code or the batteries are dead.

One downside of all the features is that it burns through batteries. As it drains the batteries, it may randomly lock and unlock because the sensors are confused.

In other cases, the damaged or malfunctioning control board needs all the batteries taken out and put back in to do a hard reset of the controller.

The automatic lock / unlock button doesn’t always work, either. When the unit is hot, including from direct exposure to the summer sun, the plastic can expand so much that the physical keys may not fit. Nor is there really a key fob.

  • Backup unlocking options
  • Customizable PIN
  • Multiple features for maximum visibility
  • Smart locks come with more that can go wrong
  • No key fob

04) MICTUNING Brand RV Keyless Entry Door Lock Handle Latch, 20 Meter Wireless Remote Control

7 Best RV Door Lock Reviews 2020 (Key and Keyless Locks) 6

Editor Rating: 4.4 Out of 5

​Price: Check on Amazon

It has a keypad and a remote control. Better yet, the remote control works up to 66 feet or 20 meters away.

This keyless entry system has the best water-resistance of any lock on our list. It has one of the highest fire protection ratings in the industry. The door handle itself isn’t the sturdiest.

It gets points for easy installation. It takes five to ten minutes to install. It fits the standard 3.75 by 2.75 by 1.5 inch door handle hole.

All hardware you need is included; unlike other sets, that actually includes the first 4 AA batteries you need for it to work.

The only downside is that the instructions are not easy to read if the installation isn’t obvious to you. It only takes a few steps to program it, too. 

It comes with a pre-programed code from the factory you can use if you don’t want to program it or in the rare case when you can’t reprogram it.

One downside is the short battery life. Fortunately, the unit does come with a backup key to unlock it. Sometimes the fob won’t pair with it, and then the fob just won’t work. The fob itself often stops working, and it isn’t easy to replace.

  • Works in almost any environment
  • Easy to install
  • Has all hardware and batteries you need
  • Fallback options if the batteries die
  • Short battery life
  • Key fob prone to failure

05) AP Products Model 013-531 Bauer Motor Home Door Lock

7 Best RV Door Lock Reviews 2020 (Key and Keyless Locks) 7

Editor Rating: 4.2 Out of 5

​Price: Check on Amazon

This is the best rv keyless door lock for those with 2-pin motorized RV entry doors. It can be used on almost any such door.

The system lets you program in your own PIN. The buttons themselves light up when you get close so that it is easier to enter in the PIN.

The downside is how often the key pad dies even if the batteries are fine.

Fortunately, this system has a key backup in case the batteries die, rendering the keyless entry unusable. It fits a wide range of doors. The downside is that it is so big that it interferes in many screen doors.

A minor annoyance is that the functionality is counter-intuitive. For example, the key and lock knob turn away from the door frame, when the opposite is true in almost every other door lock.

When the unit has internal wiring problems, it glitches out, requiring a reset, or it just stops working. That’s aside from the challenge of holding two buttons simultaneously to program the pin or reset it after the control board gets confused.

Nor can you really get replacement parts.

  • Fits almost any door
  • Backup keys come with it
  • Customizable PIN option
  • Counter-intuitive design
  • Periodically has technical problems

06) RV Designer Model T5077 Door Lock with Deadbolt (TriMark 060-1650)

7 Best RV Door Lock Reviews 2020 (Key and Keyless Locks) 8

Editor Rating: 4.3 Out of 5

​Price: Check on Amazon

This door lock with deadbolt fits most RV doors. The screws are even long enough to fit a 2 inch thick door. It is also plug and play and thus incredibly easy to install if you have an existing, compatible door lock from the same manufacturer.

You only get the plates, the locking hardware and 2 locks. No batteries come with it. One point in this model’s favor is that you can buy replacement or alternative door hardware like latch plates. You have the option to replace the hatch lids and cams with ones for the same color as your paint job.

The internal hardware is sturdier than prior models by the same manufacturer and the alternative products on the market. You don’t have to worry about breaking off the door handle.

However, the striker is prone to breaking. In that case, you’re locked out of the RV until you can get a locksmith to fix it.
An occasional issue is the product coming without all of the components. It varies on whether or not it is missing the tumbler or keys.

A different problem is the lack of compatibility with earlier Trimark products. Be very careful about backwards compatibility with prior Trimark/RV Designer door latches. That’s why we gave the specific Trimark model this one is compatible with.

Note that this door lock is entirely keyed. You don’t have a keyless option.
  • Replacement hardware available from manufacturer
  • Sturdy hardware in general
  • Failures tend to lock you out
  • Not keyless

07) AP Products 1212.1215 Model 013-257 Bauer RV Entrance Door Lock

7 Best RV Door Lock Reviews 2020 (Key and Keyless Locks) 9

Editor Rating: 4.2/5

​Price: Check on Amazon

This door lock exceeds federal safety standards. It is stronger and harder to pick than the average door lock.

This RV door lock can replace the Trimark model 060-0600 and 060-0650 RV door locks in addition to replacing the AP Products L300 door lock. 

The unit is the best door lock for those who need an affordable, solid replacement for these models. For other models of door locks, you may need to drill a square hole to install it, but it can be used in those cases.

The only downside is that it sometimes ships without keys. You may not be able to use your existing keys if you replace one of the compatible brands of RV door locks.

  • Far better than average
  • Direct replacement for two different brands of door locks

00) RV Remote 4-Button Key Fob for RVLock Brand Keyless Handles

7 Best RV Door Lock Reviews 2020 (Key and Keyless Locks) 10

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

​Price: Check on Amazon

This isn’t a full lock set for your RV. It is just a fob transmitter for the RVLock brand keyless door handle and lock. This key fob is listed separately because it works with any RVLock brand keyless door handles.

This means you can get wireless control over the door locks even if you bought one of their keyless RV locks that doesn’t have a key fob. You can use the keyfob as a universal remote for all of the “smart” door handles.

Furthermore, you can typically set up more than one keyfob so that each person in your party has the same capability. The system lets you program up to ten key fobs for a single lock.

A side benefit of this keyfob design is that it has two different lock buttons. This allows you to unlock a storage compartment lock or door lock without affecting the other one.

Note that this relies on batteries that have to be maintained.

The key fob can be connected to the standard key ring. That makes it harder to lose. Conversely, it can’t be paired up with a vehicle remote. Therefore, you can’t unlock the truck pulling the fifth wheel trailer and the trailer at the same time.

  • Works with all RVLock brand keyless entry locks
  • Easy to keep up with
  • Can control access via multiple key fobs or targeting individual locks
  • Doesn’t work with all keyless entry locks
  • Can’t pair with car remote


Your RV is an immense investment, and you want to do everything you can to protect it, its contents, and your family when they are within it. This means you must have the best RV door lock possible installed on the vehicle's access points.

The only question is which door lock is best for you, your situation and your vehicle.

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