The Best RV Air Conditioners in 2020

Comparison, Guide, and Reviews

Gone are the days when one has to endure uncomfortable temperatures, be it inside the house, vehicle or outdoors. The invention of air circulation devices that not only heat but also cool the air around has made things easier. If you are a car owner, especially a trailer, an RV air conditioner comes in handy. RV stands for recreational vehicle commonly trailers and motor vehicles. The vast advantages like dehumidifying, cooling and heating the air as per your preference make them a comforting partner.

Also, AC units help make a road trip more enjoyable with the unpredictable weather conditions.

In this in-depth article, we have information on the top 9 Air Conditioner currently in the market, what to look for when purchasing these AC units, the features, pros and cons, and also what makes each one of them stand out.

Top 7 Best Air Conditioners for RV - Comparison

What is an RV Air Conditioner?

An RV air conditioner is an affordable, effective and portable AC unit. For an RV (Recreational Vehicle) owner having a conducive and breathable atmosphere inside the car is a plus. That's why the invention of RV air con designed for mobile purposes and people always on the have made it more convenient. An RV air conditioner is a device for circulating cool and warm air throughout your car's interior.

To be more specific, the air con has a compressor for flowing the cooling fluid through fins and coils of the condenser with an inbuilt fan to blow fresh air throughout your car. What turns on and off the fan and compressor is a thermostat. For those who do not know what a thermostat does, is to sense and regulate the temperature around your RV to an optimal rate. No more worries of stuffy and uncomfortable air. Most RV's air con units can be either ducted or non-ducted. With the ducted ones, the vents in your car's ceiling deliver cold air. 

Furthermore, your vehicle's battery is enough to keep your AC unit up and running for hours without problems. Besides, the advanced AC products have both a heating and cooling system. You can choose to warm up your car's interior during the cold seasons or cool it during the summer. Why most RV owners use an air con is because they are easy to move in and out, lightweight, highly portable, simple installation and offer a calming atmospheric environment.

Here are the Top 9 Best RV Air Conditioner Full Reviews

The construction of RVs air conditioner units is different from other ac units like for instance, window units. Several renowned brands like the Colemans and domestic specialize in producing high-quality ac products.

Read through our list of the top 9 best RV air con units for more in-depth information on the features, functionality and ease of use. They are as follows:

01) Domestic B59516.XX1C0 Brisk II Polar White Air Conditioner (15, 0000 BTU410A)

Dometic B59516.XX1C0 Brisk II Polar White Air Conditioner

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

We all know that products made by Domestic manufacturers are of superior quality. They have come up with yet another ac item that has excellent features. The white exterior body blends well with most interior car's decor and also very easy to clean.

Also, it features a compact construction that offers a simple installation and replacement process. Besides, it comes with a powerful motor that guarantees a smooth and easy operation even in extreme continuous use.

The domestic ac boasts of a compact design that enables the user to have a straightforward installation, replacement, cleanup and even storage. Due to its small size, you can easily install and uninstall it without the need of an extra pair of hands.

Also, for a thorough cleanup, its size makes it easy, quick and an enjoyable process.

Long-lasting Performance

With this air con, you are guaranteed nothing short than premium performance. The white outer casing has a beautiful white coat finish. Not only does it add an extra beauty to the overall appearance but also can withstand continuous and extreme use.

Powerful motor and fan

The inclusion of a reliable engine that assists the fan to perform its duties without any hitches ensures your entire unit operates effortlessly. The fan offers a steady and consistent air circulation to your item and guarantees a heat stress-free operation.

Sturdy Base Pan

The base pan of the above unit is sturdy enough to provide maximum stability. Most ac units fail to have this feature, but the domestic white AC prides itself on having one. The presence of a base pan gives a more distinct and straightforward appearance.

  • Affordable
  • Over 13.5k BTU to offer maximum power
  • Efficient and reliable
  • No clear installation instructions
  • A little noisy

02) Advent ACM150 Rooftop Air Conditioner, White, 15000 BTUs, 115 Volt AC Power

Editor Rating: 4.4/5

Advent manufacturers have the high AC unit with an incredible 15000 BTU plus 115 voltage capacity.

Advent air con has an advanced mechanism with a superior 15000 BTU power consumption to ensure a secure and efficient power consumption. 

Also, the BU with 115 Volt AC power guarantees your car's battery life is in use efficiently without the need for draining it. You can also heat and cool the interior temperature of your vehicle with zero interruptions even while driving at high speeds.

6 dense foam support pads

The 6 foam support pads offer high resistance and reduce friction between the inner parts of your RV air con unit. Also, they ensure an almost quiet performance even under extreme use.

The pads are well built and hold the entire unit firmly in place with the risk of damage like scratching and bruising during installation. With the pads, they guarantee a peaceful action and yet breathable atmosphere inside your car.

3 Fan Speeds

The inclusion of 3 fan speeds ensures no heat stress occurs in your entire unit. They are constructed in standard 14.25" by 14.25" vent opening to ensure they are compatible with most RVs.

The presence of 3 sturdy inbuilt fans offers a smooth, consistent, efficient and straightforward airflow for a better and long-lasting AC unit operation.

High-grade Material Construction

With the above air con unit, the design is unique and high-quality. The materials offer extended performance because they can withstand harsh actions and weather conditions.

For example, during summer, more metallic devices get affected by heat stress. Also, due to the high-quality elements with advanced technology, it is eco-friendly. There are no harmful effects that the above ac unit causes to the environment.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Works efficiently
  • Clear instructions
  • No variety of colours

03) Domestic Sanitation 143002P041 Rivet Semi Tube PKG

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

If you want to purchase an air con item that comes with all the parts, without the need of buying them elsewhere, then domestic sanitation is the best fit.

It comes with non-ducted ceiling kit and weighs only 75 pounds. Due to its lightweight features, you get to operate it with ease.

Domestic ac unit prides itself on having a high-quality product that uses 110 volts. You get to run your AC without interruptions and still save on power consumption.

The above unit ensures your car battery life is efficiently utilized. There is no need to buy a backup power source like a generator during a road trip because the 110V works efficiently. 

Domestic brisk non-ducted ceiling kit 3314851.000

Most air conditioners do not include a ceiling kit in the box. With the above ac accessory, you get a non-ducted ceiling kit. Hence, saves you money for the purchase of extra accessories.

For a user who wants to purchase a full unit with the inclusion of essential parts, this unit is one of the best choices.


Domestic sanitation weighs only 75 pounds which makes it a lightweight product. The lightweight components enable you to operate it without too much effort.

Also, for a thorough cleanup, you are guaranteed a seamless and straightforward operation.

Standard Dimensions To Fit Most RVs

The above unit measures 28 by 24 by 12 inches which is a standard size that fits most cars, trailers and other trucks. You do not need to perform any adjustment to your car's interior to install this ac unit.

The installation process is clear and straightforward with minimum to zero expert skills.

  • No special tools needed for installation
  • Well-written instructions
  • Efficiently cools and heats
  • Quiet
  • Short wire length

04) Coleman 48203c966 Mach 3+ A/C Unit

Editor Rating: 4.1/5

Coleman's air conditioner comes with a motor that is positioned directly to your unit's bulkhead to ensure no distortion of the blower wheel angle. This allows a free and uninterrupted turning functionality.

Also, it consists of a strong 1/3 hp motor making it the largest in the market.

The 1/3 hp fan motor works efficiently and offers maximum support to your AC's fan. The fan can work tirelessly with zero effort. With this motors, which are the largest in the market, you get a unit that does not overheat or malfunction due to extreme continuous use.

Strong 1-inch rubber seal

The above unit has inbuilt 1-inch rubber seals with arrows on it to help the user know how far/tight to tighten the unit. Also, the presence of the indicators offers clear directions for a person who does not know how to read. It is an excellent way to make any user understand without being too literate or tech-savvy.

Simple Plug

With the above unit, it comes with a simple plug that is easy to use. You do not need any manuals or specials plug pins because it is compatible with most power inlets.

Amazing Design

Coleman's Mach 3+ air con boasts of a significant construction that stands out from the rest. It comes with a separate mounting component inside which allows your ac to either be ducted or blow out. This feature makes it a significant hit to both small and big-sized RV's.

  • Noiseless
  • Rubber seals with arrow indicator
  • Easy to install
  • Great design
  • Does not come with the ceiling assembly
  • Heavy
  • Sharp edges

05) Atwood 15026 Non-Ducted AC Unit

Atwood 15026

Editor Rating: 4.4/5

Atwood non-ducted air con features an inbuilt vent corp to ensure air circulation moves in and out smoothly. The 88-pound weight makes the above unit a lightweight item for the user to operate and clean it efficiently.

Also, it comprises of dual fan motors that offer a quiet activity for either a continuous or a non-continuous use.

The vent corp works efficiently throughout the year, no matter the season. It ensures a smooth flow of air inside and outside your unit. There is no need to clean your vent system daily because the mechanism in use guarantees no interruption caused by dust and debris.

88-pound AC unit

Another notable feature is the 88-pound weight of this unit. You can install and uninstall it without the need for a second person to assist. Also, for any cleanup and replacement, you can easily carry it around and work on it without distractions and use of too much energy.

15000 BTU Power

Having an air conditioner with a 15k BTU power gives you more user convenience as compared to the rest. Firstly, your unit can reach your preferred levels almost instantly thus increase comfort levels.

Secondly, if you want a more heated or more cooling environment, the BTU power cycles efficiently to offer and meets the preset guidelines.

Non-ducted duel fan motors

The above air con product comes with non-ducted duel fan motors which not only provide a quiet operation in moderate use but also in extreme continuous operation. The fan motors work in tandem to guarantee a steady and long-lasting performance.

All the interior parts can work effortlessly and function as intended without the effect of heat stress.

  • Remote control works great
  • Very quiet
  • Superior performance
  • Impressive blower power
  • No ceiling assembly/kit for new install

06) Domestic 640315CXX1J0 Penguin II Black 410 Amp Low Profile Rooftop Air Conditioner

Editor Rating: 4.2/5

The above model only weighs 99 pounds and is a construction from the Domestic brand. It has a classy design and a low profile of as little as 10 inches. It is a 13.5k BTU air-con device that gives you the option of installing as a ducted or non-ducted AC hence added convenience. 

Note that the non-ducted model is inclusive of ADB air distribution control kit.

The penguin 11 low profile air con has an inbuilt R410A refrigerant which releases heat more consistently and efficiently thus guarantees the user's interior temperature preference with zero fuss as it cools the inside of your car almost instantly.

Compatible With Most Roof Openings

The above air conditioner accessory has a practical construction that fits most standard-sized 14" by 14" roof openings. It allows most users to save tons of money without the need of purchasing additional parts to amend the design of your car's roof opening.

Low Profile Under 10-inches High

Penguin II air con has one of the lowest profiles currently in the industry. It measures just under 10-inches in height thus not affecting the space inside your RV. You can install, replace and install it without needing another person to assist you.

Sleek Design

The exterior built is stylish and very eye-catching. You get a considerable reduction drag as you drive off thus it will improve your car's mileage.

Also, it can act as an excellent gift for a person who loves travelling throughout the year regardless of the season to offer a conducive atmospheric environment and a predictable-free weather condition experience.

  • An eco-friendly R410A refrigerant
  • Sleek design to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Low profile that saves on installation space
  • Efficient heat release
  • Noisy
  • No inclusion of ceiling assemblies

07) Coleman 48204C866 Mach 15+ AC Unit

Editor Rating: 4.0/5

Coleman is widely renowned for coming up with high-quality outdoor devices. With this low profile AC unit, you get a low drag thus improved petroleum efficiency.

Not only does it have a cooling but also heating elements. You get a 2-in-1 use from a single unit at an affordable price.

Coleman has an incredible thermostat sensor that works efficiently throughout the entire use. The sensor senses the levels of temperatures of your unit.

The main advantages of the temperature sensor are to offer a more stable and higher accuracy temperature levels. Your unit will work efficiently without overheating or cooling down problems.

Low Profile

The low profile design gives you more extra room in your car. You can get the preferred temperature levels and also store other useful components inside your car.

Also, the low profile construction does not interfere with your car's interior look. Furthermore, there is low drag which later on improves your fuel consumption.

2-in-1 Functionality

With this amazing air conditioner, you get value for your money. You can either have a heating or cooling experience with the simple touch of a button.

A road trip or an adventure to the wilderness will be more than just the normal experience because you can regulate the temperatures in this unpredictable weather conditions.

Metal Sensor

The metal sensor gives the user the peace of mind if there is any malfunctioning with the unit and start repair immediately.

  • Pushes more air than other units
  • Easy to replace and install
  • Inclusive of a 2-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Heavy for a single individual to install comfortably
  • Heat strips sold separately
  • Complex mounting system

08) MaxxAir 00-325001 TuffMaxx A/C Shroud-Polar White

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

The above unit weighs 13.2 pounds, and one person can easily install it. You can move it from one place to the other effortlessly and also perform a thorough cleaning. Due to its lightweight elements, you can store it safely when not in use.

UV protected plastic

Having a unit that is built to precise perfection is an added advantage. The above item uses a UV protected plastic that offers many advantages.

For example, your unit will not fade due to sunlight's exposure, no presence of colour change that affects the overall appearance and more.

Polar White

MaxxAir boasts of a classy polar white finish. The exterior colour makes this unit standout and more comfortable to clean. You can spot dust and debris that come in contact with your AC and have a simple cleanup.

Also, the polar white colour blends well with most interior decor inside your car.

In-built Rear Fin Guard

The fins are the most delicate parts inside an air con. The most common reason for a poor airflow is due to the bent fins which block airflow through your unit's coil.

With this accessory, your fins are safe and secure because of the presence of the inbuilt rear fin guard.

  • Polish finish for easy cleanup
  • Presence of a rear fin guard
  • UV Protected plastic
  • Lightweight
  • A bit pricey

09) ICON Brisk Air Dometic Duo Therm RV Air Conditioner Shroud, Old Style

Editor Rating: 4.1/5

The design is superior as compared to other ACs. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme use.

The above item uses a UV protected plastic that offers many advantages like ensuring your unit does not fade due to sunlight's exposure, no discolouration that affects the overall appearance and more.

The above unit has a mechanism that is compatible with all old style such as 11000, 13500, 15000 BTU Brisk Air. You do not need to buy extra accessories for your car for this ac shroud to fit perfectly.

Lifetime Warranty

For a user having the peace of mind is one crucial factor. The above accessory comes with a lifetime warranty that adds to your user convenience and experience.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Compatible with all old style brisk air by Domestic
  • Easy to install and use
  • Lightweight
  • Does not come with an AC cover

Difference Types of RV Air Conditioners

There is a wide variety of RV units, but not all are compatible with all air conditioners. The distinct features are like the shape, size, profile, weight and so on. When you purchase an RV ac, you have to double-check the model type that is compatible with your vehicle. Here’s a list of the top 5 types of RV ACs. They are as follows:


Ducted air con is the most widely unit in use for either motor or home purposes. The ducted AC unit comes with multiple ducts made of metal sheet in the ceiling and wall. They are dual purpose for the use of cooling and heating operation. Another notable feature is that this AC product has a unique construction that aids to match with the ducts of your RV to evenly distribute air throughout.

Additionally, the ducted air conditioners are less pricey to perform maintenance since they have fewer components as compared to non-ducted ones. A disadvantage with the above unit is that hot air mixes with cold air due to the gap between the zones.


A non-ducted air conditioner does not have any ducts in the walls for distribution of air. They blow air out or distribute to the bottom part of your unit directly down from the ceiling part itself. Many users prefer the ducted to the non-ducted ACs because of the aesthetic effects. In the former, everything is neatly tucked into walls and ceilings for less visibility.


A rooftop air conditioner is commonly installed overhead. The shape and design of your roof is a significant determinant on which RV model to purchase. The unit should fit to avoid unnecessary loss of money due to the purchase of the wrong model. With the above AC product, you can save your RV’s interior space because of the “into-the-roof” construction.

The rooftop air cons range between 5000-15000 BTUs, either ducted or non-ducted. The air outside cools the AC hence external atmospheres is a big influencer. The installation process can get a bit difficult because:

  • Requires at least two individuals for a proper installation
  • Weighs over 100 pounds
  • Involves vents and wires connection.


Portable air conditioning units are similar to the mobile home ACs. To ventilate the air properly in a smooth cycle, they use one to two hoses. Also, they are inclusive of adjustable frames for your window to aid in proper and stable positioning. They usually are lightweight to give the user an easy and straightforward installation.

Under Bench

An underbench RV air conditioner works best when there is limited space on your car’s roof. If you own a vehicle that is crowded with other components on the roof, an under bench is the better option.  The design of the above air con is unique and practical to fit most small-sized vehicles.

Also, if your RV’s roof construction has the wrong dimensions, it can be easily be installed inside your car.

Window AC units

Window air con products provide an excellent cooling capacity because the floor space is not in use. They are made in a very compact construction that can go as little as 14 inches. The compact design makes it easy for the user to replace, clean and install easily without the need for another set of hands. They are also known to produce little to zero noise.

What are the Benefits of an Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners are gaining in popularity because of the vast benefits they offer. Not only are they easily accessible but also widely available. You cannot fail to see one in either a trailer, a motor vehicle and even inside a residential house. The following are the advantages that come with the use of an air conditioner:

Increases Comfort Levels

There are times when the weather conditions are very unpredictable and planning a relaxing road trip can become a challenge. Fortunately, there are RV air cons that greatly increase the comfort levels inside your car’s interior atmosphere. They can be used during both the cold and hot weathers, thus makes driving from one place to another an enjoyable experience.

Another advantage is for the elderly and vulnerable people in the society who need a relaxing and eco-friendly environment. Extreme atmospheric temperatures can have negative influences like heat-induced conditions.

Reduces Heat Stress

Heat stress is any unfavourable atmospheric temperatures that not only affect the machines or tools in that room but also can damage them. The most common places that are affected by heat stress are commercial premises like restaurants.

Some of the metallic equipment found  in restaurants work non-stop, and the presence of air con is necessary to ensure there is a reduction of the heat stress that affects the delicate parts of the machinery like computers, microwaves, fridges plus more.

Reduce Food Spoilage

Another benefit is that air conditioners help to reduce food spoilage. The even distribution of airflow throughout makes perishable foods last longer. For example fruits, vegetables plus more. That is why major food stores and mini-marts have inbuilt air conditioners inside their stores.

The unique system these units use ensures there is continuous cool air flowing throughout. A study done by the National Institute of Open Schooling shows that cool air reduces food spoilage.

Prevents dehydration and heatstroke

The leading cause of dehydration is exposure to tons of excessive heat. The body struggles to regulate its temperatures properly in unfavourable temperatures. According to research done by the failure or lack of controlling the body’s temperature accurately can lead to brain damage and also cause harmful effects to other essential body organs.

One way to prevent heat stroke is by reducing the extreme unfavourable heat in the atmosphere. That’s where an air conditioner is commonly known as a lifesaver by most users.

Aids in reducing allergies and asthmas

The most important function of an AC unit is to bring a cooling effect and a breathable atmosphere. Not only that but also they help to filter and disinfect the air we breathe. After the air filtration process, the presence of pollen and dust in the air is significantly reduced.  

Another benefit is the prevention of the rapid growth of mould and mildew. Mould exposure is the leading cause of asthma attacks, respiratory problems, and even allergic reactions.

Improves Air Quality

There are places one visits or stays that has a kind of stuffy atmosphere. The adverse effects of these are numerous, but the key one is making breathing a challenge correctly. The use of AC accessory helps to improve the indoor air quality.

The mechanism and unique system an ac use involve filtering out dust, allergens, and pollen that are present in the atmosphere, to make the air free from them. To add on, the reduction of humidity decreases the growth of mould and mildew.

Increases Productivity

The use of an air conditioner can alleviate the mental block or sluggishness that comes by due to a scorching day. According to a report by Scientific American, the energy the body utilizes when trying to cool itself down causes the inability to reason and to think correctly. It is a proven fact that when offices or workstations are properly air conditioned, individuals work is more productive and also better decision making is made.

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Perfect Air Conditioner

Air conditioners come in different shapes and sizes. When it comes to digging deep into the pocket, there are quite pricey ones that offer superior performance.

Also, the way an AC unit is designed will be majorly determined if you are purchasing for aesthetic effect or compatibility. The following are the top reasons to consider when hunting for the perfect air conditioner.

Size of the air conditioner

An RV air con has an exterior rooftop part with different dimensions. These two help the entire unit to fit without the need of forcing it inside your vehicle. Besides, it saves a considerable amount of storage space. The bigger-sized air conditioners often use more fuel consumption which in the long run is expensive. More so, for consistent and continuous daily use.

Remember that the bigger the profile, the higher the fuel consumption. You will spend more cash as compared to an RV air con with a smaller construction. The main difference between a small and large-sized air con is the fuel and performance affecting its longevity.

A practical shape or design that can withstand wind drag will, in turn, increase fuel efficiency and keep your RV from being slowed down.


Motor vehicles have varying heights. Some even are affected by bridges while in transit. If you prefer an AC unit that does not affect your vehicle’s height, then a low profile one is the one to go for. Some are as little as 14 inches in height. Low profile air cons have a functional design that greatly reduces wind resistance on your car, even in high-speed driving, thus reduction of fuel consumption.

Most people with big trucks like a trailer, prefer to use an underbench air con unit which does not add any extra height to your car.

BTU Power

BTU means British Thermal Unit. The BTU power of your motor vehicle will depend on the specifications of the BTU for proper power utilization. If you are looking for a cooler atmosphere in your vehicle, a BTU over 13.5K (13,500) is best, especially during the hot season.

Note that RV air conditioner that uses less power and is cheaper will save you tons of cash. The main purpose of a BTU is to show you the performance of your AC unit. 

People tend to confuse the easiness of cooling an entire RV and a single spacious room with open windows. When cooling an entire RV is harder than cooling an entire spacious open room that lets in the air easily.

Furthermore, your RV has a metallic construction which affects the heat circulation by holding more heat.

How easy to install it?

Most devices come with instructions that give clear and concise directions about the installation process. Furthermore, other manuals include clear pictures that show step by step how-to procedure.

For an AC that is quite heavy, more than one person should handle the whole process. Other air con units are lightweight and compact thus makes installation a breeze. 

Fortunately, most ACs installation process requires no expertise because anyone can do it. For an excellent RV air conditioner, you find the plug and play functionality. If you want proper and concise directions, manufacturers always include installation guidelines/manual that comes with the unit.

Maintenance Process

Another factor to put in mind is how easy or complex the maintenance process will be. If you purchase a unit that needs unscrewing, unbolting and more complex tasks, you need to go for one that is more straightforward. The most common problem is people tend to overwork their units, hence resulting in numerous repair performance.

Another key reason that leads to frequent repairs is using the wrong unit which does not meet your air con needs. The recommended way to have a stress-free maintenance process is to perform a thorough clean-up on a regular basis thus provides more health advantages. The cleaner your AC unit, the better the atmospheric conditions inside your car.

Heat Pump

Not all models have a heat pump. But those that do have costs slightly more. The heat pump help to not only heat but also cools the atmosphere. The unique mechanism they use involves conversion of cooling powers into a steady, powerful and efficient heating system.

The only downside to purchasing an RV air conditioner that has an inbuilt heat pump is the price. Go as high as over $500. An underbench AC unit works best for the best heating results.


Many users get irritated by the amount of noise a unit produces. For instance, a single-hose air conditioner lets hot air seep inside your car which is a big disadvantage. The noise of the compressor can be heard while driving. If you prefer a unit that produces little to zero noise, then choose one in our top list of RV air conditioners. Air con can produce an unusual noise if there are dirt and dust trapped inside it.

Remember always to practice a maintenance routine regularly.

How easy to use?

The convenience and ease of use are the major determinants if people will purchase a product or not. If an individual finds a gadget to be complex to operate, it can cause unnecessary frustrations. Most manufacturers ensure every machinery, device or product like an air conditioner has a straightforward functionality.

The RV air con accessories do not need any expertise for a user to operate them. Most even have the plug and play feature thus makes use a walk in the park.

Power consumption

Moreover, the power source will show what mode of electric current to be in use. An RV air con can work perfectly by only using your car’s 12V battery. For extreme and continuous use and in a road trip or wilderness adventure, one can opt to carry or buy a portable generator to avoid over-consuming or draining your car’s battery.

A good unit should be able to utilize power efficiently and in the long run, save you money. The good thing about ACs power consumption is that they do not produce any harmful effects to the environment thus makes it an eco-friendly gadget.


Everyone ensures where or what they invest their hard-earned cash brings beneficial properties. When it comes to an air conditioner, you are guaranteed value for your money.

Not only will you have conducive and breathable atmospheric conditions, but also get superior performance. A less pricey RV air con does not mean the performance will be low quality but what to look for is features that are compatible with your car’s interior and use.

Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity of ac is commonly known as pull-down power. It helps to indicate the speed at which your unit cools the air. If you love a quick change in temperature, then it is best to invest in an AC that has a high cooling capacity.


Major and renowned brands have a large footing when it comes to selling and marketing their products. Most people tend to have a higher trust from brands that consistently offer what the customer requires without compromising on quality.

The RV air cons in our list are made by notable brands that produce high-quality products that offer long-lasting performance.


Lastly, a warranty gives a user peace of mind while using a device. For instance, if the product fails or malfunctions within the warranty period, you can return it for an exchange. Research shows that warranty affects the rate of purchase of a product.

FAQ's About RV Air Conditioner

What is the best Brand in RV Air Conditioner?

There are a wide variety of RV air unit brands in the industry. The best types are the ones that have exceptional features that make your user experience more noteworthy.

Some of the highlights include strong interior and exterior build, premium performance, ease of use and installation, straightforward maintenance, great motor and fan power, BTU power plus more. Brands like Coleman, Domestic, Advent and more brands. These are the top brands that offer nothing short of the best.

How long will it last?

Any device that is in continuous or relative use affects its lifespan. For an air conditioner item, its longevity varies all depending on a few factors. Firstly, the amount of time it is in use. If you overwork your unit without giving it break intervals, there is a likelihood of frequent repairs and reduction of its lifespan.

All devices have recommended advice from the manufacturers to let them "rest" for a bit. With the above units, you get a superior performance because the mechanism and technology in use make them able to withstand extreme use and harsh weather conditions.

How to maintain an RV Air Conditioner?

Maintenance involves a routine of servicing your unit and repairing plus replacing where necessary. If you leave a malfunction going on for too long, it will be fatal in the, and your ac can get worse or other parts to get affected. The first maintenance process is to perform frequent cleanup. From cleaning the filters, condensers up to the exterior body. The amount of time you give your RV ac TLC will determine the length of the performance. The following shows the simple steps involved in the proper maintenance of an RV air conditioner:

  • Inspect the outside and verify everything is working correctly. Check for things like the outer casing to ensure there are no cracks or splits. A well-maintained housing provides rainwater, or even snow does not seep inside your car
  • Inspect the foam rubber gasket located between your AC and the roof. Ensure the mounting is tight enough to avoid rainwater getting inside.
  • Another part is the cooling fins. A fin has vanes which allow good air circulation inside your car. If one of your fins is bent, you can use a dull knife or comb to straighten them out.
  • Wash the foam filter elements by using warm soapy water
  • Inspect your unit's capacitor. The capacitor fails typically because you force it to run your unit on an electrical circuit that has a rating of less than 30 amps.

 Remember that the cleaner your air con unit is, the better the atmospheric conditions inside your vehicle.

What type of Air Conditioner Should I Use in my RV?

If you want an AC that fits your preferences and is still unsure of what type to use, then worry no more. There are a few different types such as ducted, non-ducted, rooftop, under bench plus more.

For instance, your car must have a flat and roomy roof for you to install your rooftop Ac. Many users prefer these types of air cons because they use little storage space inside your car. You get more space to add other valuable items on your rooftop.

Another type is the under-bench air conditioner. They are commonly positioned inside your RV compartment or under a bench. It works best if you have a roof which has a curved design. The best thing about this AC unit is it does not affect the natural light by blocking it.

Can my RV's batteries power it?

The type of power source is a huge factor to consider when purchasing an RV unit. Most Rv air conditions are not rechargeable, so it is best to take care of and maintain it well. Your car's battery can power your RV air con with no fuss at all. A car's battery usually is 12V thus gives your unit an uninterrupted functionality.

For continuous use, you can decide to use a generator as a backup to give your battery some time to cool down.

Final Verdict

Living in an RV is an enjoyable and exciting experience. Things like a conducive and breathable atmosphere should be available throughout your stay. Especially during the hot seasons. For most people, who use air conditioners, they expect some benefits from them.

For example, an air con should increase your comfort levels, reduce the rate of food spoilage, prevent dehydration, and reduce heat stress plus more.

Also, remember any time you purchase a product, there are some things you need to look at. When it comes to an RV AC, check the size, height, BTU power, weight and also the model.

The different types of air conditioners give you options to pick the most suitable one. Look at the features and specifications that fit your needs to avoid future losses.

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