Why would You Invest in an RV Generator? – 7 Benefits Things

Why would you invest in an RV generator? The real question is whether or not owning an RV generator is worth the price tag.

Let’s Look at the Benefits of An RV Generator Ownership.

7 Key Benefits of Investment in An RV Generator 

01. You can run certain appliances 

If you live in an RV, you may have a propane powered stove and fridge. You’ll need a generator is you want to power things like a microwave oven or big screen TV.

A portable generator will let you run a vacuum cleaner unless you want to hope you can recharge a cordless vacuum cleaner every time you’re connected to the grid. 

Generators let you power heavy duty equipment like air compressors and power tools that RV owners otherwise might not be able to use. 

02. The ability to stay off the Grid 

One of the biggest benefits of owning an RV generator is the fact that you can stay off the grid as long as you have fuel for the generator. You can stay at campsites that don’t have electrical power without sacrificing your quality of life.

This literally opens up vistas, since you could stay at dry campsites without amenities. Don’t think that solar cells are good enough to power your life, since cloudy weather and sand storms can render them unusable.

Generators are invaluable when you just don’t want to leave the RV, and that can include the days you’d otherwise have to go outside to scrape snow off the solar panels. 

03. Portability and Flexibility 

Sometimes you have a renewable power source available to you, whether it is your own solar panels or local wind power.

One benefit of generators is that you aren’t reliant on them. You don’t have to ration power because the solar panels are only getting half as the light as expected. 

Or you could supplement the power from the solar panels by kicking in the generator. Then you don’t have to choose between air conditioning and running anything else in the RV. 

04. Park Anywhere in Comfort 

If you own a generator, you don’t have to plan your trip around stops that let you connect to the grid. This means there is a wider array of parking available to you.

You could stay overnight in a lodge parking lot, and you still be comfortable. You may be able to stay in the dry camping spots in an RV park that has run out of parking spots with electrical connections.

RV generators are useful for allowing you to power devices like high intensity lights and entertainment equipment when you’re hosting parties, whether you’re at the beach or the football stadium parking lot. 

05. Keep the Life Resiliency 

If you own a RV generator, you could use it to power your own home if there is an extended power outage. Whether you decide to live in the RV or rewire the generator so it can power your main residence, you’ve secured a backup for your very way of life.

Know that you could run a space heater when the power is out across the area. Ensure that you can run an air conditioner when rolling brown outs hit during the summer. 

Depending on how the RV is set up, you could use the generator to run key equipment and charge devices like cell phones and GPS even if the house batteries are dead

06. Security for Easy Life

A side benefit of owning an RV generator is the security it brings you. You don’t have to worry about the water pump and other crucial infrastructure not working because your batteries are dead.

It allows you to power a heavy load with minimal risk of destroying your batteries or overloading the electrical system.

A variation of this theme is the fact that generators recharge house batteries, ensuring that equipment like smoke alarms and security alarms always work. 

07. The Potential Cost Savings 

While generators themselves have an associated price tag, they could save you quite a bit of money down the road.

For example, you could park on a friend’s hunting allotment or in their backyard for free instead of paying more for an RV park slot. If you own a generator, you don’t have to choose between dry camping and paying more for a slot with electrical power.

Last Words

Portable generators provide peace of mind and security if you own your own home. If you live in an RV, you can’t afford to live without one. Their contribution to your quality of life and security are something you don’t want to do without. 

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