What's the Best Dog Ramp for RV in 2020

Here Are Our Top 3 Choices and Buyer's Guide

We want to take our pets with us everywhere we go, and this includes road trips. Furthermore, you want to take your dog to explore the wilderness with you and be by your side whether you’re hunting or hiking. The challenge is getting your dog on board your RV and getting them back out safely, since the stairs in the typical RV can be a challenge for humans and are even harder for pets. This is where dog ramps come in.

What's a Dog Ramp Actually?

An RV dog ramp can be compared to wheelchair ramps for humans and loading ramps for trailers. It is a portable ramp that can be unfolded or otherwise deployed when you reach your destination. It lets the dogs or cats enter and exit the vehicle on their own without having to deal with stairs.

The ramp may be specifically for your pet, or you may be able to use it, too.

The benefits of dog ramps

The best dog ramp can protect your RV stairs from your dog’s nails. After all, your dog is just trying to get more traction as they climb up. This is an even greater problem when it comes to cats. When you use an RV dog ramp, the dog climbs up what seems like a gentle slope to them.

Their claws aren’t going to scratch up the ground or the material under them. This includes the slip-resistant coverings on your RV stairs or the RV door itself. The best dog ramps for RV have built-in traction of their own.

When the dog can walk up a ramp as their human guides them in, they are at ease as they enter the vehicle. You want them to be able to easily get in and out of the vehicle, since a single fall can make them reluctant to get in the RV. A side benefit of the best dog ramp for RV is that you don’t have to worry about your pet getting hurt falling down a stairwell as they try to exit to play or pee. 

In the case of small, old or disabled dogs, it gives them a sense of independence as they walk up and down the ramp by themselves. It also reduces your odds of getting hurt as you carry the dog in and out of the vehicle, and you eliminate the chance they get hurt jumping from the vehicle.

Nor do you have to lug around toy dogs in a purse or bag when you’re on vacation if you have a best dog ramp for RV use.

01) Paws and Pals Brand Dog Ramps for Large Dogs

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

This dog ramp is heavy duty in more ways than one. It can support pets up to 120 pounds, so it is a great way to get heavy dogs up the ramp. That’s why we say this is the best small dog ramp for RV owners.

You could have two or three small dogs on it without any problem, though large dogs may have trouble getting up the moderately wide ramp.

It is 60 inches long, so it lets your dog get up a steep incline, too. The ramp folds up compactly to minimize storage requirements.

Nor will the ramp become unwieldy. You only have to unfold it as far as necessary.

A dog ramp must be wide enough to accommodate the dog, and this ramp designed for large dogs can support them or several smaller critters. It is more than fifteen inches wide. Hinges on the ramp keep it stable. The handle on the side makes it easier for you to lug around.

One issue with this model is that it has mediocre traction. It has four pieces of grip tape out of the box that don’t provide much additional traction.

Be careful to check the hinges when you deploy the ramp. If the plastic pieces around the hinges are discolored or warped, they are about to break. When that happens, you don’t want your pet on it.

  • Portability
  • Stability
  • Suitable for large dogs
  • Mediocre traction

02) Pet Loader Brand Light 16 Inch Platform / Dog Ramp

Editor Rating: 4.4/5

This isn’t a conventional dog ramp. Many of those resemble a long slide or flat ramp the dog can climb up. This dog ramp is actually a series of flat platforms they can climb into your vehicle.

One benefit of this design is that it is non-slip. Your dog can’t end up sliding down as if it were a literal slide. They are stepping up it like a set of stairs, and each step has excellent traction. This is a point in its favor if your dog is familiar with stairs.

The company manufactures three, four and five step versions. 

However, we recommend the four step version because it fits most RVs. Stepping up steps can be easier on a dog’s joints than trying to scramble up a slick ramp, too. The four step model can be adjusted to gain access to 20 and 30 inch high doors like a best dog ramp for RV use. 

Note that this may not fit very tall RVs.

Conversely, the design can be mounted onto the back bumper of trucks, so you can use it to get your dogs in the back of your minivan, too.

Pet Loader makes dog ramps in a variety of widths and weight limits. This particular model is designed for smaller dogs. The XL model will support 200 pounds, but this “light” model is only suitable for dogs less than 150 pounds. It is fine for huskies, Labrador retrievers and smaller dogs. 

However, it isn’t a good choice for fully-grown Great Danes and Mastiffs. The ramp itself weighs less than 25 pounds.
  • No training required if your dog understands stairs
  • Excellent traction
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Only suitable for small and mid-sized dogs

03) PetSafe Brand Solvit Deluxe Extra-Long Telescoping Pet Ramp

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

This is a long dog ramp, but that is often necessary for steep inclines or larger dogs. The textured surface provides excellent traction and It's listed as a best dog ramp for RV use. 

One point in favor of this dog ramp is that it is one of the lightest dog ramps on our list and the lightest one still capable of supporting big dogs. Better yet, it can support more than 200 pounds.

(Minor concern: it can’t really support the 300 pounds they say it can.) You could have two large dogs or several mid-sized dogs on it at the same time. Or use it to support livestock like potbellied pigs and goats. 

The built-in guide rails help keep your pet on the ramp. That makes this the best RV dog ramp for those who have a wide variety of animals or potential uses for the pet ramp.

The ramp can be extended to be anywhere from 47 to 87 inches. This means you can make it as long or short as necessary to give your pet an easy incline to climb.

One downside with the design is that it is slick when wet. It also loses traction if you put things like straw or blankets on the ramp. A separate issue is that the ramps wear out quickly, especially at the joints.

  • Supports heavy animals
  • Built-in guide rails
  • Adjustable
  • Easily loses traction
  • Can’t support the promised 300 pounds


Dog ramps are useful in preventing pet injuries, and they’re essential to helping injured and disabled dogs in and out of your vehicle. The best pet ramp will fit your pet’s body and your vehicle without breaking your budget.

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