The Best RV Covers/Protectors in 2020

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Every important equipment or vehicle that is worth preserving should always have a cover. Salon cars and buses have covers. Guess what; Recreational Vehicles do too. You use your RV for tours and travel, you invited friends over, and you probably stay in it at certain times. It is like a second home to you, and it needs to be in great shape to serve you longer. RV covers are designed to shield your RV from the elements of the weather such as hailstorms and scorching heat from the sun.

Picking the perfect RV cover depends on the size of your RV and a few other factors. It could be a daunting task, and that is the purpose of this review; to help you through the sorting process.

This review would also inform you on the best ways to maintain your RV covers and how to use them appropriately so that they can last longer too.

Top 3 Best Rated RV Trailer Covers - Comparison

Here are the Top 7  Best RV Cover Full Reviews

Many people love traveling a lot in various places, both near and far. They encounter challenges on the way especially if they are going with a vehicle which is deemed to be an easy option and preferably the best.

The car used is therefore exposed to outdoor elements such as the Ultra Violet rays, rainfall, bird droppings dust, and snow. There are high chances of keeping your RV cover for a long time, and this mainly can be done if one purchases the RV cover.

Therefore there are ways and methods that one can use to protect the recreational vehicle and the goods from being damaged.  One of the best ways is by using the recreational covers. Below there are seven best RV covers specific review.

01) Classic Accessories Overdrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover or Toy Hauler Cover fits 27`-30`RVs

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

The available sizes can fit in trailers of between 15 feet to 38 feet. 

The RV (Recreational Vehicle) Accessories such as rear tension panels and adjustable fonts provides and reduces the wind stress and also the inside moisture. Elasticized hem corners also act the same.

The RV storage cover, Triple-ply Polypro 3 prevents it from snow and rain. The dense areas of the top and side protect the vehicle from snow, dirt, and scratches.

The rope system and the provided toss bag reduce crawling under the vehicle. RV covers with access panels like zippered panels help in getting access to the engine and door areas easily.

The camper warrants like ladder caps and stuff stacks included in the features. 

These covers are easy to use, easy to fit and maintain hence to make it last longer and add more years of protection and value to the RV.

  • The RV cover is easy to install.
  • The zipper section helps in getting easy access the rear doors and engine areas
  • There is a money back guarantee for manufacturer’s defects.
  • It has a three year warranty incase of any damages.
  • It comes with ladder cups which help in protection and support for the user.
  • It can withstand strong winds.
  • It is breathable and keeps off moulds and mildew.
  • The zippers in the covers may not line with one's RV doors making it difficult to handle.
  • It should be handled with extra care as it is delicate.

02) Leader Accessories Travel Trailer RV Cover Fits 27`-30` Trailer Camper 3 Layer Size 366''l102W104H

Editor Rating: 4.4/5

The sizes of the product available are Size: 27`-30`, Fits 16`-18`, Fits 18`-20`,Fits 24`-27,Fits 22`-24`, Fits 27`-30`, Fits 30`-33`, Fits 33`-35`, Fits 35`-38`.

It has a grey color. The brand involved is known as Leader Accessories. The item weight ranges from 40.2 pounds.

The product dimensions used are 366x102x104 inches. The model number and the manufacturers part number of the product is 90101001.

Durable material such as thick, triple-ply top and single-ply sides play the role of protecting the RV from rain, dirt, and snow. It also helps in preserving the RV from early aging hence making it.

Providing of the custom fit is done by adjustable tear and rear tension.The air ventilation system reduces wind stress and moisture inside. The extra-long zippered panels allow easy access to the engine and door areas at any time.

  • It comes with a ladder cap which adds more protection
  • The adjustable tension panels get to provide a good fit for the cover.
  • It has a money back guarantee.
  • It also has a two year warranty incase of manufacturer’s defects.
  • It is easy to handle and fix since it is light.
  • The material is light which and if  mishandled it tears easily
  • It does not have adequate ventilation, and hence aeration is not good. This may encourage the growth of moulds and mildew.  It also keeps the inside humid.

03) ADCO 22894 Pop up Trailer Tyvek & Polypropylene Cover - 14'1" to 16', Gray Price and Size

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

The sizes available include 14`1``-16", Up to 8`1``-10`, 10`1``-12`, 12`1``-14`, 14`1``-16` and 16`1``-18`. 

The brand name involved is ADCO. The weight of the cover is 7 pounds. The product dimensions 14.6x14, 1x12.4 inches. The item model number and the manufacturers part number is 22894.

It is the most durable Trailer Cover in the market.The DuPont Tyvek Top Panel protects from the Ultra Violet rays from the sun which can cause damage.

It is made from polypropylene material which has a good breathability factor. The buckles and straps attachments prevent wind stress. The zipper systems allow and make it easy for access to the door and engine areas.

  • It is easy to fix
  • It is cheap and easy to maintain
  • Many reviewers who have purchased the product have rated it to be of high quality and arrive in the exact measurements as ordered.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Has good ventilation and allows for good air circulation.
  • Its varieties are of good quality
  • It comes with a warranty and money back guarantee.
  • Some customers have complained about the cover tearing easily, but this happens because of its light material. Not all covers work the same; others tear up in a short period than the expected time.

04) Classic Accessories OverDrivePolyPRO 3 Deluxe Class C RV Cover,

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

The available sizes are 20`-23`RVs, 23`-26`RVs, 26`-29`RVs, 29`-32`RVs, 32Feet-35Feet and 35Feet-38Feet.

The RV Accessories such as elasticized hem corners, adjustable front, and rear panels provide a good custom fit. The ventilated air systems together with quick-drying Polypro sides 1 reduce wind stress and moisture inside.

Triple Ply Poly- Pro prevents the RV from dirt, snow and any bad droppings. The rope system combined with toss bag helps reduce crawling underneath the RV.

The brand involved is Classic Accessories, the model and the manufacturer’s part number is 0116.2176, The item weighs 28.4 pounds, and the dimensions of the product are 105x108 inches

  • If well maintained the cover can last for a long time.
  • It has many positive reviews meaning that its quality is excellent and hence gives value for money.
  • It is breathable hence has a good air circulation and ventilation process.
  • The company offers a two year warrant in case of any defects detected
  • It has a money back guarantee incase of any defects and complains.
  • Some customers complain that the varieties are not the same some wear out fast
  • Some covers cannot withstand the harsh weather conditions in which they end up tearing apart faster.

05) Kingbird Extra-Thick 4-Ply Top Panel & Extra 2Pcs Reinforced Straps

Editor Rating: 4.2/5

The Kingbird Cover fits vehicles of between 20’ to 22’. Its size specification is 246”Lx105”W x 108”H.

It comes with 2 pieces reinforced straps that hold it tight to avoid being blown away by the wind.  It is breathable and hence allows for ample air circulation to prevent moulds and mildew from growing in the RV vehicle.

This Extra-Thick cover has six ventilation outlets that work against dampness. It is water proof, and it has an anti-UV light element to prevent it from the damaging effects of the UV light from the sun. Also, It is heavy duty and made from a thick 4-ply fabric.

This is grey in colour, and it is made from non-woven materials.  Its gross weight 21lbs.  The front and the rear panels are adjustable. It has a zip around the door to allow for access when not in use.

From the numerous customer reviews, this cover delivers on its promise of good quality and durability. It comes with a storage cover, two reinforced straps and four tire covers.

  • The Kingbird is breathable:  It allows for air circulation.
  • It is of high quality, very thick and is 4-ply.
  • This cover can withstand any harsh weather conditions such as the heat and lights from the sun, snow, wind and it is anti-tear.
  • It has a two year warranty.
  • Comes with money back guarantee.
  • It is water-proof and has fast dry quality.
  • Also, It is easy to fix and remove.
  • The seams on the straps are very weak.
  • It is heavy, and it may be cumbersome to carry and fix.
  • Very delicate and hence it needs to be handled with extra care.

06) ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover - 28'7" - 31'6", Gray

Editor Rating: 4.2/5

Available sizes include Up to 15`,15`-18`,18`-20`, 20`1``-22`, 22`1``-24, 24`1``-26`,26`1``-28`6``,28`7``-31`6``, 31`7-34` and 34`1``-37`.

The length 28`7``-31`6``and the cover accommodates everything that includes All types of front ends, air conditioners and extra-tall walls.It is designed to balance the high moistures and climate.

It also ensures maximum breathability.It is of good quality and highly recommended for all weather.The cover is easily accessed during storage. The brand name is ADCO.

This cover weight is 17.2 pounds. The product dimensions are 25x1x1 inches. The item model number and manufacturer part number is 52245. The RV cover helps in reducing the premature ageing of the RV and maintain its value for a long period of time.

07) Classic Accessories Overdrive PermaPRO Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover

Editor Rating: 4.0/5

The available sizes include15feet-18feet.  Fits trailers from 20 feet.

The trailer cover has measurements 27`-30`long, 118` fits well from the ground to the top.The RV accessories like the adjustable front and fear tension panels provide a perfect custom fit. During PermaPRO combined with the air ventilation system the internal moisture and wind lofting.

The long zipper pulls act like the ladders, therefore, no need for a ladder. The lightweight of the PermaPRO fabric repels water and protects the RV from the Ultra Violet rays.

The zippered panels make it easy to allow access to the RV doors and the engine areas whereas the storage compartments make it easy for one to access the four sides.

The brand name is Classic Accessories. The model of the product is 80-138-181001-00. The item dimensions are 23x11x11 inches.

  • The cover is light and easy to use and handle.
  • It has a money back guarantee and warranty.
  • This cover is durable and It lasts for a long time if well maintained.
  • It has zippers that allow for access to the door and engine while the vehicle is not in use.
  • It does not drain all the rain water and sometimes lets in water. Rain water may settle at the top and may eventually drip into the inside.
  • It tears easily if not handled with extra care.

What is the Best RV Cover Actually?

Imagine your recreation vehicle has not been in use for a few months, not covered and you are now planning to travel with it.  It will be in bad shape, so dusty with insects having creped inside, rusty parts, faded body, rain water as a result of undetected roof leakages and strewn leaves. The thought of trying to clean the mess is an uphill task.

Always ensure that your RV vehicle is covered with an RV cover to save you on cleaning, repair and maintenance costs.

The Different Types of RV Covers

Most RV covers are made from heavy fabrics which are water proof and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

  • Polyester
  • Tyvek RC
  • Goldline.
  •  Woven acrylic.

Different materials are used in different climates

Ensure that you understand your weather well before embarking on buying a good cover.  For areas with snow, an extra heavy duty cover would be ideal. 

Some RV covers can damage your vehicle by causing scratches if the cover is light it may be destroyed by the wind and hence exposing the vehicle to environmental dangers. Air tight covers are not good as moulds and mildew can germinate in the vehicle.

Ensure that you always fix the cover well as it may be ripped off by the wind.  Remember to remove it properly because it is heavy and especially when it is wet.  Carelessness may damage it rendering it useless.

Observe precaution all time

Always observe precaution when removing or fixing the cover.  Use a ladder for your own safety as stepping on the vehicle may damage it or result in an accident. Remember to wash you RV before covering it to reduce abrasion from dust and dirt.

A best RV cover should cover every part of the vehicle including the tires.Proper storage of an RV cover may prolong its life.  When not in use, ensure that it is well folded and put in its storage bag.

How Does An RV Cover Help You?

A best RV cover should protect your vehicle from scratches, harsh weather, dust, insects, rodents and water.  If it is exposed to the above, it may expose the users to dust, sickness and discomforts.

RV covers come in handy when it comes to retaining the beauty and durability of recreational vehicles in the following ways:

01. Keeps the vehicle from gathering dust

Some people are allergic to dust and especially if one is asthmatic, so it is important to keep your RV as dust free as possible. Dust in many circumstances contains dust mites which can cause a lot of skin irritation. Always make sure that your recreation vehicle is well covered to avoid dust from settling on the surface or getting in the inside.

A good RV cover should not allow dust to penetrate the vehicle.  Ensure that your RV is clean before covering it as contact with the cover and dust will cause abrasion on the vehicle’s body.

02. Ensures that insects are kept away from the recreational vehicle

Insects can be very irritating as they may bite you when you least expect. Examples of such insects include mosquitoes, bugs, spiders, ants and black flies.

Some of these insects can cause life threatening diseases like the mosquito which causes malaria. Others like bugs bite and suck blood from human beings. Investing in a good RV cover can prevent insects from entering and breeding in the vehicle.

A good RV cover also keeps rodents from getting into the vehicle. Rodents like rats can cause a lot of damages by eating items like mattresses, seat and covers and clothing.

03. It keeps the vehicle free from water, acidic rain and moisture

The RV cover is water proof hence preventing water from getting to the surface of the vehicle.  Sometimes, rain water may be acidic and getting into contact with the RV metallic surfaces may cause corrosion.  

Ensure that the RV cover does not allow any water to get to the surface. Moisture can result in the growth of moulds and mildew in the vehicle.  To avoid this, ensure that there is a breather on the cover to allow for air circulation.

Always buy a cover that is long lasting to avoid frequent purchasing of new covers.

04. Keeps the beauty of the vehicle

If your vehicle is covered when it is not in use, it will remain to look as good as new.  If it is not exposed to rain, sunshine, wind and snow, it will retain its original spotless look for a long time.  

The sun causes the original colour to fade while snow may make the color of the body peel off. Acidic rain causes corrosion on the vehicle, and this may cause the body of the vehicle to have holes as a result.

05. Keeps it from birds dropping

Birds’ droppings are acidic, and if they get in contact with your vehicle, they may corrode and discolour your recreational vehicle. With the RV cover, the cost of painting and waxing reduces.

Always clean the cover regularly to avoid stains from the birdsdroppings.

06. Ensures that the sun’s ultra violet rays do not destroy the body of the vehicle

If it is exposed to the sun for long periods, then it is bound to fade because of the UV lights. Failure to cover the vehicle with a good cover means that the temperatures in the inside of the vehicle, may lead to the rise and interfere with the normal operations of the vehicle.

07. Controls Temperatures

If a recreational vehicle is not covered with RV coverthe temperatures inside will get to extreme levels of either too cold or too hot. The maximum it can reach is 81 F.  

Covering your RV vehicle reduces the cost of painting, waxing and thorough cleaning of the vehicle.  It also increases the resale value of the vehicle.

Things to Consider before Buying A Perfect RV Cover.

A best RV cover prolongs the life of the RV vehicle and increases the resale value of the RV vehicle.  Before you embark on buying the RV cover, analyze your greatest needs.  Factors like the weather, the size of the vehicle and durability should be well understood and analyzed.

Also, ensure that the cover you intend to buy has a warranty and money back guarantee incase it does not meet your expectations.  Look thoroughly through the manufacturer’s descriptions of their RV covers to ensure that it meets your requirements.  

Also, put in to consideration the air circulation factors.  If it is not well ventilated, it may result in the growth of moulds and mildew.

A. Size of RV and Cover:

Take the correct measurements of the vehicle to ensure that youbuy the right size.  Take measurements from the longest point to get accurate measurements.  An under-size cover will obviously not fit, and an oversize one will cause abrasion on the body surface when it is windy.  Get the right size is paramount.  

An RV cover should have gutters for collecting rain water to avoid the effect of too much running down through the cover.  Some covers are easy to install while others are complicated.  Chose what you are comfortable working with among other factors.

A perfect RV cover should have reinforced corners to prevent tears especially when it is windy. It is important that the RV cover is able to cover the whole vehicle including the tires.

B. Type of Your RV:

It is good to know that different recreational vehicles require different covers.  Is your recreational vehicle for commercial use or for family leisure?  A commercial vehicle may not need to be covered for long periods whilea family leisure vehicle may not be in use for a long time.  

Therefore, select something durable if it is for family leisure. Some RV covers have zipped areas around the entrance area for easy access when the vehicle is not in use.

Some have bodies that are made of light bodies, easily corroded by water and get easily scratched by the contact of dust and the cover.  So analyze whether the body of the vehicle is delicate or handy.

All RV vehicles need RV covers, so it is good to identify which cover suits your vehicle.

C. Material:

There quite a number of materials that have been used to manufacture RV covers. Some materials can withstand strong heat, others are made for snowing areas, and others are made for rainy places.Some materials are durable and hence good because they will last for a long time.

Also, put into consideration whether the vehicle will be packed in a garage under a roof or outside.  For the garage parked vehicles, you may not need very heavy duty materials and the vehicle will not be rained on.

D. How easy to cover it?

Some RV covers are not easy to put up with some being more complex than others. Always use a ladder when fixing the cover to avoid stretching or damaging the cover.

Without that, some materials are light while others are heavy and some RV covers are capable of preventing the growth of mold and mildew which are common in wet places.

E. How easy to fold An RV Cover?

Fixing an RV cover may be cumbersome.  It is good to ask for help where possible which may reduce the chances of damages from mishandling. For RV cover to give you a good service ensures that is well kept while not in use.  Fold it well as per the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that it is clean and dry.

It is hard to fold the RV cover straight into its bag the way it comes from the manufacturers’. Some people have become wiser by buying a big waste basket with wheels. They fold the cover and put in the waste basket. Always ensure that the basket and the RV cover are both clean and dry to avoid moulds and mildew.

F. Price/Cost: 

Always consult an expert whowill help you to make a good decision when buying an RV cover.Consider reviews from other customers who have bought the covers.  

Find out if the cover comes with a warranty incase of the manufacturer’s defects.  Cheap many not always mean that an item is of low quality and expensive may not always mean that item is of the best quality.  So take your time to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

You may consider buying a used RV cover, but it will not have a warranty, and it may not be in very good condition.  When calculating the cost, remember to include the delivery cost of the cover. Take your time to shop for the best bearing in mind your budget.

Final Verdict

An RV cover is a basic need for everyone who owns a recreational vehicle.  Before making a purchase, always identify your reasons for buying it, right from the weather, to the size of the vehicle, quality of material and the cost.  RV covers help in preserving the vehicle and keeping in good shape as much as possible.

There are quite a number of companies manufacturing RV covers.  Ensure that you read through the customer reviews before buying the cover to avoid wrong choices. RV covers are expensive so buy wisely. Always get the right size as a size too may not fit well while an oversize cover may cause abrasion when it is blown by the wind.

The perfect RV cover for your RV is the one that fits it well, is easy to set up, takes a smaller storage space and most importantly is made of resilient material. All the reviews discussed above have most of these features. When shopping for an RV cover, look out primarily for them.

Even though most covers are black or grey, some manufacturers offer bright colours for aesthetic appeal. You can have 2 to 3 RV covers with you and use them interchangeably so that you can prolong their lifespan.

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