The Best RV Bike Racks in 2020

Comparisons, Guide, and Reviews

Camping, rving, and biking more often than not would seem to go hand in hand. It is not only a perfect way to get around a campsite, but young kids seem to never tire from how undeniably fun bicycling can be. The only big setback, however, can be getting the bikes to the various campsites or preferred destination while traveling especially to owners of RV’s. RV’s are of different types which also apply to bikes. Getting the best RV bike rack for a particular RV can be a bit tricky hence requires a certain type of finesse keeping in mind the various logistics involved.

Top 3 Best Rated RV Approved Bike Racks - Comparison

Here are The Top 9 Best RV Bike Rack Full Reviews

A perfect bike rack ladder can help RV owners to carry one, tow, three, and four bikes at once. BUT It's not so easy to find out what's the best on the current market.

For getting a better answer of the question, We researched a long time and already wrote a buying guide above. After doing this great job, we also listed the 7 best RV bike rack picks here and wrote specific reviews below_

01) Swagman RV Approved Ladder Rack

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

This particular Ladder rack can carry a maximum of two bikes safely and securely at a go on your RV. It mounts quickly to the rear RV ladder with its hooks.

The bike and the racks, with straps made of rubber, are secured in place. The Rack provides great support for bicycles with the dual-arm design. Also, it comes with reflectors at the end of each arm for added safety.

The racks are made entirely of aluminum. Aluminum, as opposed to steel and iron, has a coating making it rust and corrosion resistant. This makes the racks last longer and still look presentable. The metal will still retain its color and condition for a long period.

This type of rack fits most RVs and Motorhome ladder run shapes. In case one decides to get a new RV or vehicle altogether, they do not need to buy a new Rack since it will perfectly fit into it.

  • It has simple steps of installation. The rack comes with hooks which easily mount on the ladder.
  • The rack has straps which secure the bikes in place. It comes with reflectors at each end of every arm. This adds safety to the other road users.
  • It's one of the best bike racks for rv bumper and that's already approved.
  • The rack can only carry a maximum of two bikes and is therefore not ideal for families with more than two bikes. The racks can also not carry heavy bikes due to their lightness.

02) Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (1/1/4 and 2-Inch Receiver)

Editor Rating: 3.7/5

This is a bike rack that provides a stressless way to transport bikes. Each bike, on both the front and rear wheel, is safely secured at the frame for a safe and stable ride.

It also has cushioned hooks which are adjustable to allow different sized bikes to fit and ratchet down for a tight fit.

The ratchet arms of the frame are easily adjustable to suit different bike frames. It also has got a new frame grip The center arm folds down to allow access the rear of the RV without removing the rack.

The bike rack is easy to assemble and install. It required little or no technical knowledge to install it since all the procedures are in the insert that comes with the product.

BUT The rack is made entirely of steel. Steel, unlike aluminum, easily gets rust or corrodes after a lot of exposure to water and oxygen, assuming every time it rains, the racks will not undergo disassembly.

  • The bikes, on both wheels and the frame, are safely secured which ends up providing a stable and safer ride.
  • The rack is made of relatively light metal making the frame easy to install.
  • This type of RV bike frame is relatively cheap. It is considered affordable by most.
  • It'a another best rv ladder bike rack that's approved to use on RV
  • This particular bike frame can only hold up to a maximum of 2 bikes. It is, therefore, making it not ideal for large families with more than two bikes.

03) Swagman RV Approved Traveler XC2 with Bumper Adapter

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

This is a platform rack which carries a maximum capacity of two bikes behind your RV.

The rack fits into a 2″ class 3 hitch, or with the use of the bumper adaptor (included) it can be mounted to a 4″ – 4.5″ continuously welded steel RV bumper. 

The bicycle has sliding wheel hoops which fit 20 inches to 29-inch wheels.

It also contains a push button ratchet arms which easily adjust to secure bike and enable easy bike loading and unloading.

This RV bike frame is quite easy to install and remove. It requires o technical ability whatsoever to be able to assemble it correctly.

It has adjustable ratchet arms which makes it easy to load and unload the bike.

  • Although it is not entirely aluminum made, the rack is covered with an anti-rust coat to make it resistant to corrosion.
  • The rack has sliding wheel hoops that can fit 20”-29” wheels. This enables the rack to be able to fit different types of bicycle wheels.
  • The rack is pretty much heavy duty and can be cumbersome to carry when it is not attached to the RV.

04) Lippert Components 429756 Jack-It 2-Bike Carrier, Black

Editor Rating: 4.0/5

This RV bicycle rack has a Jack-It double bike carrier which allows one to view them from the rear view mirror as you tow your travel cargo down a road.

It has an innovative frame design which allows one to install over the tongue jack on the trailers.

Also, the Jack-It allows travel trailer owners to utilize the valuable rear hitch/cargo space for additional gear and gives owners a new cargo utilization space.

The rack carries the wheels of the bike for balance and stability. This greatly increases the safety of the bikes and other motorists. 

  • This RV bike rack can fit all bike frames. It frees up the trailer’s rear hitch area allowing ease of access to the roof of the RV.
  • It also allows ease of use due to its make. The power Tower frame also protects tongue jack from impact cushioning it well for safety.
  • RVers like this one for being one of the best bike racks for RV.
  • The rack is a little bit heavy and bulky. This makes it challenging to move it around or even during installation.
  • It can only be able to carry up to two bikes thus making it not ideal for campers with 3 or more bikes.

05) Surco 501BR Ladder Mounted Bike Rack

Editor Rating: 4.0/5

Sucro-501 BR is a bike rack which can easily mount on the ladder of an RV or van with a one-inch tube.

It’s one of a kind pivoting arm allows one to access the ladder by simply pushing it aside easily.

It can only be able to secure safely up to 2 bikes in a single drive. The rack is composed of aluminum (heavy gauge) with a satin finish.

It is quite easy to handle and install. This is partly due to the few components needed to assemble it. It practically requires no additional skills.

Sucro-501 BR has got pivoting arms which allow easy access to use the RV ladder.

The racks also mount without the need of straps or ladder removal.

  • Heavy gauge aluminum metal with a satin finish are the rack’s composition. This makes it rust and corrosion resistant.
  • This Bike rack is a great idea to utilize the ladder space, but it has design issues.
  • The bars are too short to accommodate two mountain bikes especially slightly bigger bikes.

06) Yakima RV Approved LongHaul Hitch Rack

Editor Rating: 4.2/5

This particular RV bike rack is built to withstand rough terrain and tracks from one side of the country to the other.

The Yakima can safely and securely hold up to a maximum of four bikes, which makes it ideal for a large family or crew with more than two bikes.

This bike rack has folding arms which can be easily put down when parking or for safe storage. It is pretty easy to install and remove too.

Bike-to-bike interference, with the anti-sway straps of the rack, is greatly reduced.

Also, It's built to withstand rough terrain even at high speed without any hic-ups. Its anti-sway design also minimizes bike-to-bike interference maximizing safety.

  • It can carry up to a maximum of four bikes. It is double as much compared to other bicycle racks. This particular feature is an added advantage to families or crews with more than two
  • This bike rack is quite easy to install. Assembly and installation practically take up to five minutes.
  • It is made of steel hence not rust protected. This makes the rack very much vulnerable to corrosion.

07) Stromberg Carlson LA-102 1-Inch Bike Rack for Universal Ladder

Editor Rating: 4.0/5

This particular bike rack is attached to your RV ladder and secured to ensure a “no rattle” rack.

Accessibility to the roof of the RV is made easy and possible due to the easily pulled out pins of the rack.

It can safely and securely be able to carry up to a maximum of two bikes to your campsite or any other desired destination.

Stromberg Carlson LA-102 is made of aluminum to prevent corrosion and rust enhancing durability.

Once installed, pins can be pulled to give you access up easily and down your ladder enabling loading of other things in the roof.

  • The bike, designed in lightweight material makes it easy to carry around and to work.
  • It is made of purely anti-rust aluminum making it resistant to corrosion. This increases its lifespan.
  • The rack is pretty easy to install. The instructions are straightforward and do not require many
  • This particular kit is hardly universal as it only fits ladders with one-inch Therefore, one has to measure the ladder tubes before making the purchase accurately.

08) Camco Model 51492 RV Ladder Mounted Bike Rack 

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

The Camco brand RV ladder mounted bike rack is designed to hook quickly and easily to the ladder on the back of your RV.

The bike rack can hold up to two bikes, though the maximum weight it can support is 60 pounds.

The bike rack has straps to help hold the bikes in place. Do not overload it or the hinges may fail. Don’t step on the rack while loading it. 

One benefit of this bike rack is how flexible it is. You can fold it up and stow it away in storage, or you can fold it up and strap it to the top of your RV, though it won’t hold the bike in that position. 

Other bike racks are as much a hassle to store as a trailer. Or they have to remain mounted on the trailer. This is the best RV ladder bike rack for those who want to have the option of moving or removing the bike rack. 

Be careful when you’re loading and unloading the vehicle, and exercise extra caution when backing up when this bike rack is loaded. It can get bent if overloaded, hit from the side or if you back up into something while it is extended. 

A minor annoyance is the bike straps; while they hold the bikes into place, they wear down quickly on exposure to the elements or a constant load. Monitor the condition of your RV ladder.

If it is loose, you could lose your bikes under the load. If the bike mount itself is bent, it should be replaced because it won’t be able to handle a full load. Fortunately, these are affordable little bike mounts. 

  • Easy to store on its own 
  • Convenient to install if you have a ladder on the RV
  • Easy to damage or bend
  • If the ladder is weak, you could lose your bikes
  • Not an option if you don’t have a ladder to mount it on 

09) Apex Rage Powersports Model BC2BM Bumper Bike Rack 

Editor Rating: 4.2/5

This bike rack can support either one or two bikes. It has a 60 pound maximum load. 

This heavy duty bike rack is made from steel; it will handle minor jolts, bumps and the occasional slow motion impact into something when you backup.

Another point in favor of this model is the range of places it can be mounted.

The reason is_ it can be mounted on 4” to 4.5” square bumpers, it could be mounted on either the bumper of an RV or the back of many trailers. 

Because it connects with U-bolts, you could disconnect it from one vehicle and move it to another rather quickly. 

You can also change the spacing of the tire holders to support adult bikes, kid bikes and other lightweight toys. Assuming your scooter, snowmobile or street motorcycle is within the weight limits, this bike rack can support those, as well.

The only requirements aside from weight are that it can’t handle tires wider than 1.75”. The dimensions make it a poor choice if you’re dealing with something that has tires more than 19.5” across, though, so know the dimensions of what you want to carry.

One downside of the design is that nothing comes with the bike rack to hold the bikes in place. You can buy separate attachments, or you can try to use bungee cords.

One potential issue is the design; you can’t mount bikes on the bike rack if there is a spare tire on the back of the RV where you’re mounting the bike rack; that isn’t an issue if the spare tire is moved to the side of the RV. 

  • Durability
  • Can carry anything within the weight limits 
  • Doesn’t have extra features to keep the bikes on the rack 

What is the Best RV Bike Rack Actually?

An RV bike rack is simply a device attached to a vehicle, in this case, an RV, to which bikes can be attached safely for transport to various destinations.

They come in different sizes and quality depending on the users’ specification and the type of RV in question. Not all bike racks are suitable for all RVs or bikes; it is all about compatibility. 

If you own a bike that does not fit your bike rack or a bike rack that is not compatible with your camper, then trouble automatically begins.

Best RV Ladder Bike Rack

How to Install a Ladder Bike Rack in Your RV?

Installing an RV ladder is quite easy. It comes with instruction on the insert of the product. In the package there contains nuts and bolts which fix it to the ladder in the RV. There is a step by step guide on where to fix what and how many nuts or bolts are required to make it intact safely. 

It also comes with straps which hold the bikes in place to avoid unwanted movement during transportation. Check to make sure the bicycle’s wheel does not hang below the RV bumper.

Installing a Bike Rack on Your RV has Numerous Advantages. They include:

01. Safety

We have very much established that camping and biking often go hand in hand. RV bike racks are the safest way to carry the bikes to the desired destination.

The various arms and straps lock the bikes firmly in place preventing any unnecessary movements or possible falling off of the bikes from the vehicle during transport. This assures the safety of the bikes and other road users since falling off the bike might cause unrest in traffic or possibly an accident. 

Also, the racks come with reflectors at the end of each arm to enhance the vision of other road users particularly the ones behind the RV.

02. Weight

Most of the bike racks remade of metal. The metal can be either lightweight or heavy. Light metals are preferred (aluminum) to heavy since they are easy to install and remove. Heavy metals are used mostly in racks that can carry more than two bikes due to the mass of the bicycles.

03. Stability

The bicycle racks come with straps. These straps are for attaching the wheels of the bikes to the RV’s ladder. This prevents bumping of the bike wheels against the bumper of the RV. When the strapped bikes in place, it increases the stability of the vehicle, in this case, an RV.

The racks also have cushioned hooks. The cushioned hooks are adjustable to fit the various bikes to increase stability.

04. Durability

Most of RV bike racks are of lightweight aluminum material. Aluminum, unlike other metals, is resistant to rust. This trait makes it superior to others. The aluminum is resistant to corrosion unlike iron and steel making them more durable.

05. Easy to Assemble

The best RV bike racks in the current market are easy to assemble and disassemble. The product comes with an insert having a detailed step by step instruction on how to install it. This makes it quite suitable for everyone since not much technical knowledge or ability is used or required.

06. Pocket-Friendly

Bicycle racks are pocket-friendly in so many aspects compared to other forms of transit. First, they are relatively cheap. RV bike racks are quite inexpensive making it possible for the vast majority to be able to afford. 

Secondly, since the racks themselves are durable, it saves the cost of buying new ones every time one needs to go camping. 

Thirdly, during travels, one only needs one trip avoiding unnecessary cost of travel to get the bikes after arrival to the desired destination.

07. Capacity to hold bikes

Various bike racks have different capacities to carry the bikes. Most of them can only manage two bikes, but there are others which depending on the RV can carry up to 6 bikes.

There are Three Major Types of RV Bike Racks. They include;

01. Bumper-Mounted Racks:

One of the options for carrying your bikes is with Bumper-Mounted Racks. This is a great option for motorhomes having a four by 4 inch or 4-1/2 inch x 4-1/2 inch rear steel and continuously welded bumper.

One should, however, make sure that the RV’s bumper is of steel with a weld that stretches the length of the bumper failure to which the bumper may fail to support the weight of the bikes and rack.

This particular rack allows one to carry two or more bikes without necessarily requiring a trailer hitch on the RV. It also leaves the RV ladder open for roof access or storage for other cargo at the campground.

RV Bumper Mounted Bike Rack
02. Ladder-Mounted Bike Racks

The second option for carrying bikes in an RV is with ladder-mounted bike racks. These are racks specifically made or designed to hang and fit on the RV’s rear ladder.

The bikes are secured in the racks vertically. The front tire is the one that is normally close to the ground. They are perfect for carrying 2, lightweight bicycles.

The bikes, separated by two compartments, are on its hinge strapped. They are a great option for when your RV doesn’t have hitch receiver or a bumper. 

RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack

The racks, to the ladder in the rear, are tightly fixed, and the best part is that they can be rotated, or removed for you to use the ladder to access the roof of the RV.

03. Hitch-Mounted Racks

Hitch mounted bike racks are also a great option for bike transportation in your RV. Most RVs come with a preinstalled trailer hitch which makes these types of racks an easy solution.

They come in 2-,3-, and 4- bike designs and two rack styles, i.e., hanging and platform styles. Hitch-mounted racks have an added advantage in that they still work pretty well on your RV when not camping.

They fit the standard 2-inch hitch receiver which is similar to the ones found in many vehicles.

If you wish to flat tow another vehicle behind your RV, a hitch mounted rack will make it possible for you to transfer the bikes from the RV to the vehicle when you wish to leave for the trail.

RV Hitch Mounted Bike Rack
Generally, hitch-mounted racks are the best for an RV. 

One of its advantages is that they come with a pre-installed trailer hitch, making it very easy to install and use. They also come with various designs and can carry up to six bicycles which is only practical to RV since smaller vehicles cannot easily support all six bikes in a particular spot.

Final thoughts

Sometimes it advisable to take a week or weekend off from the day-to-day routines of our lives and drive off to the countryside away from the city where there are fresh air and enough space. Camping or weekend get-away go hand in hand with bike riding. Bikes help in easy movements from one area to another also helps drop some pounds due to the exercise.

RV bike racks are perfect for transportation of the bicycles to the desired location. They ensure the safety of the bikes, other motorists on the road and even the condition of the RV as it does not interfere with any of its components. The RV bike racks come in different sizes, designs, quality and carrying capacities.

We are at liberty to choose what we prefer, whether it is the two-carrier, four-carrier, adjustable arms or reflective ones. The options available are quite many.

Different bike racks are designed to fit the various specifications, if one is going for stylish ones, the rack is available, on the other hand, if one decides too for security, the ideal rack is also available.

They all come with instructions on how to install and remove hence not much technical prowess is necessary. With all the advantages, one can only be compelled to get a bike rack, so purchase one for yourself today and experience just how much easier biking can be.

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