The Best Mattress Pad Covers in 2020

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RV mattresses are notorious for being too thin to be comfortable. Some people top them with sleeping bags and extra blankets hoping that it becomes comfortable, while others put up with a bad night’s sleep inside the shelter of the RV, considering it a trade-off. However, things can be better. Nor do you have to redesign the interior of the RV to install a bigger, thicker mattress. Instead, you can get a mattress pad cover for the RV mattress. The best mattress pad cover will make up for the shortcomings of the mattress that came with the RV without getting in the way of using the bed.

Top 3 Best Rated Mattress Pad Covers - Comparison

Here are the Top 7 Best Mattress Pad Cover Full Reviews

A lot of researches are done by our experts recently and The make a list of the best mattress pads covers. Here, you will get a fulfil and honest review for each of them that helps to get the right mattress pad for your RV bed.

Hope, you'll enjoy.

01) Everest Brand Premium Mattress Pad Cover

Editor Rating: 4.7/5

This model is designed to fit short queen mattresses that are 60 by 75 inches. It also has a deep skirt of 18 inches, providing good protection for the sides of the mattress.

This means this mattress pad can also fit over a mattress that already has a mattress topper or several layers of blankets as padding.

This model is washable. This is because it isn’t woven propylene fabric put pure polyester. It could be washed many times, whereas propylene fabric would be ripped up by a heavy washing machine cycle. Just don’t put it in the clothes dryer on high heat.

This mattress pad has stretch to fit “anchor” bands that allow it to fit on almost any mattress. The elasticized skirt also helps hold it in place, though it can easily be removed for washing.

The outer cover is soft by itself. It is advertised as a down alternative, soft and fluffy but without the possibility of being allergic to it. Nor is it as bulky as a down mattress pads.

However, the pad itself is so thin that it isn’t going to do much more than be a comfortable, washable mattress protector. This is the best mattress pad cover for covering comfortable mattresses that need protection without the sound or feel of vinyl.

  • Very washable
  • Fitted without inconvenience
  • Not much padding

02) AB Lifestyles Brand Camper Short Queen 60 x 75 Inches

Editor Rating: 4.6/5

This mattress pad is made for short queen mattresses; the dimensions of these are 60 inches by 75 inches. It can fit mattresses up to ten inches thick.

The cotton face fabric contains a polyester fiber fill layer. The knit pattern resembles a mattress top, so it is discrete if someone sees it. The cotton has the added bonus of having a familiar feeling

The mattress pad / cover can be machine washed. It can be briefly dried on tumble dry in a clothes dryer. Do not let it sit in a hot dryer; it can shrink or even warp. However, this is far better than some of the mattress covers on our list that can’t be machined wash.

For those who prefer to buy American, this mattress pad is made in the United States of America.

This is another mattress pad that is more of a mattress protector than a mattress pad. It will protect the mattress from minor stains, but it doesn’t have as much protection as a vinyl mattress cover.

It doesn’t add much in terms of padding. Also, It isn’t a tight fit on the average short queen mattress. This is not the best mattress pad cover for those who want a mattress cover that resembles and feels like a fitted sheet.

This doesn’t lead to tears of the mattress cover, but this can stretch the skirt and wear down the edges. You might have to tuck it in from time to time to avoid wrinkles in the surface that are uncomfortable to sleep on.

  • Washable
  • Discrete
  • Modest protection for your mattress
  • Not much padding
  • Not a tight fit

03) eLuxurySupply Brand RV Mattress Pad - Extra Plush Mattress Topper with Fitted Skirt

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

This is a short queen mattress pad, perfect for sleeper couch inserts and RV mattresses. It is extra plush, so it is thicker than some of the competitors.

This eLuxury covers a 60 inch by 75 inch mattress. It fits average-thickness mattresses. If you want to use another mattress pad with it, that should go on top of it.

It is hypoallergenic. It is full of cluster fiber that both feels like and resembles down, though it won’t support insects like dust mites or feather allergies. Als, It won’t poke you, either.

The double baffle sewing pattern holds the polyester fill in place, preventing it from shifting around. If you like the soft, light mattress cover, it will stay that way without constant adjustments. The downside is that this plush layer is not very thick. 

For those who care, this mattress pad is made in the United States. It packs up neatly and compactly. That’s a plus when you want to store it by itself or put it on mattresses that are folded up for storage.

One complaint about this mattress cover is that it isn’t washable. You can run it through the washer on a gentle cycle and air-dry it. However, if you run it through on a heavy duty washer setting and let it bounce around the dryer for a long time, you run the risk of tearing it apart.

Another solution is using the same tactics to treat stains on this mattress cover as you use on a mattress. When the fabric rips, the padding comes out.

  • Comfortable and stays that way
  • Non-allergenic
  • Hard to wash without ruining it

04) Everest Premium Plus Brand Mattress Pad (60" x 72" x 12")

Editor Rating: 4.4/5

This mattress topper is 60 inches by 72 inches. It has 12 inches of depth. It can fit on both shallower RV mattresses and sofa sleeper mattresses.

How does it differ from the first Everest brand mattress pad on our list? The mattress pad’s filler layer is thicker. Conversely, it can pack up snugly, saving space in your RV when not in use.

The polypropylene fill feels like down (bird feathers), but it won’t trigger allergies in those prone to it. It won’t support dust mites, either.

The large square stitch pattern resembles a quilt or mattress pad, not a vinyl mattress cover.

A side benefit of this mattress pad is the washability. You can run it through the washer and dryer on a gentle cycle. It won’t damage the fabric or ruin the padding.

The mattress pad stays securely in place thanks to the rubberized band on the bottom of the skirt and four additional corner “anchor” bands.

While it adds puff and style to your RV mattress, it won’t make up for a worn or hard mattress. It will simply smooth over the top and add a touch of softness.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Softer
  • Stays securely in place
  • Only adds a little softness

05) AB Lifestyles Brand Mattress Pad for 3/4 Full Bunk Size Mattress

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

This is the first mattress cover on our list for mattresses that are three quarters full. It is designed for narrower 48 inch wide by 75 inch long mattresses.

This is the best mattress cover for long, narrow RV mattresses often found in bunk beds or seating that converts into beds. It is also a right RV mattress pad for the 3/4 mattresses that are too narrow for the other mattress covers on our list.

This mattress cover / mattress pad has a cotton face and cotton-polyester backing. It is filled with only polyester. This makes it non-allergenic and washable.

You can wash it in warm water and dry it on low heat in the clothes dryer. It is made in the United States. It ships in a small, tight package and can be packed away in such, too.

One downside of this model is that the padding isn’t very thick. It is perhaps a quarter of an inch thick, not the inch or more thick you expect in a mattress pad.

It is more of a mattress cover. The stitching on this mattress pad isn’t as durable as others on this list. It isn’t a good choice if you’re constantly pulling and adjusting it or toss and turn in bed. It isn’t a tight fit on beds, and that can cause it to shift.

  • A mattress pad for a hard to find size
  • Washable
  • Not much padding

06) Everest Brand Premium Plus Mattress Pad, 60 by 75 inch by 18 inch Depth

Editor Rating: 4.2/5

This mattress pad is made for the 60 inch by 75 inch “short” queen mattresses commonly found in RVs. It can fit on a number of sleeper couch mattresses, too. This means it can be used in a number of ways.

One of the points in favor of this Everest brand mattress pad is the depth. It is 18 inches deep. That makes it a good choice for inflated air mattresses or RV mattresses with other mattress pads already lying on top of it.

The premium mattress pad has more filler than the other Everest brand mattress pads.

It can be run through the washer on a gentle cycle and the dryer on a low heat setting. Because it is thicker and bulkier, this will take more time than the thinner mattress covers on our list. That makes it a little harder to treat stains on the surface of the mattress pad, too.

Like the other Everest mattress pads, it will stay securely in place thanks to the elastic band on the skirt and the four corner bands. This won’t shift around or wrinkle on you if it is a perfect fit for your mattress. It will create wrinkles and folds on much narrower and thinner mattresses.

  • Softer and fluffier
  • Deep coverage
  • More of a challenge to wash

07) AB Lifestyles Brand Quilted Mattress Pad for the 10" Radius for Airstream Travel Trailer Mattresses

Editor Rating: 4.1/5

Airstream was groundbreaking in its design. Their compact trailers fit all the necessities and a few luxuries in an aerodynamic trailer that the average person could afford.

The downside for Airstream owners is that their beds and nearly everything else have unique dimensions. This is why AB Lifestyles makes a mattress pad just for the oddly sized Airstream mattresses.

This mattress pad is designed for the 48 inch by 76 inch mattresses in the Airstreams with a 10 inch radius.

Note that this mattress pad may not fit the mattress in other Airstream trailers, though it could be used on three quarters full bunk mattresses with a little slippage.
For the mattress it is designed for, it fits snuggly and won’t slip in the worst situations.

The surface itself feels satiny. It is like having a best RV sheet on the mattress. The bottom layer resists wear and tear. This mattress pad is machine washable. It can be washed in gentle cycles with warm water. Dry it on a low heat, gentle tumble cycle. You can also air dry it.

It is only going to work on mattresses up to eight inches thick. It adds a little padding to the mattress but not much. Also, It is more of a mattress cover that adds a little padding.

  • Fits Airstream’s unusual mattress sizes
  • Washable
  • Resembles a mattress’ surface
  • Doesn’t fit anything else very well
  • Not a lot of padding

What is the Best Mattress Pad Cover?

Mattress pads are used to increase the life of your mattress and make it more comfortable to sleep on. It is much thinner than a mattress, though it is typically attached to the mattress as a fitted sheet or with straps. Mattress pads can be made out of a variety of materials. If the mattress is too soft, a foam mattress pad could add support. If the mattress is too firm, a soft mattress pad can reduce the pressure points.

A mattress pad could double as a mattress protector, preventing stains. If the mattress is getting worn out, a mattress pad can add more padding to the layer you sleep on, making it more comfortable and allowing you to sleep on it a little while longer.

The Different Types of Mattress Pad Covers

01. Five-Star Pad

The term Five-Star Pad generally refers to a mattress topper that has an extended fitted sheet. This holds it securely in place while serving as a mattress protector. But unlike a plastic vinyl mattress protector, it won’t make noise when you toss and turn on it.

Five Star pads can also refer to a specific manufacturer of mattress pads.

02. Standard Pad

A standard mattress pad is just that – a thin mattress pad made to fit over an RV mattress. You have to ensure that the pad fits over the mattress.

However, almost any mattress pad will fit in an RV bed nook, while a mattress topper may make it too hard to get onto the bed. Mattress pads can be made out of almost any material.

Memory foam, cotton, wool, poly-cotton (polyester cotton combination) and other materials are all used in mattress pads.

03. Bamboo Pad

A bamboo pad is a mattress pad made out of bamboo. The biggest benefit of bamboo mattress pads is that they’re hypoallergenic. This is a fancy way of saying no one is allergic to it. That makes bamboo pads a better choice than latex or down mattress pads. Bamboo can absorb sweat at night while providing some ventilation to the skin.

Yet bamboo is both cheaper and more environmentally friendly than expensive multi-layered memory foam mattresses that do the same thing. It won’t absorb sweat like a cotton pad, something you can only get out by washing it.

04. Moisture Pad

Do you sweat heavily in bed? Are you concerned about urine stains that need to be cleaned up every morning and you don’t want it to drain off the mattress to the surrounding floor? Are you sharing a bed with children that regularly wet it and dogs that may be damp? Then the solution may be a moisture pad. This is sometimes called an absorbent pad or a washable bed pad.

You put this absorbent cover on the bed, and it absorbs all the moisture like sweat and bladder leakage. If it is necessary, then you can take it off the mattress in the morning and wash it.

This is far less work than cleaning the mattress regularly. It ensures that the mattress won’t absorb biological fluids that fuel bacteria growth right underneath where you sleep.

05. Extra Thick Pad

An extra thick pad is simply a mattress pad far thicker than the average mattress topper. It shares the fitted sheet design or straps of the thinner mattress pad. It remains removable and is generally washable. A thick mattress pad can make an RV mattress as comfortable as one at home.

In a worse case scenario, it can serve as an extra or replacement mattress. Be careful that you don’t get a mattress pad so thick that you can’t sleep with it on the mattress without bumping up against the ceiling.

Storage of thick pads like this is also a challenge.

What are the Benefits of a Mattress Pad Cover?

01: Protection

While not all mattress pads are easily washed in the washing machine, all of them put an extra layer of protection on the mattress. If someone becomes ill in bed or food and drink are spilled in bed, there is a much lower chance of it getting soaked into the mattress itself.

02: Insect Resistance

When you have a mattress pad on the bed, you’re less likely to deal with bed bugs. If bed bugs are in the mattress, the mattress pad may trap them if it has a vinyl layer inside of it. Or the bugs have to crawl through an extra layer.

If the mattress pad is infested with fleas and bed bugs, you can more easily discard it than the mattress itself. Then you might eliminate the problem or at least buy time to deal with it.

Mattress pads also help prevent dust mites from living in the mattress.

03: Cost Savings

Mattress pads can save you money in a variety of ways. If it makes the aging mattress more comfortable, you delay the purchase of a new one. If it protects a new mattress from spills and wear and tear, you’ve extended its functional life.

In either case, you’ve delayed a major expense. You’ve also eliminated the need to break out cleaning chemicals to clean up spills.

04: Flexibility

A mattress pad can be removed and replaced if it doesn’t suit your tastes. If you want to try a different one or a guest who is allergic to the material arrives, just take it off. And you can continue using the mattress.

05: Time Savings

The mattress pad simplifies the process of cleaning the mattress, since you can typically throw it in a washing machine. It is less work than laying down several blankets and washing all of them if an accident occurs, too.

06: The Health Benefits

We mentioned how mattress pads can prevent dust mites from living in your mattress. If already present, the dust mites’ residue is less likely to get into the air. This is a major benefit for those allergic to dust mites.

If the mattress has mold or mildew in it, the mattress pad can minimize the traces of that getting into the air, though the mattress should be replaced. 

A side benefit of the mattress pad is that it can be discarded immediately if too wet or stained to recover, reducing the odds you have mold growing in your bed.

07: The Quality of Life Benefits

If you have a mattress pad on the bed, you prevent urine and other biological messes from seeping into the bed. That can dramatically reduce the odds the bed starts to smell.

The mattress pad will also help contain any odors that do arise, though a mattress fostering mold or bacteria growth should be replaced.


Your RV mattress is key to enjoying your trip, since no one can enjoy themselves if they didn’t have a good night’s sleep. A good mattress cover will protect the mattress and increase its comfort without adding to your workload.

The right mattress cover / pad for you will be one that reflects your tastes and preferences while matching your RV’s dimensions. If it can be used on other pieces of furniture, that’s a bonus.

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